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August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Mad Honey Strain Review

Once in a while, you encounter a strain that you’re pretty sure no one has ever heard of before, and there’s something really exciting about diving into a real rarity on the market.  That’s the case with Mad Honey strain, which is really, really hard to find, and only adds to its intrigue.  But, we do know some things about it that tell us it’s got the potential to be a big ol’ sticky player as it gets more widely circulated in the future, so read on to learn what we know so far.

What’s the Deal with Mad Honey? You Will Need to Try It to Bee-lieve It!

Mad Honey is a very, very rare hybrid strain, and it’s so new in circulation that we don’t even know its ratio, or if it’s more indica or sativa-leaning.  What we do know is that it’s a cross between Forbidden Fruit and Red Runtz, which gives us a great idea of what to expect, its potency, and its flavor profile.  We don’t know its THC level either, but guessing based on its parents, it’s pretty high.

What About the Buds?

Unfortunately, we don’t know what Mad Honey buds look like right now.

What About Growing?

There is very, very limited information about growing Mad Honey, despite its seeds being available to buy.  What we do know is that it has a flowering cycle of about 63 days, and thus, can be grown both indoor and out.

What About the Taste and Smell?

Not a lot has been said about the flavor and aroma of this strain, but one thing we do know is that it offers intense fruitiness, which is no surprise given its two parents that are both known for being intoxicatingly fruity and sweet.  Expect notes of tropical fruits, lush berries, and citrus in every pull, with an aroma that likely has fruity complexity paired with a good amount of earthiness.

What Kinds of Benefits Can I Get Out of Mad Honey?

Again, we just don’t know enough about this strain to have an idea of what it can do for us therapeutically.  Unlike strains that have long been known on the medicinal circuit, this one is a mystery, so we don’t know if it offers things like pain relief, mood relief, anti-nausea effects, etc.

How Does That “Buzzing” High Feel?

Here’s the thing with Mad Honey – what we do know is that its “high” is very, very strong.  This is a strain that was intentionally bred to have very high THC levels, although we don’t know how much.  Either way, given its parents, it’s, again, not a surprise.  Still, we do recommend taking it easy, especially if you have a low tolerance.

It’s a hybrid, and that’s about all we know, so you can safely expect something between a euphoric cerebral high that gives you a buzzing feeling, and a soothing, calming high that makes the body feel relaxed.

Mad Honey: An Intriguing New Addition to the Market That’s Certainly Sticky and Maddeningly Awesome!

Mad Honey is an enthralling-sounding strain, especially if you’re already a fan of Forbidden Fruit and Red Runtz.  Of course, we don’t know a ton about it yet, other than its high THC level, hybrid status, and bold fruity flavor that’s sure to supply a unique experience.  Still, that’s plenty to entice us, if you ask us.  Explore the Mad Honey strain for yourself here at Wild Orchard Co.:

  • HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Mad Honey” 275mg: Our vape pen makes it extremely convenient to enjoy this magnificent pairing, with a device that’s ready to be vaped out of the box. With 275mg per vape pen, you’ll get plenty of satisfying sessions out of each one, and once the vape oil runs out, you can just go ahead and replace it.  Pocket-friendly, discreet, and maintenance-free, it really doesn’t get any easier to enjoy a powerful and soothing high.
  • HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Mad Honey” 1 Gram: Our 900mg HHC Mad Honey Pen is made with 100% USA-grown natural hemp, making it the pinnacle of purity.
  • HHC Vape “Mad Honey” 2 Gram: Our Mad Honey 2 Gram Vape is made with 100% USA-grown natural hemp, making it the pinnacle of purity.
  • HHC + Live Resin 510 Cart “Mad Honey” 1350mg: Our 1350mg HHC + Live Resin Mad Honey 510 Cart is made with 100% USA-grown natural hemp, making it the pinnacle of purity.