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The idea of vaping our favorite cannabinoids and terpenes isn’t necessarily new, in that the technology has been out for several years now.  But, there is one type of product that you might not know about: JUUL-compatible THC pods.  These are replaceable pod cartridges that contain THC-infused vape oil instead of nicotine-based e-liquid.  Plus, they happen to snap on to your trusty JUUL vaping device.  If you already own a JUUL vaping system, then these pods may be the top way for you to get your ‘vape on’ with THC, since the convenience is apparent, making it perfect for new and experienced users alike.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Our JUUL-Compatible THC Pods Collection

Wild Orchard Co. is excited to offer another option for THC vapers, that isn’t a disposable or a 510 vape cart.  Our JUUL-compatible THC pods come in a variety of delicious and sought-after strains, while offering delta 8 THC in its pure distillate form.

Reason #1: Delta 8 is a Great “Beginner” Cannabinoid

Delta 8 THC is a good cannabinoid for total THC newbies, since it’s milder than delta 9 THC – the active cannabinoid in weed – by about 30%.  Its clear-minded, soothing high is fantastic for anyone who wants to dip their feet into the world of psychoactive cannabinoids, while avoiding a relatively high risk of getting super high due to a low tolerance.

Reason #2: We Have Some Mouthwatering Strains That are Hard to Resist

We all know that certain strains are so delicious with their unique terpene profiles that they’re impossible to resist on the basis of flavor alone.  And, strains that taste mouthwateringly delicious can be all the more appealing to beginners who are intimidated by the world of cannabis.  Our Dessert line in particular boasts strains that are renowned for their flavor profiles that are similar to popular desserts.

Reason #3: They Require Almost Zero Maintenance

Vaping with these THC pods offers a super user-friendly approach to maintaining a routine with delta 8 THC.  These pods simply snap into their device, and don’t need to be refilled at any time, or cleaned.  When the vape oil runs out, you just toss the entire pod, and grab a new one.  There is no preparation required, and the JUUL device with which they’re compatible requires no maintenance other than the occasional recharge, being a button-free device.

Reason #4: Great if You Already Have a JUUL Device

Even better, if you already happen to own a JUUL pod system that you’re using for nicotine, you don’t have to grab and understand a whole new vaping setup.  Simply take off your existing nicotine JUUL pod, and snap one of these THC pods into its place.  It’s a seamless way to switch back and forth between your two vaping products throughout the day.

Reason #5: You Can Trust Our THC Pods

As you may have learned the hard way, the market has a lot of low-quality products out there, that can contain cheap ingredients or can even be fake.  And, as a newbie to cannabis, it can be that much harder to know how to spot low-quality products that you should avoid.  Wild Orchard’s hemp products are lab-tested by a third party, and our reputation has been outstanding for years, since we always deliver the quality levels customers deserve.  This means that you don’t have to worry about ending up with a cheaply made THC pod by choosing us.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Our JUUL THC Pods

There’s plenty to love about these THC pods even if you’re a longtime cannabis user, as you’re about to find out below.

Reason #1: Super Discreet

Maybe you’re someone who’s been using flower for ages, but you want a more discreet way to get high throughout the day.  There’s nothing as discreet as a JUUL device that happens to contain some THC vape oil.  The aroma of cannabis dissipates much more quickly in vapor form than in smoke form, and no one will know that you’re vaping THC, as JUUL devices are commonplace among people who vape nicotine.

Reason #2: It’s a Highly Convenient Setup

Using our JUUL-compatible THC pods offers the relief of convenience to anyone who’s been using a more complex setup – like flower, which requires a pipe, a grinder, and time for maintaining all of the above.  JUUL systems are super easy to slip into your pocket, and require, again, next to no maintenance, to make your THC routine a lot easier.

Reason #3: They Come in Some Really Special Strains

We offer some fantastic, rare, and highly sought-after top-shelf strains in our collection of THC pods, so that even if you think you’ve tried every great strain that’s out there, you’ll be in for a special surprise.  Explore our strains thoroughly, as we offer some of the most delicious and satisfying cultivars in the cannabis industry right now.

Reason #4: We Understand the Importance of Reliability

Essentially, a lot of vaping products on the market can contain high-quality ingredients.  However, the actual technology and construction are lacking.  Thus, leading to common issues like clogging, premature burning out of the coil, and poor flavor.  We’ve taken it to the next level to ensure that our pods are made with the highest-quality materials and design elements for maximum satisfaction, down to the last drop.

Reason #5: A Cannabinoid for When You Crave Something Gentler

You can be all about delta 9 THC and even stronger cannabinoids, but once in a while, there’s something nice about a mellower option like delta 8 THC.  Known for offering particularly tranquil effects, a little delta 8 can give you a much-needed chillout when you’re not necessarily in the mood to get incredibly intoxicated.

THC Pods Offer Convenience and Quality for All Experience Levels!

We really are excited to offer a whole new option for delta 8 fanatics looking to vape their favorite cannabinoid.  These JUUL-compatible THC pods (JUUL device not included) are easy to use, and they come in magnificent strain options that beginners and experienced users alike will love.

Most of us are fully aware of what delta 9 THC is – the dominant compound in marijuana that gives the plant its notorious high.  Delta 9 THC is also heavily restricted across the USA, more so than any cannabis derivative.  Because of that, it’s hard to enjoy its effects without breaking the law.  But, with a certain legal loophole, D9 edibles are alive and well in the hemp industry, which’s why we carry them here at Wild Orchard Co.

See, delta 9 THC is legal if it’s derived from hemp, and if products contain no more than 0.3% of the cannabinoid by dry weight.  And, we know that 0.3% doesn’t sound like a lot, but brands have come up with large-sized edibles that allow 0.3% THC to work out to plenty of milligrams, in order to give you the high you’re looking for.  Best of all, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or an absolute beginner, you can enjoy what these products have to offer.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Our D9 Edibles Collection

Wild Orchard Co. D9 Edibles offer something for everyone – including beginners.  While gummies are arguably the most popular type of cannabis edible, we’re proud to carry a number of non-gummy alternatives that are just as enticing, like tasty cookies, chewy candies, and more.

