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A sheep with a Lion's Mane is sitting on top of a table in a kitchen.
August 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

What is Lion’s Mane?

Mushrooms are having a major moment right now, and we mean both psychoactive and nonintoxicating varieties.  For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used therapeutically throughout the world, and many of their benefits have been studied at length in clinical settings And, we’re gonna focus on one of the most respected mushroom species out there: Lion’s Mane.  This has been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, and has made its way into gummy form for the most user-friendly method of taking it yet.

The Roaring Basics on Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is a culinary and medicinal mushroom that’s long been associated with Asian cultures.  Both in their cuisine and in their traditional forms of medicine.  Flavor-wise, they’re renowned for their similarity to shellfish, offering an umami flavor that makes for a great replacement for shrimp, lobster, and crab.  Their deeply savory taste also goes great in sauces and other kinds of dishes.

Lion’s Mane shrooms have a distinctively shaggy appearance, with a round white cap and dangling threads.  Hence, the nickname “pom-pom mushrooms”.  Their main application is therapeutic, although they’re fairly easy to find for culinary purposes as well.

Is Lion’s Mane Intoxicating?

Lion’s Mane is not an intoxicating mushroom, so you won’t be high from taking it in any regard.  Despite its mood effects which are often described as very positive, there is no actual psychoactive compound in these mushrooms that causes a mind-altering state.  Keep in mind, however, that you may come across mushroom gummies that combine Lion’s Mane with a psychoactive substance like amanita mushrooms, or THC derived from the hemp plant.

What are the Benefits of Lion’s Mane?

Now, we get to the most important part: potential health benefits that come from taking this mushroom.  Let’s go over the key ones now, so you can understand why taking these gummies can be so beneficial.

Cognitive Benefits

Lion’s Mane may offer powerful cognitive benefits to improve focus, motivation, mental stamina, and memory – making it a great choice for anyone who struggles with brain fog or fatigue.  The mushrooms are being studied for their implications related to dementia, as they may stimulate neuron growth and generally keep cognition healthy while we age.  An impressive study found that Alzheimer’s patients who were administered Lion’s Mane daily experienced improved cognition compared to the placebo group.

Anxiety and Depression Relief

A study found that Lion’s Mane was able to effectively reduce anxiety and depression in mice.  This data is something that has been substantiated by a lot of people who take the mushroom on a daily basis.  It’s believed that Lion’s Mane improves function of the hippocampus – the region of the brain that deals with emotional processing – and can therefore have applications related to trauma.

Improvement in Gut Health

Lion’s Mane seems to offer impressive effects on gut health, including the potential ability to help ulcers heal, and prevent them from developing in the first place.  The mushroom is also shown to have profound anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms associated with conditions like inflammatory bowel diseases.

Reduction in Heart Disease Risk

Lion’s Mane is often touted for being a natural means for preventing heart disease thanks to its unique properties.  It can lower cholesterol, a major contributing factor in poor cardiovascular health.  Plus, reduce oxidization of cholesterol, which can lower the risk of both heart attack and stroke.

Immune-Boosting Properties

Lots of studies have pointed to surprising immune benefits associated with Lion’s Mane.  Particularly, related to pathogens that enter into the gut.  This area of research is being explored as we speak, and the findings are promising.

Decrease in Blood Sugar

Finally, Lion’s Mane might be able to improve symptoms in those with diabetes.  This is done by reducing blood sugar levels.  A number of studies have shown that the mushroom has shown improvement in patients with diabetes.

Does Lion’s Mane Have Side Effects?

Surprisingly, there are no known side effects associated with taking Lion’s Mane mushrooms.  They’ve been tested on rodents and shown to produce no adverse effects.  And so far, we haven’t heard any consistent anecdotal information about harm.

Is Lion’s Mane Legal?

Lion’s Mane is completely legal, as it’s nonintoxicating.  Meaning, it’s legal both federally and on a state level.  You can purchase Lion’s Mane in-person or online without any risks of getting into trouble with the law.  However due to its rarity, it’s a protected species in some countries and U.S. states.

What is the Best Way to Take Lion’s Mane?

If you wanna introduce Lion’s Mane into your routine, the best way to do so is through gummies – unless you plan on using them for culinary purposes in addition to therapeutic ones.  Lion’s Mane gummies allow you to take a consistent dose on a daily basis, like you would a daily supplement.  They contain an extract of the mushroom that’s highly bioavailable.  This way, you can choose your ideal daily dosage.  Plus, take them easily without having to prepare them ahead of time.

Wild Shroomz Lions Mane Gummies: The Perfect Way to Boost Your Memory and Focus!

Feeling sluggish, unmotivated, or foggy lately?  Try our delicious gummies.  These gummies are made with pure lion’s mane mushroom extract.  The result: a major brain boost!  Through a meticulous hot-water extraction process, we’ve been able to concentrate the powerful beta-glucans, hericenones, and nutrients found within this ultra-sought-after species, bringing you nothing but the best.

Wild Shroomz Lion’s Mane Gummies provide a delectably easy way to enjoy your daily dose of natural, adaptogenic, and non-psychoactive shroomz, with a generous 250mg of Lion’s Mane per serving. Naturally derived Raspberry Blood Orange flavor promises a tangy, bold, citrusy blend that is certain to get the mouth instantly watering.  Of course, we’re proud to avoid unwanted additives in our formulas.  We work closely with the best farmers in the United States to maintain maximum quality control.