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August 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Which Key Ingredients Should You Look for When Buying Mushroom Gummies?

At Wild Orchard Co., we’ve been launching mushroom gummies which contain any number of unique, beneficial mushroom species.  We’re super proud of the formulations that we carry, as they’re made with clean ingredients, and ideal servings of mushroom extracts to maximize the benefits that these products can offer to our customers.  With that being said, however, we know that not all mushrooms are created equally.  Let’s talk about ingredients today.  You see, there are all kinds of “good” and “bad” ingredients infused into different mushroom gummy formulations.

Why Do the Ingredients Matter So Much?

Since the mushroom gummy market is unregulated, companies can basically put whatever they want into a formula and sell it to consumers.  While we want to believe that most brands out there are honest, and put customers’ needs first, the truth is that there will always be sketchy brands that put unwanted additives into their gummies.

What to Look for in a Mushroom Gummy Formula

Now, let’s go over the ingredients that do and don’t belong in a mushroom gummy formula.

Mushroom Extract

Of course, you want there to be a mushroom extract in the gummies – the mushroom(s) advertised on the product’s label.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be the first ingredient on the list.  Many gummies are potent in small amounts, so making them the #1 ingredient would be overkill.  Occasionally, the mushroom component may be separate on the label from the rest of the ingredients.

Natural Flavoring

Ideally, you want to consume mushroom gummies that are flavored naturally rather than artificially.  Artificial flavoring isn’t always bad, but the thing is that any ingredient can be used to make artificial flavoring, and some are better for you than others.  Besides that, few will argue that natural flavors just taste better.  You may see this listed as “natural flavoring”, or you may see a breakdown of the individual flavoring ingredients.

Natural Preservatives

Natural preservatives are always ideal, as many synthetic preservatives contain known toxic compounds.  Citric acid is a common one for gummies, since it adds to the fruity taste, being derived from citrus.  If you’re not sure if a preservative is natural or not, look it up.

Other Active Ingredients

Sometimes, you may find other active ingredients in mushroom gummies – like, say, an herb, or a cannabinoid from the hemp plant.  It’s totally cool to take other active ingredients with your mushroom extracts, but of course, if there are other actives, they should be advertised as such on the product’s label or online description for the sake of transparency.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid?

Then, there are ingredients that should be totally avoided.  Let’s take a look at those ingredients.  Why?  Because that’s just as popular as knowing which ingredients should be included in a mushroom gummy formula.

Synthetic Additives and Fillers

Overall, avoiding synthetic additives and fillers is key.  There shouldn’t be a never-ending list of ingredients in any gummy.  Usually, that’s a sign that a lot of fillers are put in there that really don’t belong, existing just to “fill out” (dilute) the formula.  Worse, some fillers contain toxic compounds that we just don’t want to be consuming regularly.  The less ingredients, and the more natural, the better.

Improper Use of Sweetener

Pay attention to the type of sweetener that’s used, and how much of it is used.  Sweeteners come in all varieties, and some are better for our health than others.  High-fructose corn syrup, for instance, is linked to diabetes and other health problems, while more natural sweeteners like cane sugar, agave, and coconut sugar are lower on the glycemic index, and generally better for our overall health.

Ingredients You’re Sensitive to

Avoid ingredients that your body is sensitive, intolerant, or allergic to.  You never know what might pop up in a mushroom gummy.  And, if you have ingredients that your body personally struggles with, it’s all the more important that you really go over that list of ingredients carefully.

Gelatin (If You’re Vegan)

There are still a good majority of gummies that’re made with gelatin – a derivative of animal collagen.  Gelatin provides that gel-like gummy texture that makes gummies, well, gummies.  It’s super useful, and it’s not harmful to our health, but because it is an animal derivative, it’s not vegan-friendly.  Luckily, there is an alternative known as pectin – derived from certain fruits, and even provides the same exact gummy texture.

The good news is, however, an influx of companies are utilzing fruit pectin instead of gelatin in order to ensure that their gummies are vegan.  Still, you always want to check beforehand, and also keep in mind that some brands actually use both pectin and gelatin in their formulas.

Find High-Quality Mushroom Gummies with Clean Ingredients at Wild Orchard Co!

At Wild Orchard Co., we only carry mushroom gummies that contain clean formulas free of harmful ingredients and known allergens.  We also offer vegan gummies, since we know that a lot of our customers avoid animal products completely.  You can look through our lists of ingredients to see for yourself what we put into our formulas, as we’re proud to share with you what makes our gummies so uniquely special.

Since we use as many natural ingredients as possible, you can feel better about taking our gummies daily to build up a solid, beneficial routine.  Explore our mushroom gummy selection today!