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A blue cookie monster eating a cookie in the forest.
August 4, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

THCa “Cookies” Pre-Rolls Review

At Wild Orchard Co. we’re pretty obsessed with THCa flower, which provides a powerful serving of delta 9 THC once heated (lit).  THCa flower is hemp flower cultivated to yield high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which converts into delta 9, meaning that you’re basically smoking a product that’s no different from weed.  So, straight outta the oven are THCa “Cookies” Pre-Rolls, one of the best-loved strains of all-time.

The Baked Basics on THCa “Cookies” Pre-Rolls

We’ve developed one of the only legal ways to enjoy a powerful delta 9 THC high thanks to our THCa flower, which is hemp flower that’s cultivated to naturally produce high amounts of THCa, the raw precursor to delta 9 THC that’s 100% legally compliant.  It’s simple – once you heat up the pre-roll by lighting it, that THCa automatically converts into delta 9 THC, so you can enjoy a limitless THC high.

We put 0.75g of pure THCa flower into each and every pre-roll, and in this case, we’re featuring Cookies, aka Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, which is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid known for its very powerful ‘high’.  We make it available in both a 2-count tube or a 5-count jar, both of which come fully sealed to keep the contents nice and fresh.

First Impression

We go out of our way to make sure that our products’ packaging is super high in quality, not to mention aesthetically appealing.  These pre-rolls are packaged in containers that feature gorgeous gradient labels that appeal to the eye as soon as you glance at them.  The info is all there for anyone who wants to know what’s inside.  You’ll get a list of ingredients, the name of the strain, the amount of flower per pre-roll, the dosing info, and how to use the product, so that all your bases are covered, and you’re not left with any questions.

The pre-roll itself is rolled to perfection and filled with just the right amount of flower for a perfect burn.

Are There Any Other Active Ingredients?  

Our pre-rolls are made with full-spectrum THCa hemp flower, which, like we said, naturally yields a high concentration of THCa.  The high level of THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) means that you’re going to experience a really strong delta 9 high that’s just like if you were smoking weed.  THCa converts into delta 9 once it’s heated, like when it’s smoked in the form of a pre-roll.  Of course, because this is a full-spectrum product, you’re also getting loads of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial plant compounds.

How It’s Formulated

We don’t add any ingredient to our pre-rolls, since there’s no need to – THCa flower speaks for itself.  All you’ll find in our pre-roll is 100% pure hemp flower with zero additives.  The paper itself is naturally derived and unbleached/untreated, to ensure that the entire product is 100% plant-based.

What Does It Taste Like?

GSC is probably in the top 5 most popular strains of all time, and while a lot of that is because of its effects, its flavor is absolutely out of this world, and yet another huge selling point.  Its flavor does totally taste like cookies – big surprise, right? – and that means that you’ll be treated to a nutty cookie-like flavor that has top notes of juicy cherries, sweet and tart lemons, and crisp mint.

How Does the High Feel?

Like we said before, THCa flower is pretty much identical weed when you compare their chemical compositions.  So, the bottom line is that when you smoke this pre-roll, you should expect to feel like you just smoked a joint of marijuana, since the THCa levels are about the same, and the terpene profiles are the same between weed and hemp versions of the same strain.

Now, let’s talk about Cookies, and the kinds of effects it can offer.  This is a really, really heavy-hitting strain, so know that you’re most likely gonna get really high.  And, on top of that, this indica-leaning hybrid promotes some of the most exquisite euphoria you’ll ever feel in your life, along with an intense feeling of tranquility and relaxation.  The body high can be very strong, which means you may end up getting a case of the couchlock – of course, that’s perfect if you’re looking to chill out on a whole new level, or fall asleep.

Baked to Hemp Smoking Perfection, THCa “Cookies” Pre-Rolls are Where it’s At!

Cookies is a strain that remains at the top of everyone’s list, and now, you can enjoy it in THCa pre-roll form, to treat yourself to a weed high, legally.  At Wild Orchard, we’ve gone above and beyond to deliver the highest-quality top-shelf flower, to give you the potent and dreamy effects you’re craving.  Explore our pre-rolls today, and check out all of the strains that belong to this collection.