Reason #1: They Taste Delicious, Making THC All the More Appealing to Beginners

The fact that delta 9 edibles are so delicious definitely makes them all the more beginner-friendly.  It’s hard for anyone to resist, say, taking a bite out of a chocolate chip cookie, and this appealing type of product offers a great way to introduce yourself to the effects of the cannabinoid.

Reason #2: The Effects Can Be Particularly Mellow

The effects of eating THC in an edible form are different from other delivery methods.  Through digesting delta 9, it converts into a metabolite in the body that offers distinctive effects, which’re often described as super mellow and chill.  This means that d9 edibles may be great for beginners who want a more relaxing type of ‘high’.

Reason #3: Edibles are as User-Friendly as They Come

Most products require more effort and maintenance than edibles.  They may require that you maintain certain equipment (a pipe, vaporizer, dab rig, etc.), or prepare the product (measure out a certain amount, grind it up, etc.) before you can enjoy it.  Edibles are beginner-friendly because they require no preparation or maintenance whatsoever – just take a bite and you’re good to go.

Reason #4: They’re Great for People Who Want a Low Dose

D9 edibles are great for first-timers who are being particularly careful about dosing, since they have a low tolerance, or may not be prepared for the heavier effects of a THC high.  We actually offer D9 edibles in a variety of milligram strengths, including low milligram strengths for people with a low tolerance, who just want to get their “feet wet,” so to speak.

Reason #5: You Can Trust the Quality and Legitimacy at Wild Orchard

The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of low-quality or even fake D9 edibles on the market.  That’s especially true with the D9 edibles you’ll come across in gas station stores, convenience stores, and the like.  Wild Orchard Co. has maintained a top reputation in the industry for many years, because our quality standards have never faltered in our years of operation.  As a beginner, with little experience, it’s hard to know what to look for when trying to find a high-quality and safe product, and we’re happy to provide you with a worry-free shopping experience.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Our D9 Edibles

Of course, a lot of seasoned THC lovers are also fans of our D9 edibles.  And, you’ll soon discover what they can offer to experienced enthusiasts looking for a new product to try.

Reason #1: They’re a Legal Form of Delta 9 THC

Of course, legal delta 9 THC products are few and far between, unless you live in a state where marijuana is permitted.  If not, D9 edibles are a godsend, even for experienced users who are restricted when it comes to their ability to enjoy THC.

Reason #2: Edibles are a Fun Alternative to More Traditional Products

Edibles can be a nice way to break up the routine of smoking, vaping, or dabbing cannabis products, since they behave totally differently, like we said earlier.  D9 edibles produce a distinctive high that can last for hours, and thus, can produce stronger feelings of relaxation.  Besides that, you don’t have to worry about doing any maintenance.

Reason #3: They Can Complement Other Hemp/Cannabinoid Products

Sometimes, it’s fun to combine D9 edibles with another product type, like, say, an HHC vape, to create a one-of-a-kind psychoactive experience.  Experienced users in particular may enjoy blending products together to try something that feels totally new.

Reason #4: Our Selection Has Something for the Person Who Thinks They’ve “Tried it All”

A lot of experienced users think that they’ve tried every cannabis product under the sun – but edibles offer something new.  For instance, even if you’ve loaded up on gummies in the past, we offer edibles that are different.  This way, users can explore a product they’ve never had before.

Reason #5: Quality You Can Count On

Again, a lot of edibles out there just aren’t effective, or high in quality.  With Wild Orchard’s D9 edibles, you don’t have to worry about disappointment.  Our products are third-party-tested.  Plus, we’ve got tons of positive reviews to put your mind at ease.  This way, you know that we can live up to your standards.

D9 Edibles Can Be Savored By Newbies and Experienced Users Alike!

Delta 9 edibles are totally legal here at Wild Orchard Co.!  So, people of all experience levels can get in on the action to enjoy a legal THC high at last.  Check out our D9 Edibles and simply find a formula that meets your needs, tolerance, and more.

Live resin has been a gamechanger for the hemp industry, offering an alternative type of extract that can be blended into all kinds of hemp products.  One of the most popular types of products in which you will find live resin in, is vape carts.  These house a coil and the e-juice (combine a cannabinoid distillate with this more potent, flavorful extraction).  Live resin is an extract derived from fresh, flash-frozen flower instead of dry-cured flower, which offers a higher terpene count that leads to a far more potent product.

The question for today is, why would newbies and experienced cannabis users absolutely love live resin carts – in particular, Wild Orchard Co. Live Resin Carts?

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Live Resin Carts

First, let’s look at what beginners can get out of live resin carts.  As you’re about to find out, live resin cartridges are a nice starting point for anyone looking to dive into the world of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Reason #1: Live Resin Carts Offer Fast-Acting, On-Demand Effects

Live resin carts are great for beginners because they deliver powerful, fast-acting effects on demand.  You don’t have to wait around for the product to kick in, and with vaping, effects last only a couple of hours, so as a beginner, you don’t have to commit to an all-day high.

Reason #2: Live Resin is Superior in Quality

Basically, if you’re new to vape carts, you deserve to start off with the best of the best, and that’s live resin.  Live resin is superior in every way to traditional extract, in terms of taste, effectiveness, and even shelf stability.  There’s a reason why so many companies only use live resin in their vape formulas now.

Reason #3: We Offer Loads of Strains to Explore

Every first-timer has specific things they want to get out of their cannabis experience, which is why they come to cannabis in the first place.  That could be getting help to feel more relaxed after a stressful day, or to feel more focused during the productive hours of the afternoon.  And, we’re here to accommodate every need at Wild Orchard Co., with a very generous variety of strains that have something for everyone.  You don’t have to be an experienced, expert-level enthusiast to find the strain that will suit your needs, because we offer clear descriptions of each one on our website.

