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    “Blue Dream” Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

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    “Pineapple Express” Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

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    “Pineapple Express” Delta-8 Flower Jar – 8g

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    “Blue Dream” Delta 8 Flower Jar – 4g

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    “Birthday Cake” Delta-8 Flower Jar – 8g

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  • "Pineapple Express" Delta 8 Flower Jar - 4g"Pineapple Express" Delta 8 Flower Jar - 4g

    “Pineapple Express” Delta 8 Flower Jar – 4g

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  • "Birthday Cake" Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen"Birthday Cake" Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

    “Birthday Cake” Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

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  • "Blue Dream" Delta-8 Flower Jar - 8g"Blue Dream" Delta-8 Flower Jar - 8g

    “Blue Dream” Delta-8 Flower Jar – 8g

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    “Gorilla Glue” Delta-8 Flower Jar – 8g

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    “Gorilla Glue” Delta 8 Flower Jar – 4g

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  • "Gorilla Glue" Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen"Gorilla Glue" Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

    “Gorilla Glue” Bundle – 4g Jar + Pen

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  • "Baklava" Delta-8 Flower Jar - 8g"Baklava" Delta-8 Flower Jar - 8g

    “Baklava” Delta-8 Flower Jar – 8g

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What is Delta 8 Flower?

The Delta 8 flower is simply the hemp plant with added Delta-8-THC to the flower to keep it simple.

Even though some naturally occurring plants naturally produce the chemical component Delta-8-THC. These plants do not have enough of the molecule to deliver the therapeutic and medicinal benefits that the plant is known for.

Thus, through a complex process of extracting Delta-8-THC from another compound found in the cannabis or hemp plant, CBD, the popular Delta-8-THC that is used by millions, is formed. Because Delta-8-THC is a naturally occurring chemical, its effects are desired by many, even if a synthetic process is required.

How is Delta 8 Flower Made?

The chemical process that creates Delta-8-THC, known as isomerization, is the process of arranging chemicals in a different order of two similar compounds (in this case, CBD and Delta-8-THC, which are both isomers and able to be placed in a separate order through this process.) The process is as simple as rearranging the chemical structure of CBD to convert it into Delta-8-THC. Nothing is being added to this process. As such, Delta-8-THC is still a naturally occurring chemical that is not truly a synthetic cannabinoid. 

Once the isomerization of the CBD molecule occurs, the Delta-8-THC is refined into a substance known as Delta-8-THC distillate after the substance is initially generated from the CBD compound. This additional process purifies the compound and ensures a clean chemical when adding the Delta-8-THC distillate into other products such as flowers, edibles, vape pens, and cartridges. The purified distillate is added to various hemp flowers, which creates the Delta-8-THC flower. Suppose one has ever encountered the naturally occurring CBD flower. In that case, the process for Delta-8-THC flower is as simple as adding the distillate to synergize with the natural hemp plant. There are no one route manufacturers and growers take to create Delta-8 hemp flowers. As such, different methods produce an array of other possible outcomes when the final Delta-8 flower is being packaged for the customer.

Is Delta 8 Flower Legal?

The legal status of the Delta 8 THC flower will depend on the location in which you reside. The chemical is inherently federally legal because of wording in the 2018 Farm Bill Act, which made CBD legal in the United States of America, and isomers of CBD, which is Delta-8-THC flower, fall under this law. As we explained above, Delta-8-THC and CBD are isomers or similar compounds.

However, because Delta-8-THC is so closely linked to Delta-9-THC, the active ingredient present in the conventional cannabis plant, which is still illegal under federal law, several states have tightened their prohibitions against it. Under the terms of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, only CBD products with less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC may be sold.

Customers should be aware of the local laws in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Utah regarding delta-8-THC. However, generally speaking, the laws are a gray area that a suitable lawyer can help you navigate. Because the inclusion of Delta-8-THC flowers and other CBD flowers in the lives of millions of people has netted a positive effect because of their health effects, many make sure they can consume the Delta-8-THC flower they immensely love.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Flower?

We here at Wild Orchard Hemp pride ourselves on sourcing top-quality, industry-leading products that we offer for sale. For all your needs with Delta-8 hemp flower, go no farther than Wild Orchard Hemp when searching for the best Delta-8 flower online.

We use independent, third-party laboratories from the United States to provide test findings that support the items we offer in our store, ensuring that clients obtain the safest, highest-quality products when ordering Delta-8 flower online.

