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THCa Pre-Rolls "Jolly Rancher" - THCa Pre-Rolls "Jolly Rancher" - THCa Pre-Rolls "Jolly Rancher" - THCa.
August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic” Review

At Wild Orchard Co., we know THCa, and our THCa Pre-Rolls offer the closest thing you’ll get to legal weed, thanks to the cultivation of THCa flower, yielding a potent amount of the precursor to delta 9.  These pre-rolls come in all kinds of top-shelf strain options.  In fact, we have created an awesome pre-roll strain that’s spreading amazing well: Pandemic, aka Pandemia Kush.  THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic” are running rampant with awesomeness.

What’s the “Widespread” Deal with THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic”?

We’ve developed one of the only legal ways to enjoy a powerful delta 9 THC high thanks to our THCa flower, which is hemp flower that’s cultivated to naturally produce high amounts of THCa, the raw precursor to delta 9 THC that’s 100% legally compliant.  It’s simple – once you heat up the pre-roll by lighting it, that THCa automatically converts into delta 9 THC, so you can enjoy a limitless THC high.

Each pre-roll is filled with 0.75g of pure, organic THCa hemp flower, in the strain Pandemic (60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid).  You can choose between a 2-count tube or a 5-count jar, depending on how much of a frequent flower user you happen to be.

First Impression

We always strive to go above and beyond with our packaging, including in the aesthetics department.  Our pre-rolls are packaged in tubes and jars that feature bold color gradients that instantly appeal to the eye.  The label gives you all of the necessary info about what’s inside, like the name of the strain, the amount of flower in the pre-roll, the ingredients, how to use the product, and how to dose with the product.

The pre-roll itself looks super neat and compact, rolled to perfection and filled with just the right amount of flower for a perfect burn.

Are There Any Other Active Ingredients?

Our pre-rolls are made with full-spectrum THCa hemp flower, which, like we said, naturally yields a high concentration of THCa.  The high level of THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) means that you’re going to experience a really strong delta 9 high that’s just like if you were smoking weed.  THCa converts into delta 9 once it’s heated, like when it’s smoked in the form of a pre-roll.

How It’s Crafted

We don’t add any ingredient to our pre-rolls, and any company that does should honestly be avoided.  All that belongs in a pre-roll is raw hemp flower, with zero additives.  The paper itself is naturally derived and unbleached/untreated, to ensure that the entire product is 100% plant-based.  Only cannabinoids and terpenes here.

What Does It Taste Like?

Pandemic is a strain that has heavy Kush influence.  It’s known for its notes of tropical fruit, paired with aromatic spices.  The flavor is pretty exotic, and it’s also pretty pungent.  Because you’re enjoying it in raw flower form, you’ll get to savor the full boldness of the flavor profile.

How Does the High Feel?

We’ve already gone over the fact that THCa flower is really no different from weed when you compare their chemical compositions.  So, right out of the bat, we want to say that if you’re going to use this pre-roll, you should expect to feel like you just smoked a joint of marijuana, since the THCa levels are about the same, and the terpene profiles are the same between weed and hemp versions of the same strain.

Let’s get into what the actual strain feels like.  Pandemic is, like we said, a sativa-leaning hybrid, and the sativa effects are actually pretty strong in this one despite the fact that it’s just a 60/40 difference.  Early on, you’ll get a feeling of inspiration, and if you’re with your friends, you may get into some pretty lively and stimulating conversations.  It can also give you a boost of creativity, while enhancing your focus.

The high is very euphoric, and while your mind feels motivated, you’ll also notice a sense of calm washing over you.  And, while the body high isn’t couchlock-inducing, you will notice a release of tension in your limbs that makes you want to get comfy and relax while your mind continues to soar to new heights.

We Bet You’ve Never Had This Strain Before!

Wild Orchard Co.’s THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic” offers up only the good stuff – aka THCa flower, bred to perfection, in strains that are hard to find on the market.  Pandemic is a strain that you likely never had before, since it’s super new, but we’re pretty sure that any hybrid lover is going to fall in love with it at first toke.  Flavorful, balanced, and potent, it’s got it all, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce it to our customers.