Reason #4: Cannabinoids for Everyone

Any cannabis newbie can be unsure of which cannabinoids they want to try first, as they are still discovering which ones work best with their needs and their unique system.  The good news is that our live resin carts come in a huge selection of cannabinoids, ranging from mild to highly potent, so that everyone can find the perfect one for them.  We also offer clear descriptions on how each cannabinoid can impact our state of mind and body, so there aren’t any surprises.

Reason #5: Wild Orchard Co. Promises the Top Quality Levels You Deserve

Shopping around for live resin carts as a beginner can be confusing, as it’s hard to know how to spot low-quality or fake products, especially in person.  At Wild Orchard Co., you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Our diamond-infused products are accompanied by lab reports via third-party testing.  Not to mention, our brand is highly regarded in the industry, since we’ve maintained an exceptional reputation for years, providing customers with a trustworthy experience.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Live Resin Carts

If you’re a longtime cannabis user, you will find plenty of reasons why live resin carts are a must-try, and these products can really act as gamechangers in your cannabis routine.  Let’s elaborate.

Reason #1: Live Resin Carts Offer Higher Potency

Again, live resin is very potent, because fresh, flash-frozen flower retains more trichomes than dry-cured flower, which is what’s traditionally used in hemp vapes, as well as how flower products are preserved.  This means that you will experience bold flavor like never before, and enjoy strains on a whole new level, as those terpenes are working overtime to give you the specific properties you’re seeking out.

Reason #2: We Offer Rare Cannabinoids in Our Live Resin Carts

Of course, accompanying live resin is a cannabinoid distillate, and the live resin carts at that we supply come in a large selection of cannabinoids that can impress even the most experienced of enthusiasts – and, that selection is always growing.  With cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, HHC, THCA, and HHC-R, you will be able to personalize your high on a whole new level.

Reason #3: We Offer Strains that are Hard to Come By

We already touched upon our large selection of strains, and that’s extremely appealing to experienced users who are always looking for something new to try.  We’re confident that a number of our strains are ones that you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling before, as we include both all-time favorites and rarities.  There’s nothing like stumbling upon a new and exciting strain after thinking that you’ve exhausted them all, anticipating a totally one-of-a-kind flavor profile and high.

Reason #4: Live Resin Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Because live resin boasts higher potency than traditional extracts, you’ll be able to enjoy more value, as you won’t need to go through as many puffs of vapor to get the high you’re looking for.  This means that you can actually save money by switching to live resin, since a little can go a long way.

Reason #5: Wild Orchard Live Resin Carts are Reliable and High-Performance

The bottom line is that not all live resin carts are made equally, when it comes to things like durability, coil structure, airflow, and so on.  Our vaping products use reliable materials, top-notch coil technology, and expertly crafted design elements to last for a long time, and even ensure that each puff of vapor is intensely satisfying, down to the last drop.

No Matter Your Hemp Vaping Level, Get Your Vape On with a Live Resin Cart

Live resin carts boost the potency of a hemp extract, resulting in stronger effects and a richer taste.  Because of that, regardless of your experience with cannabis, live resin is a no-brainer.  Explore our Live Resin Carts today, and enjoy vaping your favorite cannabinoids and terpenes with an even stronger guarantee for utter satisfaction.

Vaping technology has reached new heights this year.  In particular, disposable vape pens offering more reliability, potency, flavor, and longevity than ever before.  And, to celebrate that fact, Wild Orchard Co. is thrilled to present our line of delta 8 vape pens – in other words, disposable all-in-one devices that contain a blend of delta 8 THC distillate, paired with the terpene profiles of beloved cannabis strains.  Sensational, fast-acting, and enjoyably psychoactive, these vape pens are awesome for beginners and experienced cannabis users alike.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Our Delta 8 Vape Pens

First, let’s look at what beginners can get out of our exciting all-in-one delta 8 disposable.  As you will see, this product is actually very beginner-friendly, and a great way to introduce yourself to the experience of vaping cannabinoids and terpenes.

Reason #1: It’s a Super-Convenient Product for Beginners

No doubt, disposable vapes are the ultimate beginner-friendly choice.  They’re ready to vape out of the box, meaning, don’t need to set anything up or adjust any settings to be treated to a gratifying experience.  Disposable vapes only need to be occasionally recharged via a Type-C charge port on the chassis.  Once the vape oil runs out, you can throw the device out entirely.

Reason #2: Delta 8 is a Beginner-Friendly Cannabinoid

Delta 8 THC, for all the newbies out there, is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid, naturally present in hemp.  It’s estimated to be only 70% as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, the dominant chemical compound in weed, which is responsible for its ‘high’.  Its high is said to be clear-minded, which reduces the risk of anxiety or paranoia as side effects.  And, it’s blissful beyond belief, helping users feel more tranquil and at ease.

Reason #3: Our Strains are Perfect for Newbies

We offer a rich array of strains that include something for everyone, including many that are ideal for beginners – like our Birthday Cake Vape Pen, which we recommend to first-timers.  Birthday Cake is a strain that’s 50% indica and 50% sativa.  Heavier indica or sativa strains can be a bit much for beginners, as they can be too sedating, or too energizing, respectively.  A balanced hybrid is a great starting point for newbies, as it offers an opportunity to get a feel for how the high of cannabis feels, and they can decide from there if they prefer 50/50’s or want something that leans a little more toward a soothing indica or an uplifting sativa.

Reason #4: The Flavors Add to Their Beginner Appeal

You really can’t go wrong with our delta 8 vape pens if you’re looking for outstanding flavor along with a dreamy delta 8 high.  We’ve worked hard to come up with exceptional extraction methods and mouthwatering strains that draw beginners in and give them something to really savor.

