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August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Strawberry Sprinkles Strain Review

Strawberry Sprinkles Strain, also known as Strawberry Sprinklez, is one of those ultra-rare strains you probably never heard of before, because it’s just too new.  But, given the fact that it comes from the beloved Sprinkles/Sprinklez lineage, it’s totally worth putting the effort into tracking down.  Strawberry Sprinkles is one of the tastiest strains you’ll have the pleasure of partaking in, and its ultra-high THC content also gives it big appeal.  Let’s explore what we know about it so far.

Time to “Sprinkle in” Some Basics About Strawberry Sprinkles Strain

We know quite little about Strawberry Sprinkles, because it’s such a rarity on the market.  We know it is a 50/50 hybrid, and that it yields between 29-33% THC.  We do not know its parents, as there’s some conflicting info out there about its lineage.  It’s safe to say that Sprinkles, however, is part of its DNA.

What About the Buds?

The fluffy, popcorn-like nugs of Strawberry Sprinkles are lopsided in appearance, and pretty large, with a dense bud structure.  They’re olive-green in color, with golden-colored clusters of hairs, and a nice dusting of pale green trichome crystals.

What About Growing?

Again, we don’t know a whole lot about this strain in terms of growing.  We know it can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, and has a flowering time of 56-63 days.  It also seems to be an easy strain to grow, being appreciative of all kinds of conditions, and promising a really high yield.

How Does It Taste?

Strawberry Sprinkles sounds like it’s a dreamy-tasting strain, and we’re happy to say that it is.  It has notes of luscious, juicy strawberries, which dominate the flavor profile, along with some hints of black pepper.  There’s a sugary sweetness that’s super creamy, hence the “sprinkles” in the name, and subtler notes of earthiness, which are more prominent in the aroma than the flavor.

What Makes Strawberry Sprinkles a Crowd-Pleaser?

Because Strawberry Sprinkles strain is really new, we can’t really offer you any specific benefits it can provide, like pain relief, anti-nausea effects, anti-anxiety properties, and whatnot.  Again, this strain just hasn’t been out long enough for it to make its way through the medicinal market and show off its unique therapeutic uses.  What we can say is that it’s a very high-THC strain, and that alone can make it really appealing to people, especially if they have a high tolerance.

How’s the High?

Being a 50/50 hybrid, Strawberry Sprinkles seems to provide a really nicely balanced high, and people say it hits you really fast.  Again, its THC level is around 30% on average, so that means that it will pack a major punch, and even start taking effect quickly after you exhale.

The strain hasn’t been around long enough for us to have a lot of info about its “high”.  But, people describe it as uplifting, saying that it feels super euphoric pretty much right off the bat.  It’s not a stimulating type of euphoria, but a relaxing one – in that you’ll feel really at peace with the world around you, forgetting about whatever worries were plaguing you earlier on.

The high seems to be great for relaxing the body as well, with a feeling of intense comfort making its way through every muscle, without causing any major sedation.  Overall, it seems to be a good choice for indulging in after a long workday, or when you just need to sit back and watch your stress and tension melt away.

Try Strawberry Sprinkles For Yourself!

Strawberry Sprinkles is one of those strains that you probably didn’t know existed.  But, given its flavor, its high THC level, and its 50/50 hybrid profile, we’re pretty sure that it’s about to take off.  Good news is, although it’s rare, you can find it and see for yourself what kinds of awesome effects it can deliver.

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