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June 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Mimosa Strain Review

Potent, euphoric, and fantastically tasty, Mimosa is one of those all-time greats in the world of cannabis strains.  This sativa-dominant hybrid has maintained its reputation as a must-try cultivar for quite a long time now, and basically, anyone who wants an energizing, uplifting, and surprisingly clear-minded high won’t want to miss out.  If this is a strain you haven’t gotten around to trying yet, let us fill you in on what you’re missing out on. 

Getting Down to Basics on Mimosa 

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Mimosa strain is a cannabis created by Symbiotic Genetics.  It’s a 70% sativa / 30% indica hybrid, and it comes from crossing together two legendary parents: Clementine and Purple Punch, both regarded for both their flavor and quality effects.  Mimosa averages around 27% THC, which is a super high amount, and means that you might want to go a little easy if you’re not someone who has a developed tolerance.  It’s a very popular strain that’s not too hard to find, and its popularity has grown over the last several years, making it more widely available than ever thanks to high demand.

What the Buds Look Like

Mimosa’s buds aren’t the most distinctive that you will ever look at, but they’re attractive, nonetheless.  They’re small and have a round shape to them, with a dense structure that’s not surprising considering its lineage.  The bright olive green hue is covered generously in dark, amber-colored hairs that are thick, along with a generous dusting of sugary white trichomes.  Overall, they’re attractive – almost elegant – and do offer a good amount of visual appeal.

Growing Mimosa Seeds

Since growing Mimosa can be a challenge, it’s best to already have cultivating experience with strain growing in general.  Mimosa can be grown indoors and outdoors (produces a better yield outdoors).  Outdoor yields are fantastic at 550 g/m2 in the soil outdoors versus 400 g/m2 indoors.  It can likely grow fairly tall too, achieving heights greater than 90 inches outdoors.  The stage for the Mimosa buds to flower is up to 78 days.

What Does Mimosa Taste and Smell Like?


A lot of people comment on the flavor of Mimosa, because it’s unique, and absolutely exquisite.  It has a distinctively fruity taste that offers notes of freshly squeezed citrus, juicy tropical fruits, and plump berries, with sweet and sour notes in perfect balance.  People say that it tastes a lot like a mimosa – aka the classic brunch drink – and we agree wholeheartedly.  As for the aroma, you will get those same fruity notes, but there are undertones of green herbs, florals, and woods, which makes the smell divinely complex and intoxicating on its own.

Why People Love This Cultivar

Mimosa is a clear favorite for morning sessions, with its ability to lift mood and energy levels without taking away focus or productivity.  Basically, if there were a strain that’s great for a WFH day, this would probably be it.  It’s also a hugely popular choice for those who have mood dysregulation, as both depression and anxiety patients love this cultivar.  Its amazing ability to offer fantastic mood effects without making a person feel sleepy or impaired is a huge selling point.

It’s also a very common choice for ADHD patients – in fact, it’s often prescribed for that in the medical marijuana industry.  People also use it for nausea, poor appetite, and migraines, since it’s super effective when it comes to addressing these three common issues.

Type of High You Will Get with Mimosa

Mimosa is every bit as magnificent as the reputation claims, but again, this is a strain you probably want to stick to during the daytime.  Within minutes, you start to feel this lifting sensation in the brain, that brings up your mood and makes it hard to worry about just about anything.  Notice how your concentration levels sharpen pretty early on, as a tingling sensation makes its way across the cerebral cortex.  At the same time, there is a warm and fuzzy feeling in the body that never feels couchlock-inducing, but rather stimulating and even energizing.

It doesn’t take long for any anxiety to completely melt away, and you will likely feel a strong desire to engage in something stimulating to the mind, whether it be picking up the guitar, playing your favorite old-school videogame, or tackling some project around the house.  We could see this being a great strain for a nature walk too, since it elevates your senses while helping you stay totally locked in to your surroundings.

Just remember, this is a super potent strain, so you don’t wanna go too heavy with it if you’re kind of new to THC.  A little really goes a long way, and hits you fast, so go easy.  Good news is, this strain isn’t associated with lots of side effects, and isn’t that likely to cause paranoia if you end up taking too much.  If anything, you might experience some major cottonmouth, and possibly some lightheadedness.

For an Amazing Cocktail-Like Strain, Mimosa is an Uplifting and Downright Sensational Strain You’re Sure to Enjoy!

The perfect “wake and bake” strain, Mimosa really gets the job done to make you feel energized, focused, and ready for the day ahead.  Not only that, but its flavor is one of the dreamiest out there.  Anyone who craves a sativa-dominant hybrid should make a point to sample this top-selling cultivar, because one thing that we can promise is that the hype is real.