Reason #5: No Worrying About Cheap or Fake Vapes

Being a newbie to cannabis products can be daunting.  Especially, when you’re trying to choose a high-quality and effective product, knowing that the market has many low-quality and fake vapes lurking in the corners of convenience stores and sketchy online retailers.  Luckily, at Wild Orchard Co., you can rest easy.  Our hemp products arrive with third-party lab reports for total assurance.  Plus, our brand is highly respected by consumers.  After all, we’ve maintained an exceptional reputation for years, providing customers with a trustworthy experience.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Our Delta 8 Vape Pens

For all you longtime cannabis user, you’ll certainly wanna give this exquisite vape pen a try for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: Offers a Very Convenient Alternative to Smoking

If you’re a longtime flower lover, we recommend giving our disposable a try.  It’s pocket-friendly, meaning you don’t need to carry around a pipe/rolling papers, a grinder, and flower buds everywhere you go.  Just take your disposable out of your pocket and enjoy a couple puffs before putting it away again.  With that being said, it’s also more discreet, since vapor dissipates more quickly than smoke, and doesn’t leave behind a lingering aroma.

Reason #2: We Carry a Number of Top-Shelf Strains

Our delta 8 vape pen strains are amazing.  In fact, we’ve curated a collection of some of the most sought-after strains of all-time.  We carry many options that are rare, and particularly hard to find in a delta 8 vape pen form.  That way, the most experienced enthusiasts can have something exciting to look forward to.

Reason #3: It’s Totally Reliable

Let’s be real – a lot of vapes on the market are bogus.  Their battery dies prematurely, their coil burns out early on and ruins the taste of the vape oil, or the design is so flimsy that it breaks easily.  Our disposables are the real deal, and we’ve worked hard to come up with the best materials and design features to give you the longevity and reliability that you deserve.

Reason #4: Delta 8 is Worth Adding to Your Arsenal

Even if you have a high THC tolerance from years of experience, delta 8 is worth having on hand.  Yes, it’s milder than delta 9, but at the same time, it can really come in handy.  Its ability to mellow out the mind and body is profound.  Plus, it can be perfect for when you’re really trying to access your inner chill.  And, because the ‘high’ can be so clear-headed, you can still be totally productive during the day.

Reason #5: A Nice Switch from Vape Carts

Not to knock vape carts – they’re also a fantastic way to get your delta 8 game on – but disposables are so user-friendly and low-maintenance that they’re absolutely worth trying, if you haven’t yet.  The fact that they exist as all-in-one devices, with no adjustments needed, is super helpful if you’re trying to simplify your cannabis routine.

Time to Experience Our All-in-One Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens!

Our Delta 8 Vape Pen collection offers up the best of both worlds: blissful delta 8 THC, and a wide selection of strains that anyone will fall in love with.  Whether you’re entirely new to cannabinoids and terpenes, or you’re a long time user who wants an easier way to get high, we’ve got you covered.

THCA diamonds are one of the biggest trends in the cannabis world this year, and it’s no wonder why.  THCA diamonds are the most purified form of THCA you will find, made through concentrating cannabis until the cannabinoid takes on its crystalline form, at which point it’s harvested, and ready to be enjoyed.  By nature, THCA diamonds offer the most potent expression of THCA, which, as we all know, converts into delta 9 THC once it’s been exposed to heat, like through the process of vaping.  Anyone who has been looking for a reason to try THCA diamonds, no matter if they’re a newbie or experienced user, then you’re in luck!

Why Newbies Will Enjoy THCA Diamonds

If you’re new to the world of THCA, or cannabis in general, THCA diamonds are an awesome choice, since they have a lot to offer.

Reason #1: They Offer Something That’s Super Close to Weed (But Legal)

Delta 9 THC, the dominant chemical compound in marijuana, is what’s responsible for the plant’s notorious ‘high’.  Delta 9 is also the most heavily restricted cannabis compound in the United States, while THCA is totally legal (when it comes from the hemp plant).  THCA converts into delta 9 THC when heat is applied, like through vaporization.  This is done to convert THCA diamonds into rich, flavorful, and potent vapor.  Basically, THCA diamond vaping products offer the same high you would get from weed, while being legal.  So, this allows beginners to access the most in-demand cannabis high out there.

Reason #2: They’re Extremely Pure

THCA diamonds are a fantastic way to know instantly what pure THCA is supposed to feel like.  Then, after that point, you can base all other products off of it.  Again, THCA diamonds are the most purified form of this cannabinoid in existence.  And so, once you get a feel for what that means in terms of your ‘high’ and its potency, you’ll have an easier time knowing what subpar products feel like.

Reason #3: We Offer Loads of Strains to Explore

Every cannabis user comes to the plant for the first time with certain goals in mind – like to help feel more relaxed after a stressful day, or to find a stronger sense of creativity for their artistic endeavors.  And, we’re here to accommodate every need by supplying an amazing variety of strains that have something for everyone.  You don’t have to be an experienced, expert-level enthusiast to find the strain that will suit your needs, because we offer clear descriptions of each one on our website.

Reason #4: You Don’t Have to Worry About Fake or Low-Quality Products

Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of to encounter fake or low-quality THCA diamonds on the market.  Especially, in gas station stores and the like.  At Wild Orchard Co., you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Our diamond-infused products come with the lab reports from thorough third-party testing, and our brand is highly regarded in the industry, since we’ve maintained an exceptional reputation for years, providing customers with a trustworthy experience.

Reason #5: Delta 9’s High Doesn’t Disappoint

Something about delta 9’s high  just seems to satisfy many people out there.  It’s a balanced high that’s both calming and euphoria-inducing, and also can alleviate tension in the body.  Its crowd-pleasing nature makes THCA diamonds a great starting point for anyone.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy THCA Diamonds

Let’s now take a look at the reasons why experienced cannabis lovers are going to want to give THCA diamonds a try.  In fact, THCA diamonds are a huge hit among longtime users, for the reasons below.

Reason #1: They’re Very Potent

THCA diamonds are the most potent form of THCA there is.  How?  Well, due to being purified through concentrating them down to a crystalline form.  Basically, you will get a powerful delta 9 experience that hits the spot.  Regardless really, of how long you’ve been using cannabis for.

