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August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Venom Cocktail Strain Review

Any hemp enthusiast who’s wild about balanced hybrids, continue reading on, since this one really hits the spot in offering up that dreamy balanced effect that so many cannabis lovers are searching for.  Venom Cocktail strain is one of the latest and greatest to enter circulation.  For those totally new to the strain, we’re going to review it, and provide you with all the info you need to decide if it’s the next one you want to try.

Some Striking and Potent Facts About Venom Cocktail Strain

Venom Cocktail goes by many names: Venom, Venom OG, and Venom OG Kush, but they’re all the same strain.  This 50/50 hybrid is the lovechild of Poison OG and Rare Darkness #1, and all of the above may sound kind of ominous, but don’t worry – this strain is as chill as they come.  With 18%-23% THC, typically on the higher side, you will get plenty high.

What About the Buds?

Venom Cocktail has rich forest-green buds, and they’re known for their incredibly dense bud structure that makes them stand out from their visuals alone.  Bright orange, long hairs coat the nugs sparsely, and there’s a beautiful layer of amber-colored trichome crystals that make the buds glimmer.

What About Growing?

There’s not a huge amount of info out there when it comes to growing this strain, but we do know a good enough amount.  We know it’s actually super easy to grow, and delivers a high yield, so it’s a win-win for beginners and advanced growers alike.  It’s resistant to a lot of mildew issues other strains face, and prefers a warm and sunny environment, growing to a medium height.

What About the Taste and Smell?

Venom Cocktail isn’t the type of strain that’s going to give you a dreamy dessert or candy flavor.  It’s pungent and powerful, with intense notes of skunk and lemon, both in the flavor and the aroma.  The aroma is a bit earthier, with the flavor having a little more sweetness and sourness to it, but overall, it’s such a strong scent that you might smell it through the bag.

Why Go with Venom Cocktail?

Venom Cocktail has a lot to offer.  It’s been on the medical circuit long enough that we’ve seen a lot of success stories, with many people addressing their daily needs with this strain.  It seems to be a particularly good choice for managing stress and anxiety, and people swear by it to help them sleep better at night.

Because it’s a balanced hybrid, it’s definitely going to appeal to a certain demographic, since there are a lot of people who love those rare 50/50’s.  Beyond that, it seems to be a fantastic strain for evening use, so it’s probably perfect for when you want to curl up on the couch after a long day, or simply get to bed feeling nice and relaxed.

A High That Hisses with Passion

Venom Cocktail plays out like a true 50/50 hybrid, meaning that it starts off with a headrush of cerebral energy and euphoria that takes you far above the clouds.  But, at the end of the day, this strain leans more toward calming than energizing, so while the initial takeoff may give you a nice buzzy sensation in the mind and body, we recommend finding somewhere cozy to rest your limbs for the remainder of the experience.

Overall, the high is going to give you a feeling of deep relaxation, that almost comes in waves, starting from the cerebral cortex and making its way down to your toes.  People also describe a warm and tingly sensation that feels intensely pleasurable throughout the body.  Your mind will find itself losing all desire to hold onto negativity, as you find yourself uplifted and optimistic, yet very tranquil.

Yes, if you partake at nighttime, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself dozing off – and that could very well be what you’re actually looking for.  The couchlock is not as intense as it is with other strains – after all, there’s a good deal of sativa in that profile – but if you’re already tired, you might experience drowsiness.

Venom Cocktail: Anything But Dangerous

Clearly, Venom Cocktail has a lot to offer, because its high give you everything you could need after a long day, or when you’re just trying to relax before you hit the hay.  And, it’s not all that hard to find, since it’s a strain that’s in high demand.  So, if you’re wondering what kinds of effects it can deliver, you can go ahead and try this deeply satisfying hybrid for yourself here at Wild Orchard Co. with our selection of HHC Vapes.