We offer not only a vast range of goods to pick from but also a wide range of flavors that cannabis users have grown to appreciate over time within the same brands. We strive to provide a wholesome, holistic experience regarding CBD flowers and Delta-8 hemp flowers that customers will love.

We want to see customers return to us for all their CBD and Delta-8-THC flower needs, and because of that, we go above and beyond to ensure they return to us.

Delta 8 THC Flower – FAQs

 Is Delta 8 Flower any good?

Millions of users of Delta-8 flower swear by the compound for the health effects offered. Because of their properties, many would consider the Delta-8 THC flower more than good.

What is the most potent Delta 8 flower?

One can purchase a wide variety of Delta-8-THC flowers. Some manufacturers provide a breakdown of the potency of the chemicals in their product based on searching the many different Delta-8 THC flower options on the market. Delta-8 THC flowers with higher percentages of Delta-8-THC content will provide a stronger Delta-8 flower.

Is it safe to smoke Delta 8 flowers?

Yes, we guarantee that the goods we give to customers wishing to buy Delta-8 flower online have been fully confirmed by US businesses and have undergone independent laboratory testing.

What are the Effects of Delta 8?

There has been some research done on the effects of Delta-8-THC; however, the studies still have legs as there is more studying to be done.

What are the side effects of Delta-8?

While some users would say that they aid from the sleepy effects of the Delta-8 THC flower, others list the drowsiness as a side effect. Other common side effects include dry mouth, dry ears, and a body high that produces a “couch-lock” effect due to fatigue. We recommend drinking plenty of water when using Delta-8 hemp flowers and other products.

Please refrain from driving vehicles or operating heavy machinery when using Delta-8 products.

What happens if you take too much Delta-8?

In the short term, one may be incapable of movement. The chemical is psychoactive, although not as potent as Delta-9-THC. Simply waiting for the compound to wear off after ingesting too much is a simple enough fix to taking in too much Delta-8-THC.

How does Delta-8 Flower make you feel?

Smoking Delta-8 hemp flower or vaporizing Delta-8-THC allows for quick activation of the compound instead of the time it takes when ingesting edibles. Because of this, users feel the psychoactive effects, or “high,” almost instantly after using the compound. Everyone has a different body and chemical process when interacting with various chemicals. Each individual will experience a unique experience when consuming Delta-8 flower and CBD flower.

What Are the Differences Between THC, CBD, and Delta-8 Flower?

Delta-8, Delta-9 THC, and CBD are all cannabinoids gaining much attention. While they all derive from the cannabis plant, they are unique in their own right, offering a set of distinct effects that make them different from each other. CBD is non-psychoactive, so its effects won’t feel similar to THC’s. So, consuming CBD products, including CBD flower, should not produce a psychoactive effect. Flowers made with Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, will create a high in the body. It’s not a point of what’s better, but rather, the effects you desire.

How Do You Choose the Right Potency Level of Delta-8?

The best way to choose the right Delta-8 THC potency is honestly done through experimentation. Finding the right potency will take trial and error until you find what works best. If you are new to the world of cannabis or have a low tolerance for THC, it might be a good idea to start low and slow. This will not only help you avoid any adverse side effects but also ensure you have the best cannabis experience possible. For those who are cannabis lovers and have a bit of experience with consuming cannabis, you may opt for a Delta-8 product that contains a higher potency of THC. At Wild Orchard Hemp, we have a wide selection that offers something for everyone.

What’s the Best Way to Use Delta-8 THC Flower?

To smoke Delta-8 THC flower, you would use it similarly to the way you use any marijuana flower or hemp flower. Delta-8 THC flower can be ground up, packed in a bowl, rolled in a joint, or placed in a dry herb vaporizer. The best part of Delta-8 THC flower is that it allows consumers to customize their experience according to their preferences.

Is Delta-8 Hemp Flower Natural or Synthetic?

The compound Delta-8 is derived from the cannabis plant and occurs naturally in minimal amounts. However, some companies offer completely synthetic products made with Delta-8— we are proud to say we are not the latter. Our Delta-8 flower is of the highest quality on the market.

What is the best way to store delta-8 flowers?

You would store your Delta-8 flower in the same way that you would any cannabis flower product. It is advised to keep your Delta-8 THC flower away from electronics, explosive objects, dogs, and small children to prevent cannabinoid degradation. Other storage options include airtight containers or cabinets.