Reason #2: We Combine Our Diamonds with Live Resin

Not only will you be treated to THCA diamonds, but live resin as well.  Live resin, as you probably already know, is a unique extract that comes from flash-frozen, freshly picked hemp flower buds, providing stronger flavor and higher potency of effects.

Reason #3: Our Strain Selection Will Impress Even the Most Experienced Users

Again, our strain selection is vast, and diverse in its different options in terms of sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties.  And, for longtime users, this means that we offer strains we’re pretty sure you’ve never had before.  There’s nothing like stumbling upon a new and exciting strain after thinking that you’ve exhausted them all, anticipating a totally one-of-a-kind flavor profile and high.

Reason #4: They Offer a Federally Legal Alternative to Weed

As anyone with cannabis experience will tell you, weed products are still illegal in the U.S. under federal law.  That right there is why so many people are gravitating toward THCA diamonds, which offer a powerful delta 9 THC high without anyone having to worry about breaking the law.

Reason #5: Wild Orchard THCA Diamond Vapes are Reliable

Yes, you can buy the purest THCA diamonds and most flavorful live resin.  However, if the actual vape technology is lacking, you’re gonna be disappointed.  Our vaping products use reliable materials, top-notch coil technology, and exceptional construction elements, ensuring every puff is intensely satisfying.

THCA Diamonds are the Ultimate Way to Enjoy Legal Delta 9!

THCA diamonds are a fantastic option for beginners and experienced users alike.  Again, they supply a pure, THCA cannabinoid for maximum potency and satisfaction.  Explore our THCA Diamonds today, and take a look at the strains that we have to offer to find what works for you.

The market for new, legalized cannabinoids has led to some truly astonishing discoveries within the chemical composition of the hemp plant – like HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) – a psychoactive cannabinoid that exists in the seeds and pollen of the plant, which already makes it unique (most cannabinoids are found in the plant’s flowers), and happens to be the hydrogenated “twin” of delta 9 THC.  HHC comes in a variety of product forms, just like other cannabinoids.  But, today, we’re focusing on HHC disposables, which, as you’re about to find out, are every bit as perfect for cannabis newbies as they are for advanced users.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Vaping with Our HHC Disposables

First, let’s talk about what HHC disposables have to offer to beginners, as you might be surprised by how newbie-friendly they are.

Reason #1: Very Convenient and Simple to Operate

If you’re looking for the most beginner-friendly product type, disposables are your friend.  They’re ready to vape straight outta the box.  Meaning, you don’t need to set anything up or adjust any settings to be treated to HHC satisfaction.  You don’t even need to press any buttons.  Disposable vape pens only need to be recharged occasionally – otherwise, there’s zero maintenance.  Once the vape oil runs out, simply toss away the entire device.  Even vape carts, which’re different from vape pens, are user-friendly, since they, too, are disposable, and just attach to 510-threaded, rechargeable vape pens.

Reason #2: HHC is a Good Beginner Cannabinoid

HHC is a good candidate for newbies, as far as intoxicating cannabinoids are concerned.  It’s said to be a milder than delta 9 THC (the key intoxicant in marijuana), so you’re unlikely to get knockout high – that is, assuming you go easy by taking only 1 or 2 puffs.  HHC’s high is said to be balanced, too, offering both euphoria and a deep feeling of peace.

Reason #3: We Have a Strain for Everyone

Most people who decide to start using cannabis products have a specific goal in mind – like feeling more relaxed, or even feeling more focused.  Plus, we have a strain to accommodate every goal of a cannabis first-timer.  Our selection of HHC strains includes a wide array of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.  Basically, everyone will be able to select the specific effects that they’re looking for.

Reason #4: Their Effects are Short-Lived (Compared to Other Product Types)

The ‘high’ you get from vaping a cannabinoid like HHC usually lasts for a couple of hours, tops.  This means that as you get used to the high of the cannabinoid, you don’t have to worry about committing hours upon hours of feeling intoxicated.  If you end up going a little heavy-handed and get ‘more high’ than you planned on, you can rest easy knowing that it will pass very soon.

Reason #5: You Can Count on a Top-Quality, Legit Product

Unfortunately, the HHC products on the hemp marketplace aren’t as up to par as you might have hoped.  This is especially true when it comes to the hemp-based products you’ll come across in gas stations, convenience stores, etc.  Wild Orchard Co. has maintained a top reputation in the industry for many years.  This is all thanks to our consistent output of high-quality, trustworthy products.  As a newbie, it can be hard to know what to look for to be sure that what you’re buying is the real deal, and we’re happy to provide you with a worry-free shopping experience.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Vaping With Our Delta 8 Vape Pens

HHC disposables aren’t just for beginners.  A growing number of heavy-duty cannabis enthusiasts are adding HHC disposables to their rotation of products.  Let’s look at the reasons why.

Reason #1: It Can Be a Convenient Alternative to Flower

Lots of experienced users are more than familiar with flower, which is great.  However, you might be missing out on vaping with an HHC disposable.  Disposables offer the luxury of portability.  You don’t need to carry around a pipe/rolling papers, a grinder, and flower buds everywhere you go.  Just take your HHC vape out of your pocket and take a few puffs, without any preparation of effort required.  With that being said, it’s also more discreet, since vapor dissipates more quickly than smoke, and doesn’t leave behind a lingering aroma.

Reason #2: Our Strains Will Impress Even the Most Experienced Users

We’ve made it a point to offer a rich selection of strains that include many rare, top-shelf varieties, which means that there’s a good chance even seasoned users will find strains that they’ve never had the pleasure of trying before – or maybe never even heard of.

Reason #3: A New Cannabinoid for Your Collection

If you’ve been using other cannabis/cannabinoid products for a long time, you don’t want to sleep on HHC.  Again, hexahydrocannabinol is a one-of-a-kind cannabinoid that shares a lot in common with delta 9, but even longtime delta 9 enthusiasts have found that HHC is satisfying in its own distinctive way, with its body and mind effects that can draw you into a state of absolute bliss.

