Wild Orchard Co. products are proudly made and manufactured in the USA and use ISO-Certified Lab facilities that are Current Good Manufacturing Practices certified. Our number one priority is upholding rules and regulations to ensure that our practices are not only safe and correct, but also consistent and reliable.

A perfect blend of purity, potency & transparency. Our third-party lab tested products give you the intensity you crave in a way that is pure and unadulterated.

The Wild Orchard mango gummies are my favorite. Sometimes it’s hard to mask that earthy flavor in edibles, but these taste great! They’re also not gross and sticky like some other Delta-8 gummies I’ve tried.

Mark J. / Santa Barbara, CA

The Blue Dream v**e feels very energizing — great for daytime use. It’s also one of the best tasting delta 8 products I’ve had so far. Good vibes all around.

Sarah S. / Queens, NY

Especially with everything going on in the world these days, I needed a product that was going to help me relax without feeling tired. The wild orchard indica pre-roll is my new go-to product for ultimate relaxation.

Ronnie H. / Los Angeles, CA