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August 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Gummies Review

Did you know that Lion’s Mane is one of the most sought-after mushroom varieties in the world?  Now you do.  Thanks to its absolutely staggering list of benefits, more natural health experts are recommending that people make this shroom part of their daily routines.  Lion’s Mane can be enjoyed in all kinds of ways.  Easily, our favorite is when it’s in the form of tasty n’ fruity gummies.   Specifically,  Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Gummies from Wild Orchard Co.  They tiny morsels contain a generous serving of Lion’s Mane extract.  This in turn, provides that daily dose in a way that’s quite satisfying.

Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Gummies: King of the Edibles Jungle

Lion’s Mane, Shrooms, Mushrooms

Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Gummies are the only gummies in our collection that don’t contain any delta 9 THC, and no other intoxicating agents.  They focus on providing the user with a highly effective dose of Lion’s Mane – 250mg to be exact – and are flavored to mask the earthy taste of the mushroom.  Purchase them in either a 10-ct bag or a 30-ct jar.

Note: The mushroom extract is advertised as full spectrum, so you will enjoy the full array of beneficial chemical compounds associated with this species of mushroom.

First Impression

After taking one look at the packaging, it’s easy to fall in love with the product.  The graphics and text are super trippy, with psychedelic swirls of color that totally draw you in.  And, we’re all about the brand’s whimsical mushroom-inspired logo.  At the same time, the label gives you all the info you need about things like ingredients, dosing, and overall directions for use, which obviously come in handy.

The gummies themselves look incredibly appetizing, as though you can tell they’re bursting with juicy flavor.  So overall, we’re pretty sure you’ll be really satisfied with the product before you even take your first dose.

Active Ingredients Found in These Gummies

The gummies contain one active ingredient, which is Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, and that’s a departure from their other gummies which contain a balanced blend of different mushrooms.  Again, you’re getting 250mg per piece, which is quite a generous amount, and can give you plenty of benefits.  Among those benefits are neuron growth/repair, immunity-boosting properties, and cognitive-enhancing effects.

How It’s Formulated

Good news hemp lovers, these gummies are really clean in terms of their formula.  In other words, they’re not made with all kinds of chemical sweeteners, preservatives, etc..  They use real cane sugar to provide that sugary sweet taste, which is a huge plus in our book, along with natural flavoring, and citric acid as the preservative.  Another big bonus is that they’re vegan, since they use fruit pectin instead of animal-derived gelatin to take on gummy form.

What’s the Flavor Like?

These gummies boast a particularly dreamy flavor profile that comes from natural ingredients – blood orange and raspberry, which is absolutely to die for.  We mean it – you’ll want to taste that flavor over and over again, especially since the flavor is really natural-tasting, and has a sweet, bright, and tangy profile that instantly gets the taste buds excited.  Not overly sweet, they hit the spot and effectively mask the taste of mushrooms.

What to Expect After Taking Them

One thing we do want to remind everyone of is the fact that these gummies are not intoxicating in any way.  And, usually when we do a review, it’s for a psychoactive product that produces a high – that’s not the case with these, although again, Lion’s Mane does have some effects on one’s mind that are worth noting.

Now, don’t expect to feel the gummies “kick in,” since again, the effects are a lot more subtle than, say, delta 9 gummies.  Instead, what you will likely notice is a feeling of better mental clarity, focus, and energy.  That’s what we’ve heard countless times from people who take Lion’s Mane, and that’s the experience we had too.  It’s a really good gummy to take early on in the day for that reason, since we’re pretty confident it could help a person feel more productive, while avoiding feeling lethargic or foggy as they’re trying to get through the day ahead.  And, on top of that, we’re happy to say that there isn’t any kind of crash that arrives hours later.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies are Roaring with Awesomeness!

Wild Orchard Co. is one of the most trusted names when it comes to mushroom products, and these nonintoxicating Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Mushroom Gummies really takes things to another level.  On top of that, they promise an absolutely divine flavor, and offer up a vegan, clean formula that you can feel good about.  Give them a try today, and simply treat yourself to an all-natural way to boost energy, focus, immunity, and more!