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Wild Orchard Hemp

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Chill out with 100% legal THC

Try our USA made, hemp-derived edibles
to uplift and relax your mind and body.

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Bag of "Ikonik" fruity gummies with THC and Delta 8, containing 4000mg, surrounded by colorful gummy cubes against a plain background.
A dark blue background with a Delta 8 logo shining on it.


We’re wild, but we’re also transparent.

We’re redefining the limits of what can be achieved with hemp. Through the fusion of targeted terpenes and distinctive flavors, we are expanding the realms of flavor, equilibrium, and bliss for every cannabinoid enthusiast.

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100% Legal THC From Hemp
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Donuts dipped in Delta 8 purple liquid on a blue background.

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How much should I take?

Remember, everyone is different, only you can determine the amount right for you! Start slow 🙂

A Delta 8 chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of it.
Lil’ nib

Try a little at time to get going but still keep yourself together.

A Delta 8 chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of it.

Prepare for a nice relaxing buzzy vibe.

A Delta 8 chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of it.

You may want to head to the couch and turn on your favorite show.

Delta 8 chocolate pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio pistachio.

Ok, you’re baked, or soon going to be!

Colorful Delta 8 gummy bears falling from the sky.
A woman in a Delta 8 turtleneck sweater with her hand on her chin.

“I brought the weekender bundle to a bachelorette party, everyone loved the d9 gummies, especially the peach ring edibles! They were a great way to wind down after a busy shopping day.”

-Monica L.
New York, NY
A man standing on a beach with his arms outstretched, holding Delta 8.

“I haven’t used thc in years, so I gave the blue dream vape a try, the aroma was a mild berry with floral notes. It worked really well and the effects happened fast, which is why I prefer d8 vapes.”

-Anthony V.
Fort Collins, CO
A man wearing sunglasses and a blazer is taking a selfie in front of a Delta 8 building.

“You can’t beat the potency of Wild Orchard Hemp, I tried the edible gummy worms, and they worked so well. The D9 gummies were not only delicious, but also they also had a calming effect and I slept really well.”

-Matt R.
Austin, TX
A man wearing Delta 8 sunglasses in front of a blue sky.

“These vapes SLAP. I got the Gorilla glue and the Blue dream, they last a long time and recharge fast. No leaking or clogging. It has a clean pull.”

-Shawn S.
Staten Island, NY
A woman in a blue shirt with a Delta 8 ring on her finger.

“I use these and love them but actually gave some gummies to my mom lol she has a lot of trouble sleeping and these have been helping her a lot, 10/10 recommend Wild Orchard.”

-Amal S.
Clinton, NJ
A woman posing with her Delta 8 dog in a park.

“I am a nurse and I work hectic shifts that makes me feel like I am in constant jetlag. I wanted something a little milder so I tried the d9 wild shroomz gummies – exactly what i needed.”

-Cristy P.
Cleveland, OH
A woman wearing sunglasses and a Delta 8 headband in front of a mountain.

“The THCa diamond vape (i got peaches and cream) is the perfect balance or powerful and long lasting, they work perfectly to help me with my anxiety, for me this is stronger than other gummies I’ve had.”

-Annie W.
Ann Arbor, MI
Colorful Delta 8 ice cubes flying in the air.