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forbidden fruit, Strains, Strain Review
August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Review

Currently, one of the most in-demand strains is Forbidden Fruit.  It’s a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that many people wait to savor at nighttime.  Its flavor needs to be unearthed, as it just has a certain refined nature to it, mixed with prestige, that makes it totally marvelous.  Now, if you’re new to Forbidden Fruit, we just gotta share everything that there is to know about it.  That way, you can get a good feel for what it can offer, i.e., effects, flavor, and potential benefits.

Time to Unlock Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit, Strains, Strain Review

Forbidden Fruit is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid, and it’s known for feeling particularly indica-heavy.  It offers around 25% THC (you’ll find 23-26%), which really packs a punch of power in terms of its “high”.  It comes from crossing Cherry Pie and Tangie, two of the most flavorful fruity strains of all-time.  This explains Forbidden Fruit’s unbelievable taste that alone makes trying it worthwhile.  Its CBD levels are unknown, but likely below 1%.

Forbidden Fruit’s Buds

Forbidden Fruit, Strains, Strain Review

These nugs are a feast for the eyes.  They’re super dense and pebble-like in their shape, with adorable, rounded edges.  The dark forest green hue is rich and uniform, and you’ll notice long orange hairs sparsely throughout.  A really gorgeous layer of sparkling pastel green trichome crystals act as the perfect finishing touch.

What’s the Growing Process Like?

It’s pretty easy to grow Forbidden Fruit both indoors and out (preferably outdoors because of the really strong aroma).  The plant is generally happy throughout the process, being non-fussy.  It does need a lot of air circulation, and a good amount of space since these plants can get quite large.  Forbidden Fruit likes a moderate climate and doesn’t need a lot of humidity.  The strain does need a really nutrient-rich soil.  Its yield is pretty big, and even takes about 10 weeks to flower.

What Does Forbidden Fruit Taste and Smell Like?

Forbidden Fruit is known for its really powerful flavor and aroma.  Flavor-wise, get a blast of citrus, cherries, and fresh berries, with a good amount of sweetness to really add to the indulgent nature of the taste.  Notes of pine are tucked underneath, adding an intriguing element of nuance to every cloud.  As for the aroma, the pine is a bit stronger.  Also, there is a clear earthiness to the base of the profile.

Why is Forbidden Fruit Such a Crowd-Pleasing Cultivar?

People absolutely adore Forbidden Fruit for all kinds of reasons, and we always like to point out that it doesn’t just have to be about recreational value – in other words, the high.

This strain is really renowned for its ability to ease aches and pains in the body, making it a fantastic choice if you feel tense or generally in pain.  Its analgesic value is high thanks to its prominent terpenes.

Besides that, this is a good strain for sleep.  Many people prefer to save Forbidden Fruit for bedtime.  Why?  Because it can lull them into a state of pure bliss in the mind & body.  In turn, this allows for intense relaxation.  That being said, Forbidden Fruit can also be a good option for stress and anxiety.

Another thing that people swear by is the strain’s ability to help with migraines, so if that’s something that you struggle with, you may have found your new favorite daily toke.

What Type of High Can You Expect from Forbidden Fruit?

This is a really heavy-hitting, fast-acting strain, and that’s why we recommend that you time it wisely.  Because of its strong indica effects, you could find yourself glued to whatever spot you took your last exhale.  Given all of that, we do recommend considering your dosing a bit more wisely than usual.  After all, Forbidden Fruit’s couchlock potential is high.

Forbidden Fruit begins with a generally lifted feeling in the mind, becoming more and more euphoric with each passing minute.  It also sweeps away any lingering worries you may have, or negative thoughts, to bring you into a state of absolute ease with yourself and the world.  There is a buzzing feeling in the cerebral cortex that tells you that everything is going to be okay, and this feels particularly pleasurable.

At the same time, Forbidden Fruit offers a really powerful body high, so prepare for couchlock.  It creeps up on you, beginning with a feeling of tension being released in the muscles, until you’re helplessly melting into your bed or couch.  The body high is known for feeling exceptionally awesome if you’ve been dealing with aches and pains.  Not to mention, it’s strong enough to knock you into a sleepy state.  If choosing to take this strain close to bedtime, you will probably pass out easily.

Taste the Forbidden Fruit, and Treat Yourself to Hours of Dreamy Bliss

It is easy to see why Forbidden Fruit is such a go-to, particularly among those looking for heavy indica effects and lots of euphoric satisfaction.  This pungent, potent strain has earned a stellar reputation over the years as the ultimate “lights out” cultivar.  Still, Forbidden Fruit is a heck of a lot more than that.  Essentially, it’s rich in benefits that all of us could use more of for sure.

Give Wild Orchard Co. HHC-R Vapes in Forbidden Fruit a try if you’re seeking out a good evening/nighttime hybrid:

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  • Knockout “Forbidden Fruit” HHC-R Live Resin Vape 2 Gram: Allow each exhale of the carefully curated Indica strain to melt away non-chill vibes as you hit this 2-gram device.
  • Knockout “Forbidden Fruit” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart: Allow each exhale of the carefully curated Indica strain to melt away non-chill vibes.  With a fruity, full-bodied flavor profile and no cutting agents like VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, or MCT, Knockout’s Forbidden Fruit is the ultimate vaping experience.  Within each cart is ALL killer, NO filler.