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November 28, 2022 By Wild Orchard Co.

The Delta-8-THC, once the isomerization of the CBD

The chemical process that creates Delta-8-THC would be known as isomerization, which is the process of arranging chemicals in a different order of two similar compounds (in this case, CBD and Delta-8-THC, which are both isomers and able to be arranged in a separate order through this process.) The process is as simple as re-arranging the chemical structure of CBD to convert it into Delta-8-THC. Nothing is being added to this process. As such, Delta-8-THC is still a naturally occurring chemical that is not truly a synthetic cannabinoid.

The Delta-8-THC, once the isomerization of the CBD compound occurs, is refined into a material called Delta-8-THC distillate once the material is initially made from the CBD. This additional process purifies the compound and ensures a clean chemical process when adding the Delta-8-THC distillate into other products such as flowers, ediblesvape pens, and cartridges. The purified distillate is added to various hemp flowers, which creates the Delta-8-THC flower. Suppose one has ever encountered the naturally occurring CBD flower. In that case, the process for Delta-8-THC flower is as simple as adding the distillate to synergize with the natural hemp plant. There is no one route that manufacturers and growers take to create Delta-8 hemp flowers. As such, different methods produce an array of other possible outcomes when the final Delta 8 flower is being packaged to the customer.