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Jack Herer Vape delta 8 delta 9 knockout 1 gram
June 7, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Jack Herer Strain Review

Some strains have maintained legend status for years, to the point that they’re practically household names.  One of those strains is Jack Herer, which is nothing short of an icon in the cannabis world.  Regarded as a top-shelf hybrid, Jack Herer is a strain that we can assure you is completely deserving of the hype.  Now, if this is one that you still haven’t tried for yourself, maybe you’ll consider checking it out after reading our review.

Getting Down to Basics on Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s 80% sativa / 20% indica.  When we get to that high of a sativa to indica ratio, some people categorize the strain as a sativa rather than a hybrid.  Jack Herer a cross between Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk.  It yields anywhere from 15%-24% THC (Moderate (indica phenotype); low to moderate (sativa phenotype)), which is quite a wide range, but keep in mind that this strain has been out for a while, and over time, it’s become more common to find Jack Herer buds on the higher side of the THC spectrum.  This strain also goes by the name “Platinum Jack”.

The Appearance of the Buds 

Jack Herer’s buds are actually pretty easy to spot, both because of the strain’s popularity, and the fact that they just have a distinctive appearance that’s recognizable to virtually any real connoisseur.  These nugs are large, with a pepper shape and dense structure.  The buds have a vibrant neon green hue, and there are gorgeous gold tones that instantly catch the eye.  Thick, bright orange hairs add to the aesthetic, along with a dusting of gold-colored trichome crystals.

Growing Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a moderate-hard strain to grow.  It grows well in indoor hydroponic gardens where the feeding and climate can be controlled.  As far as the time it takes to flower, that can range from 8-10 weeks – ready for harvesting in late September or early October.  Tip: Jack Herer is vulnerable to overfeeding, so it’s recommended initially to feed lightly.

What the Flavor and Aroma Have in Store 

Jack Herer has that “old-school sativa” taste and aroma, and if you’ve been an enthusiast for long enough, you know exactly what we’re talking about.  Right off the bat, you’ll get a strong rush of lemon, with plenty of sourness, but also more sweetness than you might expect given its lineage.  There’ also a very prominent note of pine, with woody undertones, that especially comes through on the exhale.  The aroma is the same but with the addition of spicy herbs and fresh flowers, and people often compare the smell to Pine-Sol, which is one way that you might be able to recognize these buds right away.

Why People Love This Cultivar

This strain is a jack of all trades – no pun intended – in that it can accomplish a whole lot that people would call beneficial.  It’s no surprise that it’s so popular given just how many daily complaints it can address.  People love this one for chronic stress, social anxiety, and poor concentration.  It’s great for boosting focus and creativity, as well as talkativeness, all while keeping the mind clear and present.  

People also turn to this strain for certain health issues, on the medical weed market.  It’s great for those with fatigue, since it can offer a nice boost, and people often turn to this one for depression as well as migraines.  

Type of High You Will Get with Jack Herer 

Jack Herer’s high is one of the most in-demand highs on the planet.  Remember that its heavy sativa effects are more likely to satisfy you in the daytime.  The effects are also heavy-hitting and fast-acting, so it won’t take long at all until you’re totally swept up in its blissful, energizing aura.

Simply put, this is one of the most euphoric strains, as it takes only minutes before your mood is totally lifted above the clouds, feeling like nothing can bring you down.  All the meanwhile, your mental state will remain clear and focused – more focused than usual, actually, which means you may be inspired to go for a nature walk, tackle a home project, or start journaling.  If you’re enjoying this strain with friends, then you’ll find yourself super chatty, and maybe giggly, while exploring new ideas.

This is not a strain that’s going to lull you into a ‘couchlocked’ state.  From beginning to end, you will feel awake and refreshed.  But there is a body high that’s worth noting, as the warm and tingly sensation that takes over the muscles is intensely pleasurable without making you feel drowsy.

Jack Herer isn’t really associated with any major side effects.  Anxiety and paranoia are not common with this one, but of course, some people are sensitive with all strains in those regards.  It can boost your appetite, so prepare for some serious munchies.  Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing.

Jack Herer: An All-Time Legend 

Jack Herer is a must-try for any sativa lover, end of story.  After all, its massive appeal on the cannabis circuit has lasted for years, for a reason.  We are pretty sure that just about anyone will want to enjoy its euphoric, creativity-enhancing effects on a regular basis.  Basically, this is a strain to add to the very top of your list.