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A bag of Beta-Glucan wild smooch gummies on a blue background.
December 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

What is Beta-Glucan, and Why is It Found in Wild Shroomz Mushroom Gummies?

Here at Wild Orchard Co., we’re incredibly proud of our unique mushroom gummy line that offers a stellar lineup of mushroom extracts, most often paired with delta 9 THC to give each piece an intoxicating kick.  Our mushroom gummies are already favorites on our website, offering loads of potential benefits and a super user-friendly way to incorporate these fungal superstars into one’s daily routine.  And, looking at the ingredients of our gummies, you may come across something you’ve never heard of before: beta-glucan.

Wild Orchard Wild Shroomz Mushroom Gummies

First, let’s talk about our gummies, which offer a unique blend of some of the most beneficial, nonintoxicating mushrooms in the world:

  • Chaga
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Turkey Tail

Plus, some delta 9 for good measure.  The one exception is our Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which offer only this single variety of mushrooms as its active ingredient, without any delta 9 THC.

Our mushroom gummies were developed after careful research and development, and lots of formulations that were tested and tweaked until just right.  As a result of our time and effort, we offer a product that promises to be effective, especially when worked into a daily routine.  These mushrooms all have distinctive benefits attached to them that have been observed through years of research, including benefits related to mood, cognitive function, immune function, and more.

Beta-Glucan: What’s the Deal?

Now, let’s move onto beta-glucan, which you’ll find in all of our mushroom gummies.  Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber that is naturally present in many species of mushrooms, as well as certain yeasts and plants.  Present in the cell walls of these substances, beta-glucan has been found to offer powerful potential benefits, including benefits that relate to cardiovascular and immune health, as well as positive effects related to how the body uses cholesterol.  On top of that, it’s being researched for its potential use in treating those with certain metabolic diseases, and obesity.

Because of that, this fiber is becoming quite popular to take as a supplement, in its isolated form.  Keep in mind that research on beta-glucan is still in its earliest stages, and that means that we’ve likely only scratched the surface when it comes to what this fiber can offer to our health.

Why Do We Add Beta-Glucan to Our Gummies?

Like we said, beta-glucan is present in a number of mushroom species.  We believe that because of that, adding beta-glucan to our gummies offers a synergistic effect as nature intended.  It’s clear that there are benefits to combining this fiber with the extracts of mushrooms that are naturally prone to containing it, and so we’ve added beta-glucan in order to boost the efficacy of these beneficial mushroom varieties.

A lot of individuals who consume our gummies are seeking out specific benefits, in particular ones that are related to our immune system.  With studies looking very promising on the influence that beta-glucan has over immunity, we believe that adding it to our formulas will boost the efficacy of the products to offer even more beneficial properties with each and every bite.

In fact, beta-glucan is naturally abundant in lion’s mane mushrooms, in particular.  Because of that, the beta-glucan we use is extracted from this species of mushroom, and many fans of lion’s mane believe that beta-glucan is the most important compound in its chemical composition, responsible for the large majority of its benefits.  That’s why we put 100mg beta-glucan in every serving.

Are There Any Risks?

The good news is that there are no known side effects associated with beta-glucan – especially in the milligram strengths that we use in our mushroom gummies.  To date, no major adverse events have been reported from taking them, even in isolated, supplemental form.

However, there is one thing to consider: if you are taking immune-suppressant drugs or drugs that lower blood pressure, you should speak to your doctor before trying beta-glucan in the dosage amounts that we offer in our mushroom gummies.  There is a risk of experiencing an interaction, and your doctor can give you more thorough information to be on the safe side.

Beta-Glucan: The Perfect Way to Enhance Our Mushroom Gummies

Beta-glucan is a natural compound that may play a major role in the beneficial side of therapeutic mushrooms, and thanks to advancements in technology over the years, we’ve been able to isolate and study it to understand it better, and to formulate it into products like the Wild Shroomz Mushroom Gummies.  If you want to see why this supplement is getting so much hype, enjoy it alongside mushroom varieties that have been touted for their benefits for centuries, and savor the delicious gummy taste that makes each dose all the more enjoyable.