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THCa Vape Pen

The holidays are upon us, and that means that a lot of us are getting ready for more family gatherings, festive occasions, cold winter nights, and the inevitable hustle and bustle that comes with the time of year.  Lots of our customers already enjoy our collection of THCa vapes, offering the dazzling delta 9 THC high that comes from THCa converting through vaporization in a natural manner.

Well, with the holidays having arrived at long last, many are ramping up their THCa vaping routines to make the most of both the good and sometimes-stressful aspects of the season.  Our THCa Vape Pens come in a great array of must-try strains, and we took the time to narrow down some strains that are particularly worth getting into during the busiest and most festive time of year.

What are Cannabis Strains Anyway?

To keep it short and simple, cannabis strains refer to distinct varieties of the cannabis plant, each with different characteristics and properties.  These strains are usually classified into three main categories:

  1. Indica: Originating from the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan, Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedating effects. They usually have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.  Indica plants are typically short, bushy, and have wider leaves.
  2. Sativa: Sativa strains come from equatorial regions like Thailand, Mexico, and South Africa. Sativa strains are recognized for their energizing and uplifting effects, often enhancing creativity and focus. Sativa plants are taller, thinner, and have narrower leaves compared to Indica. They usually contain higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD.
  3. Hybrid: Hybrid strains are created by crossbreeding Indica and Sativa strains. They aim to blend the characteristics of both, offering a balance between the two.  Hybrids can be either Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced.

Each strain can produce unique effects due to varying levels of cannabinoids (i.e., THC and CBD) and terpenes, which also contribute to their distinct aromas and flavors.  The development of strains is often driven by specific therapeutic or recreational purposes, leading to a vast and diverse range of options for consumers, especially here at Wild Orchard Co.

5 Must-Try Strains for the Holidays

Wild Orchard THCa Disposable Vapes offer something for everyone, from the person looking to chill out and enjoy the peaceful vibes of the holidays, to someone who’s trying to get through a family gathering unscathed.  Let’s go over our top picks.

#1: Tiger Blood

Tiger’s Blood may sound like a daunting strain to add to your arsenal, but don’t be intimidated.  This 70% indica-dominant hybrid comes from the prestigious Kush family, and it’s a rare phenotype of OG Kush, as it turns out.  Its spicy flavor profile is totally in line with the season, while its deeply euphoric and hazy high can help you check out of a particularly demanding day – retail workers take note.  Its couchlock-inducing effects will have you curled up enjoying the holiday lights as you gaze out the window with a smile on your face.  Basically, it’s the perfect strain to wind down after a long, chilly day running around with.

#2: Peaches and Cream

For something a bit different, we have Peaches and Cream, a luxurious-tasting strain that lives up to its name with notes of juicy peaches and rich, succulent cream, sweetened to perfection.  It’s a cross between some major legends like Chemdawg, Grape Kush, Silver Haze, and Maui, acting as a sativa strain that yields a moderate amount of THC, so that it’s actually quite beginner-friendly.  It can give you a major boost of focus, awareness, and creativity, so it’s great for decorating and making those gift lists, all while it can take away any of the background noise that pulls you into a negative state of mind.  If you’re feeling anxious and burnt out this holiday season, Peaches and Cream can be the perfect companion.

#3: Watermelon Splash

A very, very rare hybrid, Watermelon Splash is a mysterious strain with not a lot known about its genetics.  What we do know is that it offers a refreshing watermelon flavor – not very holiday-like, we know – that can hit the spot whenever you go in for a pull.  We also know that it leans indica, and people describe it as one of the ultimate strains to sit back and watch a movie with.  If you’ve been waiting to binge on your favorite Holiday flicks, Watermelon Splash can be the best option for you.  It gets the body nice and relaxed, while washing away the racing thoughts that get in the way of enjoying the best things about the season.

#4: Do Si Do

An absolute legend, Do Si Do (aka Do-Si-Dos) is a heavy-hitting strain with 28% THC, making it a cultivar that’s not for the faint of heart.  A mix between Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a beautiful 70% indica-dominant hybrid that has a minty flavor to match the dominant flavor note of the winter.  It also promises a fast-acting headrush that gets you feeling euphoric in no time, to cheer you up on cold and dark winter days or nights.  Before long, it leaves you in a total daze, so that you can be present in the moment without worrying about those pesky gifts you still haven’t gotten around to buying.  Overall, it’s a good evening strain for when you’re done with all of your responsibilities of the day.

#5: Cantaloupe Crush

A 70% sativa-dominant hybrid, Cantaloupe Crush is another strain with a melon-like flavor profile – this time of freshly cut cantaloupe – and despite the unseasonal taste, it’s a great choice for the months ahead.  Its high THC level of 25% is great for those who need an extra punch of psychoactive bliss, while its euphoric vibes can get your mood high above the clouds, even when those holiday blues kick in.  It’s also a great strain for curling up on the couch after a heavy holiday meal, since its warm and tingly body high feels uniquely pleasurable, and lets you get nice and cozy without being totally couchlocked.

Embrace the Holidays with Some THCa Vapes!

Overall, THCa disposables can make your holiday routines a whole lot easier, allowing for a travel-friendly and discreet way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoid anywhere.  Our THCa Disposable Vape Pens provide some of the best strains you will find anywhere.  Plus, these strains (and others) can keep you totally ‘blissed out’ all season long.  Try these amazing strains for yourself, and also let us know which ones hit the spot over the festive days ahead!