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March 16, 2023 By SEO

What’s the Difference Between HHC and HHC-R?

HHC has become the latest rare cannabinoid to watch, with HHC edibles, HHC vapes, and other HHC products popping up in smoke shops across the country. HHC-R, a more powerful version of the rare cannabinoid, is the next big development — read on to find out more about it. 


What is HHC?

HHC is an abbreviation for hexahydrocannabinol. It’s a minor cannabinoid that occurs naturally in very small amounts in the cannabis plant. Manufacturers can make it in a lab by hydrogenating cannabis extracts, such as D8, D9, or CBD. HHC is incredibly stable, so it doesn’t degrade as fast as other cannabinoids when exposed to heat or light. For this reason, HHC products also have a very long shelf life.


Unlike many other rare minor cannabinoids, HHC is not technically a THC product. Though the legality of all novel cannabinoids is a bit of a grey area, HHC is still federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and remains legal in all 50 states as of early 2023. 


What is HHC-R?

There are two stereoisomers of HHC — 9S HHC and 9R HHC. 9S HHC is often referred to as “inactive” because it can’t bond well to your cannabinoid receptors, which means it purportedly won’t get you high. 9R HHC is the “active” version, meaning it will bond to your cannabinoid receptors and is purported to produce a high.


Simply put, HHC-R is the “active” form of HHC. HHC-R can easily bond with cannabinoid receptors and may have psychoactive effects, so it’s the version most look for in their vapes and edibles. It’s important to determine if your HHC is primarily composed of 9S or HHC-R because 9S’ non-activity renders it functionally a filler ingredient unlikely to create notable effects. Additionally, when HHC is free of 9S, consumers have colloquially reported not developing a tolerance to HHC-R, enabling consistency in dosing, product expectations and satisfaction.


What Does the “R” in HHC-R Mean?

The “R” in HHC-R stands for racemic component, which gives HHC its purported effects.


That “R” is also one of the reasons people can’t agree on how strong HHC is. Some reports say that HHC is more potent than Delta 8, but others say it’s less potent. The difference between (S)-HHC and (R)-HHC is one of the big reasons why it’s so hard to get a good measure of how potent HHC is — some brands have a higher (R)-HHC content than others. 


Are HHC and HHC-R the Same Thing?

HHC is made up of both (S)-HHC and (R)-HHC, so technically, HHC-R is a component of HHC. However, most HHC you can buy is only about 50% (R)-HHC at best. The low (R)-HHC content means that many HHC products are less potent than advertised, leading to underwhelming experiences and disappointed customers. 


It is challenging to create a product that’s mostly HHC-R, but it can be done! Power Distribution has recently introduced knockout blends, which offer the strongest HHC on the market. We formulate our HHC to contain 95% HHC-R, which is miles above the competition. Our products deliver exactly what we promise: the most potent HHC on the market with incredible flavors and no fillers, ever. 


Where Can I Buy HHC Online?

Many online smokeshops offer HHC, but most contain low levels of (R)-HHC and are less potent than advertised. 


Check the lab results and certificate of analysis (COA) for any cannabis product, especially HHC. The levels of (R)-HHC and (S)-HHC should be listed, and if you’re looking for potency, you’re going to want to choose a product with higher levels of (R)-HHC. It’s always important to check the COA before buying any cannabis product, especially when you’re buying in bulk. When shopping for HHC, you’ll need to look at the COA to verify both safety and potency since the ratio of (R)-HHC to (S)-HHC can vary so much in other companies products. 


If you want to be sure you’re buying the best HHC on the market, shop with Power Distribution. We stock only the highest-quality products for our wholesale customers and have transparent COAs available for every single one of our products. Power Distribution supplies the best HHC-R live resin products on the market, including Wild Orchard Hemp’s HHC-R Knockout line.


Where to Buy HHC-R Online? 

There’s only one place to buy wholesale HHC-R online: Power Distribution. We stock the highest-quality and highest-potency HHC carts and vapes on the market thanks to our proprietary knockout blend, which mixes high-racemic HHC-R with CBD live resin and natural terpenes for an incredible experience. 


Contact us today to put together an order of ultra-high-potency HHC-R products and be one of the first to stock this exciting new cannabinoid. 


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