Reason #4: The Quality Level You Deserve

We have already touched upon the perils of low-quality and fake hemp products that plague the market, especially on a local level.  With Wild Orchard’s HHC disposables, you don’t have to worry about disappointment.  In fact, all our HHC products are third-party-tested.  Not only that, but we’ve got loads of positive reviews to put your mind at ease.  This way, we can live up to your standards.

Reason #5: We Take the Tech Side of Things Seriously

We’ve heard plenty of complaints over the years about other brands producing vaping products that have faulty batteries, poorly constructed coils that burn the vape oil, or poorly designed airflow.  We’ve made it a point to provide the high-quality technology and construction that you deserve.  That way, you know you’re going to enjoy every last drop of HHC vape oil.

HHC Disposables are Awesome for Everyone to Get Ther Hemp ‘Vape On’ With!

Overall, HHC Disposables aren’t just for beginners or advanced users.  No.  These products can satisfy anyone who wants to enjoy a legal high from hemp.  And, in the form of smooth and flavorful vapor.  Explore our collection today, and just know you’re getting a top-quality product that’s available in some of the best strains in the world.

Hemp vape carts have proven to be an awesome option cannabis lovers.  Vape carts offer a more user-friendly, discreet, and portable method for enjoying inhalable clouds of psychoactive cannabinoids and sensational terpenes.  Many of us remember the first time we enjoyed hemp in vape form, and as you may have noticed, the market for vape carts has really evolved in just a few short years.  Moving into 2024, there are all kinds of trends we’re on the lookout for.  We’ve watched certain advancements and innovations arrive this year that’re going to become far more common in the new year.  Let’s take a look at those now, so consumers know what to look forward to in the near future.

The Vaping Basics on Hemp Carts

Before cover the trends that’re going to take over vape cartridges next year, let’s provide a quick overview of what these carts are.  Carts, aka cartridges, are 510-threaded glass vessels for vape oil, which consists of cannabinoid and terpene extracts.  Keep in mind though, there shouldn’t be any additional ingredients, so that the formula is 100% cannabis-derived.

Since these cartridges use a 510-threaded connection at their base, they attach to any 510-threaded vape pen.  This is the standard form of connection to make cartridges universally compatible with any vape pen device.  The cartridge itself is disposable, as once the vape oil runs out, it can be replaced.  Its built-in coil utilizes heat from the battery to vaporize the vape oil.

Vape carts also come in a wide selection of cannabinoids and strains, so there’s something for everyone.  In fact, companies have taken this concept to the next level with new advancements, as we’re going to get into now.

What Can We Look Forward to in the World of Vape Carts, Moving into 2024?

Now, let’s talk about the present and future.  With demand for vape cartridges always growing, companies have found ways to get creative, to offer a competitive edge.

New Cannabinoids to Try

First off, you’ve probably noticed that the diverse world of cannabinoids is really ramping up.  In fact, researchers are discovering new, psychoactive cannabinoids in hemp at a dizzying pace.  Simultaneously, scientists are coming up with safe methods for synthesizing cannabinoids to make them more bioavailable and effective.  The result is that vape cartridges come in a more varied array of cannabinoids than ever before, delivering all kinds of unique highs that are worth exploring.

It’s All About Those Cannabinoid Blends

Another thing we’re seeing a lot right now is vape carts containing “cannabinoid blends” that are totally one of a kind.  This is a huge trend that is probably going to carry over through 2024.  It offers one-of-a-kind psychoactive effects through the synergistic relationship that different cannabinoids share with one another, so that users can really customize their experiences on a whole new level.

Live Resin is the New Standard

For those who don’t know, live resin is a type of hemp extract that has become more desirable than the more traditional type of hemp extract used as a standard up until recently.  Live resin is extracted from flower that’s flash-frozen while fresh, as opposed to dry-cured.  Because of this, live resin has a higher terpene count, since the terpene-rich trichomes that coat the flower buds are preserved through the flash-freezing process.

Basically, live resin supplies a more potent full spectrum extract that takes vape carts to the next level.  This would be in terms of flavor, effectiveness, and bioavailability.  Also doesn’t hurt that live resin appears to be more shelf-stable, as well.  Meaning, its potency can last longer.  We expect live resin becoming the new standard moving into the new year.

Rare Strains to Savor

You will notice that companies are trying to compete with one another by providing he best selections of strains, too.  It’s relatively easy to extract the terpene profile of any strain and convert it into vape oil form.  And, as a result, you’ll find loads of exciting strains you may have never heard of before, or strains that are extremely hard to come across in flower form, to entice you even further into trying a vape cartridge.

More Reliability, from a Technological/Hardware Standpoint

We’re happy to see that the industry’s standards for the actual tech and hardware side of vaping is improving, as well.  Companies are generally making it standard practice to utilize higher-quality coils that do wonders for flavor.  Not only that but are less likely to burn out early, too.  Construction materials are sturdier, and companies are employing advanced airflow into their carts so that the entire practice of vaping is more satisfying.

Diamonds are Big Business

A trend we’re all about here is the incorporation of diamonds into vape oil products, with THCA diamonds leading the way.  These are ultra-purified, concentrated forms of cannabinoids, evident by them taking on a crystalline form, which can be processed to be vape-friendly.  Diamonds are more potent than standard distillates, so that users can enjoy even stronger effects than ever before.

Higher Quality Standards, Overall

The bar has been raised gradually over the last year.  This in turn, has made it harder for companies to compete with subpar vaping products.  Nowadays, you need to carry only the purest distillates, the most flavorful, fresh terpene extracts, and the most reliable cartridge technology in order to sell products.  As a result, the world of vape cartridges has, as a whole, improved in terms of quality and reliability.  Thus, making it less likely to end up disappointed with one’s purchase.

Hemp Vape Carts are Entering a New Vaping Era!

