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A group of different colored vape batteries with the word fatboy on them.
June 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

JINX FatBoy 510 Battery Review

Wild Orchard Co. has released their brand new 510 vape battery, and as you can imagine, they really took it up a notch by offering something outstanding, simply going above and beyond industry standards to promise a super reliable and satisfying vaping experience.  The JINX FatBoy 510 Battery has arrived after much anticipation, and we had the privilege of trying it out with our favorite vape carts to discover all of its features, pros, and cons.  Let’s dive right into our review of this advanced yet user-friendly battery device.

JINX FatBoy 510 Battery Basics 

Let’s get to the specs first.  The JINX FatBoy 510 Battery is a 510-threaded vape battery pen, made for using with your standard cannabis vape carts.  It’s a pocket-friendly device that contains a rechargeable, integrated battery, and the 510-threaded connection makes it universally compatible with 510-threaded cartridges.  It comes in 5 color options: green, yellow, red, black, and white.  A single button operates the device, enabling on/off, output adjustment, and the preheat function – more on that later.

Our First Impression 

Right off the bat, this isn’t your standard vape pen battery.  It distinguishes itself from the pack with a fresh new look that suddenly brings mega aesthetic value to what’s usually a pretty mundane piece of vape hardware.  The shape is super fun, and also ergonomic, so that you can grip it comfortably in your hand.  We love the bubble letter logo that makes you want to use this vape pen all the more.


The FatBoy is made from quality materials, so that it’s durable and has the reliability factor.  The brand took a while to develop this device, so they made sure that it’s resilient and generally well-built to withstand daily use among heavier users.  You can tell by holding it that it isn’t flimsy, so you likely won’t have to worry about the occasional drop or fall.

Output Abilities and Special Features 

A 500mAh battery is integrated into this device, which is definitely on the higher side when it comes to 510 vape pens.  This means that you’ll get more usage out of it between charging, and it also means that you can enjoy more output for bigger cloud action if you want.

The device uses a single button to adjust the voltage.  There are four voltage presets that are super easy to navigate based on clicks of the button, and each voltage is going to give you different qualities.  The lowest setting is best for those who want less potency and more terpene flavor, while the highest setting is going to give you the biggest and strongest hits.  Just one quick thing to keep in mind – the highest setting may not be ideal for certain carts, as some cannabinoids and terpenes are more susceptible to burning easily than others.

An LED indicator light tells you how your charge is, so you know when to plug the device into your USB charger.  But, if there’s one function we’re really excited about, it’s the preheat function – something that’s still sort of a rarity, even though so many carts are prone to crystallizing.  Basically, the preheat function heats up the vape oil before firing a hit, and that allows any crystallization to melt back into oil.  For those who don’t know, cannabinoids crystallize naturally, becoming impossible to vape as they end up clogging the coil.  This feature eliminates that problem entirely.

The JINX FatBoy in Action 

Of course, it’s hard to review a vape pen battery, since the experience you get comes from what’s inside the cartridge you’re using, not the battery itself.  But, what we can say is this: the device is super easy to operate, which is good news for beginners especially, and it did a great job bringing out the best qualities in a THC vape cartridge.  

We went with the second highest voltage setting to avoid burning those delicious terpenes, and what we ended up with was a super satisfying flavor experience combined with great cloud output – and, of course, a fantastic THC high.  The battery does last for a long time, which is great, and that again comes from its high capacity.  There was no need to use the preheat function in this case, but it is something that will really come in handy in the future.

Get Your Hemp Vape On Right with a JINX FatBoy 510 Battery!

Overall, the JINX FatBoy 510 Battery is gonna provide the absolute, hemp-based vaping satisfaction you’re craving with your vape carts, without a doubt.  It’s got plenty of advanced features and customizable settings to let you find your sweet spot.  Not only that, but of course, enjoy a super-reliable device that’s likely to last you for a long time.  The powerful battery is a nice touch, and the aesthetics are what make this battery phat… we mean fat!