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Pandemic, Strains, Strain Review
August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Pandemic Strain Review

Pandemic, aka Pandemia Kush, is a hybrid strain that’s extremely rare.  In fact, if this is your first time hearing about it, you’re not alone.  But, it’s also a strain that we can’t talk highly enough about, which is why we worked it into our selection.  Now, since Pandemic is widely unknown cultivar, let’s share everything there is to know about it.  After all, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna want to put this intense strain into your rotation.

Pandemic Fast Facts

With this strain being so rare, it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of info we just don’t know about it.  What we do know is that it’s a 60% sativa, 40% indica hybrid, and that it comes from crossing Mango Kush with an unknown sativa-dominant hybrid.  We know that it has an average THC level, and the amount of CBD is unknown.

Bud Description

We actually can’t find any info on what this strain looks like in terms of its bud structure, etc.

Can You Grow Pandemic?

You can find seeds for Pandemic (again, also known as Pandemia Kush) online.  It grows well both indoors and out, although outdoors will give you a better yield.  It has a flowering time of about 9 weeks, usually good for harvesting in early October.  Its growing difficulty is said to be at a medium level.

What Does Pandemic Strain Taste and Smell Like?

Unfortunately, we aren’t really sure what the flavor and aroma profiles of Pandemic are – that info just hasn’t been disclosed.  We’ll speculate that there’s definitely a mango component, however, based on Mango Kush being one of its parents.

Why Choose Pandemic as Your Next Strain?

While we don’t have a really substantial profile on Pandemic’s effects just yet – let alone its THC concentration – we’re aware that this strain brings loads of promise.  As a sativa-leaning hybrid, you can look forward to a high that’s nice and cerebral, and people say that it’s a good option for social anxiety in particular.  For the time-being, we don’t know what kinds of benefits it can offer, like pain relief, nausea relief, etc., but hopefully, that info will come out soon.

What Type of High Does Pandemic Provide?

Again, there just isn’t loads of info from people who have actually used Pandemic.  Its seeds are available for purchase, but it seems like a really new addition to the market, so those seeds just haven’t gotten around that much yet.  We have heard some things however, which line up with what we can guess based on its Kush lineage as well as its sativa to indica ratio.

People say that this is a really fast-acting strain that gets you very high very quickly – but remember that its THC level is described as average, so it’s likely that it won’t get you totally obliterated.  In fact, people describe the high as very introspective, capable of bring about deep thought along with a euphoric effect to keep your mood nice and lifted from beginning to end.

This is likely a good strain to enjoy socially, since it can encourage great conversations, and a lack of self-consciousness that can make people feel guarded.  The high is described as energizing and focus-enhancing.  You will be able then to enjoy time with your friends without ending up sedated.

Pandemic – This One Will Be Spreading Some Awesomeness to Hemp Enthusiasts Everywhere!

Again, while we wish there was lots more info out there about it, Pandemic, aka Pandemia Kush, is likely going to be a crowd-pleaser in the future.  Its lineage sounds promising, and what we’ve heard about its effects so far show us that it definitely serves a really distinctive purpose in one’s cannabis lifestyle.  Uplifting, enlivening, and super social, it’s a strain that you can easily work into your weekly rotation.

Wild Orchard Co. THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic” consists of fresh, full spectrum hemp flower, infused with THCA distillate which becomes delta 9 THC when smoked.  The live resin offers a super powerful terpene concentration so you can enjoy flavor and potency like never before, for satisfaction on a whole new level.

Our indoor grown THCa pre-rolls are packed in two convenient options for you:

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