Vape cartridges are improving every year.  And so, 2024 looks to be a bright one as far as carts are concerned, with all of these new trends becoming more and more standard among the world of hemp manufacturers.  Plus, who knows what new trends, innovations, and discoveries are going to emerge next year, that we don’t even know about yet.  At Wild Orchard Co., you can count on us offering the latest and greatest in Vape Carts, with a large selection of must-try products to get your hands on.

If you haven’t explored the wide selection of delta 9 gummies at Wild Orchard yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing.  These legal, psychoactive treats contain pure delta 9 distillate, and come in a rich selection of flavors, strengths, cannabinoid blends, and more.  If you were to ask us what our personal favorite is, we’d have to say it’s our Peach Rings, which deliver on taste as well as THC satisfaction.

So, if you’re ready to dive headfirst into our tantalizing Delta 9 Peach Rings, and experience them for yourself, we’re here to give you more info on what you can expect from them, and why they’re such a must-have for any cannabis lover looking for a legal way to get high.

Wild Orchard Delta 9 Peach Rings are Just Ringing With Absolute Sweet Peachiness!

At Wild Orchard Co, you will find some of the tastiest delta 9 gummies around.  Our Peach Rings are infused with a luscious blend of pure and clean delta 9 and CBD distillates, along with plenty of terpenes for good measure, offering up a tasty escape from the mundane, and a surefire way to enjoy a blissed out high for hours on end.  Need more convincing?

That Juicy Peach Flavor You Know and Love!

Everyone loves the taste of fresh peaches, right?  Well, peach rings come pretty close, with that juicy, sweet, and ever-so-slightly tangy taste.  If you’ve ever had peach rings growing up (without THC, of course), then you know what we’re talking about.  We’ve made it our mission to perfectly replicate that iconic flavor to give you a nice burst of nostalgia with each bite.

100% Compliant with Federal Law

We’ve made sure that our gummies are 100% compliant with federal law, which means that we only use hemp-derived THC, in concentrations (per dry weight) that don’t exceed 0.3%.  This way, you can enjoy these gummies legally, and still enjoy a solid psychoactive effect – one that can last for hours, thanks to the nature of edibles.

1:1 THC to CBD Ratio

Each gummy contains a 1:1 ratio of 15mg CBD and 15mg THC.  The 15mg THC is plenty to get high off of, while the CBD smooths things over, so to speak, with its soothing properties that can take the edge off of the high for beginners who are trying to avoid any potential anxiety or paranoia.  Our 1:1 ratio has been tested, and it offers that perfect sweet spot so that beginners and experienced THC enthusiasts alike can be totally satisfied.

Full-Spectrum for the Entourage Effect

Even better, these gummies contain a full-spectrum hemp extract, which isn’t standard for gummies – but does a whole lot to improve their effectiveness.  Full-spectrum hemp extract retains the full chemical composition of beneficial plant compounds found in the flowering buds of hemp, including terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients.  These all come together synergistically to offer a more profoundly beneficial effect than their individual counterparts.  The result?  An even more gratifying, bliss-inducing experience with every bite.

The Perfect Delta 9 High You’re Looking for

Because we offer 15mg of delta 9 in each gummy, you can know that you’re getting a legit dose.  A lot of delta 9 gummies on the market contain lower milligram strengths, and while that’s totally fine for people looking for a milder effect, we know that many of our consumers want a full THC experience.  We’re thrilled to accommodate those individuals with our potent gummy formula.

USA-Grown and USA-Made

Like all of our products, these gummies contain domestically grown, organic hemp, extracted using top-of-the-line methods, and each batch is made here in the United States, under the strictest standards possible.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our quality output, and we know that products made in our own facility adhere to the strictest standards for safety and purity anywhere.  Just check our third-party lab reports, available on our website, to verify that for yourself, and see the exceptional quality that we’re proud to present to THC enthusiasts.

A Peachy Keen THC High at Wild Orchard Co. Awaits!

If what you’re seeking out is a meaningful amount of delta 9 THC, plus full-spectrum hemp that’s high in CBD, all wrapped up in a delicious, juicy gummy, you’ve found it.  Wild Orchard Delta 9 Peach Rings provide you with all that and more, featuring lab-tested, ultra-pure hemp extracts, a legally compliant yet potent amount of THC, and the taste that you already know and love.  Give our candy rings a try today, and simply find out why so many hemp enthusiasts are excited about them.

When it comes to vaping cannabinoids and terpenes, today’s enthusiasts have more options to choose from than ever before.  Between disposables, cartridges, bottled e-liquids, pods, and more, it can be tough to pick which vape setup is right for your needs.  While the most important thing to focus on is, obviously, the quality of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the product, at the same time, the vehicle matters – whether that be a 510-threaded cartridge, or, say, a vape pod that’s compatible with a JUUL device.

Breaking Down the Two Methods for Vaping Hemp

First, we gotta cover the principles of vaping hemp, regardless of the product type you select.  To vaporize cannabinoids and terpenes, you need a device which contains a battery inside, and that battery provides heat to the coil inside of the cartridge/pod.  By heating the coil, the vape oil inside converts from a liquid to a vapor, which can be inhaled through the mouthpiece.  The vape oil itself contains cannabinoid and terpene extracts, offering a full-spectrum hemp experience.

All hemp vapes come in a variety of strains, so that you can choose between various indica, hybrid, and sativa options based on the more specific types of effects that you wanna feel – whether those be more relaxing, more uplifting, or somewhere in between.  Whichever of the two vaping types you decide on, we always encourage our customers to take the time to read about the strains available, to find the one that best suits their particular goals.

Now, let’s compare vape carts to vape pods.

510 Vape Carts

Vape carts, aka cartridges, are 510-threaded glass cartridges that are cylindrical in shape.  They contain vape oil and a coil inside, just like pods, and have a chimney-like mouthpiece that concentrates the vapor beautifully.  They attach universally to most 510-threaded vape pens.  These pens contain a battery and are rechargeable.  The cart itself is disposable, as once the vape oil runs out, the cart itself is replaced.



