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delta 9 edibles wild orchard hemp gummies
June 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

How to Get the Most Out of Delta 9 Edibles

Did you know that Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Edibles finally make it possible to enjoy a delta-9 edible!  Derived from clean and organic hemp, these edibles contain active servings of delta 9 THC, all while being federally compliant.

Now, if delta 9 THC is something that’s new to you, we gotta cover what kinds of effects to expect from it, and how to use this phenomenal cannabinoid to your advantage –  depending on what you’re looking to get outta delta 9.  So, allow us to offer up some better insight into what Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Edibles have in store for you.  Spoiler alert: you’re in for an awesome ride.

What Can Be Expecting by Taking Delta 9 Edibles?

Delta 9 edibles refer to any edible product that’s infused with hemp-derived delta 9 THC distillate.  These products are federally compliant, meaning they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight.  But, you can still get generous concentrations of delta 9 out of them – definitely enough for a substantial high.

Of course, anyone who has never used delta 9 THC before might have some questions about what it feels like.  Overall, delta 9 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that works with each person slightly differently – just like with most intoxicating substances.  Some people may naturally get more of a relaxing vibe out of it, while others may get stimulating or even trippy effects.

Beyond that, a lot of it comes down to how you take it in terms of dosing, timing, etc., along with the product type you take.  What this means is that to an extent, you can customize your high based on what you want to get out of it.

Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Edibles: A Tasty Selection to Meet Your Delta 9 THC Needs!

Wild Orchard Co. supplies a tantalizing variety of Delta 9 Edibles in all kinds of categories, flavors, cannabinoid blends, milligram strengths, etc.  Basically, we make it super easy to customize your delta 9 THC high – whether you’re looking to embrace your inner chill or jumpstart your day with a boost of energy.

All Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Edibles are crafted with third-party-tested hemp extracts and clean ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about the quality that you’re getting.  Now, rather than go on and on about how amazing out edibles are, which they really are, let’s dive into some of our personal favorites.

  • Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Saltwater Taffy: With 15mg CBD and 15mg delta 9 per piece, these gummies are great for a chillout session, as the two cannabinoids come together to offer a more relaxing (yet generously potent) type of high.
  • Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 Gummies – Soda Shoppe: With 12mg delta 9 THC and 18mg CBG per piece, these are going to be a bit more stimulating, since CBG is a more uplifting, focus-enhancing, and energizing cannabinoid.
  • Wild Orchard Co. Delta 9 2oz. Berry Shot: Delicious on its own or diluted in some water, this Berry Shot kicks in faster because it’s in liquid form, with 20mg THC and 30mg CBG per serving.    

Getting the Most Out of Your Delta 9 Edibles Experience

Now, since you gotten this far, you’re eager to know how and why Wild Orchard Delta 9 Edibles can help you get the most out of your delta 9 THC experience.  Let’s look at some of the top ways to put delta-9 to good use, depending on what type of ‘high’ you’re chasing after.  

Mellow Out and Unwind

With the way today’s times are, many of us could use a chill pill – but maybe, the next best thing is a balanced blend of delta 9 and CBD.  Like we said prior, this combo can do wonders for your state of mind, calming down all of those racing thoughts and getting you into a psychoactive headspace where your stressful thoughts just aren’t grabbing at your attention for a few blissful hours.  We recommend a 15mg CBD/15mg THC blend, so that your high is more on the mellow side while you veg out.

Get That Creativity Boost You’ve Been Looking for

CBG is a more stimulating cannabinoid, like we pointed out earlier.  One way in which that can benefit you is by giving you a little help with creativity, alongside delta 9 THC, which is already regarded as a creativity-boosting cannabinoid.  Together, the two can help you come up with new ideas and visions no matter your pursuit.  We recommend a stronger dose in this case, going with 20mg THC or so, for maximum results.

A Pop of Energy and Enhanced Focus

Need some more pep in your step?  Are you struggling to concentrate on the daily grind?  CBG + THC can come in handy but stick to a lower dose if you’re trying to focus on something that requires a lot of detail, like a work project with a tight deadline.  For starters, 15mg THC should be enough, or, if you’re a newbie with a low tolerance, even half of that could be enough to get you into a more focused and energized mindset.

Catch Some Much-Needed Zzz’s 

We’ve all had those nights of tossing and turning, which’re all the more daunting when having to get up early in the morning.  A higher-dose CBD + THC blend can be exactly what you need – like 30mg of each, give or take.  Together, both cannabinoids can bring you into a calmer space, while delta 9’s psychoactive effects offer a mind & body high that helps you drift off effortlessly.

Time to Customize Your Delta 9 THC Experience at Wild Orchard Co.

For the finest delta 9 THC around, Wild Orchard Co. is where it’s at.  With a fresh and enchanting selection of delicious edibles, you can savor a trippy high all while complying fully with the law.  Our variety ensures something for everyone.  Plus, if  you got a specific need or goal in mind when it comes to using delta 9, you can customize it based on the milligram strength, blend of cannabinoids, and more amazing options.