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Glazed Doughnut Knockout Vape delta 8 delta 9 knockout 1 gram Strain Review
June 7, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Glazed Doughnut Strain Review

Serious cannabis connoisseurs love nothing more than finally coming across a super rare and exclusive strain that delivers a big payoff in terms of its flavor and its high.  One of the best examples that we can think of is Glazed Doughnut, with its absolutely to-die-for flavor, and phenomenal ability to help users chill out.  If you’ve never heard of Glazed Doughnut before, we don’t blame you – but, that’s about to change, as we’ve reviewed the strain extensively.  

Getting Down to Basics on Glazed Doughnut 

Believe it or not, there is actually a lot that we don’t know about Glazed Doughnut, sometimes referred to as “Glazed Donut”, because again, this strain is really rare.  There’s even some disparity about its lineage, with some claiming that it’s a cross between Purple Punch and Grape Slushie, and others saying that it comes from Jet Fuel Gelato and an unknown male parent.  We know that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid, but the specific ratio is unknown, and it does yield somewhere between 20%-30% THC – probably on the higher end of the spectrum according to those who have partaken.  

What the Buds Look Like

Glazed Doughnut’s buds are super appetizing in appearance.  They’re fluffy and oval-shaped, with a larger-than-average size.  They have a dark mint-green hue that is muted by a nice shaking of white trichome crystals, making it look like the buds have been dipped in a sugary glaze – appropriate for the name.  Thick, neon orange hairs sparsely coat the buds.  Overall, these tasty nusmoke have some major visual appeal, which isn’t essential to a quality smoke, but does make them all the more enticing.

Growing Glazed Doughnut

All we know is it can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but should be grown in steady and not over humid conditions.

How Glazed Doughnut Tastes and Smells 

You’re probably excited about this strain based on the name alone, and what that means for its flavor.  It does really live up to its name, to a surprising extent, and it’s every bit as mouthwatering as it sounds.  You will get a nutty, creamy, and dough-like taste that has all of the sweetness you’re looking for, with notes of vanilla, fresh citrus zest, and clove rounding things out.  The aroma is very similar, with stronger notes of spices, and more of an herbaceous undertone.

Why People Love This Cultivar

Again, Glazed Doughnut is a strain that we don’t know as much about as we’d like.  Because it’s not really widely available, it’s a rarity at dispensaries, and this means that it’s not yet strongly associated with certain medical issues in the medical marijuana circuit.  However, people who enjoy this strain say that it helps them with low mood, stress, inflammation, and muscle tightness.  Caryophyllene is its dominant terpene, so that’s not too surprising.  People also say that it helps them with sleep, so it might be a strain to consider if you’re looking into working something new into your bedtime ritual.

Type of High You Will Get with Glazed Doughnuts 

Let’s get to the good part – what does the ‘high’ feel like?  Overall, it’s very strong, so prepare for that, especially if you’re a THC newb.  It doesn’t take long at all to get a massive burst of euphoric energy, that makes you feel untouchable.  At the same time, any worries that may have accumulated in your mind start to fade away, and you enter a state of emotional tranquility.  

This strain does deliver a strong body high, and people who are particularly sensitive can definitely experience couchlock.  After all, this strain is associated with sleep, so for many, that’s actually the goal.  The limbs may start to feel heavy, like they’re covered in a warm blanket.  

This is a big strain for physical discomfort – mostly tension and aching in the muscles and joints.  We said before that there are anti-inflammatory properties that come with this strain, and so as the high peaks, you’ll almost definitely notice a feeling of relief from head to toe.  At the same time, your mind may slowly lose its ability to hold onto thoughts for very long, as there’s a hazy effect that kicks in as the strain continues to make its way through the system.  

This strain may cause some anxiety or paranoia if you go too heavy-handed, so keep that in mind.  Again, the THC levels are quite high, and that paired with the prominent terpenes means that these side effects can be a bit more common than with other strains.  And, you might experience grogginess, so get comfy.

Mmm Glazed Doughnut… A Rare and Dreamy Hybrid That’s Packed with Tasty Goodness!

Glazed Doughnut is one of those strains that will make you feel very lucky if you manage to get your hands on it.  With this cultivar, the hype is real, and even the flavor alone will blow away the most experienced tokers.  Basically, if you’re a hybrid strain fanatic who’s ready for a super-balanced and very potent ‘high’, you won’t be let down in the slightest.