JUUL-Compatible Vape Pods

Next up, we have JUUL-compatible pods, which look identical to JUUL pods – aka, the pods that come with a JUUL vaping system made for nicotine.  Rather than contain nicotine-infused e-liquid, they contain hemp vape oil, and they attach to any JUUL device that you buy at the convenience store.



Try Them Both at Wild Orchard Co.!

Wild Orchard Co. is pleased to offer both 510 vape carts and JUUL-compatible vape pods, so you can find the product that suits your needs.  Weigh the pros and cons and find the device that works for you.  Also know that we’ve got you covered with lab-tested vape oils in a wide array of strains, cannabinoids, and more.  Our Vape Cartridges and JUUL Pods are sold fresh.  Plus, offer the potency you need to get nothing but maximum vaping satisfaction out of each and every cloud.

Mushrooms have taken the market by storm, including psychedelic and nonintoxicating varieties rich in valuable properties that can be extremely beneficial to our mental and physical wellbeing.  And, at Wild Orchard Co., we offer a great selection of mushroom-infused gummies that can give you all kinds of desirable effects, with a variety of formulas to choose from.

You don’t have to be a seasoned user of psychedelics to enjoy the mushroom gummies we have to offer.  We understand that the market can be intimidating to beginners, especially with so many mushroom varieties and potency levels out there.  Let’s help clear things up by talking about why both new and experienced users will want to dive into these new and exciting products that we carry.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Mushroom Gummies

Let’s talk about what total mushroom newbies can get out of the mushroom gummies at Wild Orchard Co..  We’re confident that our products are beginner-friendly, and now we’re going to explain why.

Reason #1: Mushroom Gummies Can Offer Loads of Potential Benefits

A good majority of us have certain connotations with mushrooms that they’re purely recreational – but that’s just not the case.  In fact, a number of the mushroom gummies on our website contain mushrooms that aren’t intoxicating at all, but instead, are recogizned for their many potential benefits relating to things like digestion, immunity, focus and concentration, and more.  In other words, starting a mushroom gummy routine can offer valuable improvements to your day-to-day life.

Reason #2: They Come with Beginner-Friendly Dosing Guidelines

Gummies are actually very beginner-friendly, since they’re perfect for controlled dosing.  If you’re a beginner who wants to take it easy with a low dose, no problem – the dosing directions on the product labels will tell you everything you need to know to ensure you’re taking an appropriate amount for your tolerance and needs.

Reason #3: Available in Awesome Flavors

A lot of people have wanted to get into the world of mushrooms for years but have been less than enthusiastic about experiencing their taste – after all, some mushrooms are quite earthy or bitter-tasting.  Mushroom gummies offer a much more newbie-friendly experience since they taste delicious, and the ones at Wild Orchard Co. happen to come in lots of particularly tasty flavors.

Reason #4: They’re Easy to Take

Gummies take a lot of the intimidation factor out of experiencing mushrooms.  You don’t have to weigh out dried mushrooms, or even measure out mushroom powder.  Just pop a gummy into your mouth, and voila – you’re ready for the experience to take effect once it works its way through the digestive system.  It doesn’t get any easier!

Reason #5: Strictly Top-Quality Levels You So Deserve

Shopping around for mushroom gummies can be stressful if you’re a beginner, with limited knowledge of what separates a premium, effective product from one that’s low in quality, or, even worse, fake.  At Wild Orchard Co., you don’t have to worry about any of that.  The mushroom gummies we carry have undergone third-party-testing, with lab reports handy, and our company is one you can trust, since we’ve maintained an outstanding reputation for many years through our consistent and reliable manufacturing.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Mushroom Gummies

Even if you have lots of experience with mushrooms, you’ll love the mushroom gummies that we offer for reasons like the ones above.

Reason #1: We Have High-Potency Options

A lot of mushroom gummies on the market are made by companies trying to save money, and so they put a small amount of mushroom extract in their formula – such a small amount that often, more experienced users just don’t get any effects at all.  We’re clear about the milligram strengths of our gummies, since we are proud to show you that we offer high-strength options to those ready to dive a bit deeper.

Reason #2: Offer Unique Formulations You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Not all mushrooms are created equally, and at Wild Orchard Co., you will find mushroom blends and other formulations that are totally unique, for a one-of-a-kind experience.  For instance, we offer blends of mushroom extracts paired with delta 9 THC, which produces a synergistic high that isn’t like anything else that you’ll find.  We also offer mushroom varieties that are extremely beneficial but aren’t often found in a gummy form.

Reason #3: You’re Getting the Real Deal

We already touched upon our high quality standards and lab-testing, and that matters for experienced users as much as newbies.  That’s because the mushroom gummy market is expanding, and it’s becoming that much easier to encounter cheaply made products that aren’t going to give experienced users the results that they’re hoping for.  With our gummies, expect pure extracts, top-quality ingredients, and effectiveness that satisfies your needs.

Reason #4: A Travel-Friendly Alternative to Other Mushroom Products

Anyone who has been enjoying mushrooms for years knows that gummies are still something of a novelty, offering a much more user-friendly option than teas, powders, and dried mushrooms, all of which require some level of preparation.  Again, our gummies are simple – just eat one, and you’re good to go.  This can make your mushroom routine a lot more convenient in a number of ways.

Reason #5: Mushroom Gummies are Legal

Of course, it helps that our mushroom products are totally compliant with the law, while a number of other natural intoxicants are not.  You can rest easy knowing that you’re buying a product that won’t get you into any trouble.  So, you can savor the convenience of just ordering gummies online and having them shipped straight to your home.

Wild Orchard Mushroom Gummies are Perfect for Everyone!

Mushroom gummies are a gamechanger, offering a super simple way to get in that daily serving of top-quality mushroom extracts, in varieties that can offer all kinds of valuable effects to our day-to-day lives.  Explore our Mushroom Gummies today, and know you’re getting the highest-quality, most effective, and tastiest gummies you’ll find anywhere.