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THCa Pre-Rolls “Cookies”

There’s no denying that 2023 was the year of THCa – delta 9 THC’s raw precursor that converts into delta 9 once heated.  Because of its unique characteristics, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen THCa flower reach new heights of popularity.  THCa flower is just raw hemp flower grown to yield high amounts of this cannabinoid, and chemically speaking, it’s identical to something else we know all too well…

For those who want to make their lives a little easier, THCa pre-rolls offer a flower product you can light up out of the package, with no need to grind or roll your own.  And, at Wild Orchard THCa Pre-Rolls have really hit the spot of many connoisseurs, offering phenomenal strains to choose from, and organic, fresh flower that’s certain to give you that THC high you crave, while being completely compliant with federal law at the same time.

The pre-roll itself has undergone extensive third-party testing, in order to ensure that it complies with our super strict quality, safety, and purity standards.  As always, we loaded this pre-roll with locally grown, organic hemp, to give you the outstanding quality that our customers deserve.  Naturally full spectrum, this pre-roll treats you to the entourage effect so that you can experience a broad range of desirable properties inherent to the hemp plant, all while enjoying a powerful delta 9 THC high that’s totally legal.

Top 3 THCa Pre-Rolls To Get Your THCa ‘Smoke On’ with Here in 2024

Our indoor grown THCa pre-rolls are packed in two convenient options for you:

Now, let’s take a look at these fantastic pre-rolls to enjoy in 2024, by going over a few standout strains that are destined to be huge hits as we move through the new year.  We carefully chose the strains we thought would complement our homegrown, indoor THCa flower, and we’re certain that you’re going to love the results.

Pre-Roll #3: THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic”

First we have Pandemic, aka Pandemia Haze, a member of the Haze family, and a strain that’s extremely new to the market – if you couldn’t guess by its somewhat topical name.  This is a hybrid that packs a serious punch, and it takes no prisoners.  It’s likely a 50/50 hybrid, give or take, based on its effects, and people say that its body high is warm and tingly, offering a pleasurable sensation throughout the limbs that’s relaxing without causing couchlock.  The euphoric vibes of Pandemic can also make you feel very social and outgoing, yet relaxed and mellow at the same time – a nice combo, if you ask us.

Pre-Roll #2: THCa Pre-Rolls “Jolly Rancher”

Jolly Rancher, aka Purple Jolly Rancher, is a great choice for those who like to lean toward the indica side of things.  A 75% indica-dominant hybrid, its parents are unknown and subject of much debate, but what we do know is that this is a strain that tastes as good as it feels, with a flavor profile of sticky and sweet grape candy – yum.  As for its ‘high’, you can count on a feeling of lifted euphoria that sends you above the clouds as nothing can bring you down.  The joy is limitless and long-lasting, disrupting all negativity and worry from your mind, while the strain becomes more and more sedative-like, lulling you into a heavy body high that can make you want to take a nice, soothing nap.

Pre-Roll #1: THCa Pre-Rolls “Cookies”

Last but not least, we have a legend: Cookies, aka Girl Scout Cookies or simply “Cookies”. This is a slightly sativa-leaning hybrid that has had a major impact on the market for years, with no sign of its popularity waning any time soon.  With its cookie-like flavor, it leaves quite an impression, and its potent serving of THC really gives you a major boost that can be euphoric yet intensely relaxing, helping you forget anything that was troubling you as both the mind and the body get a nice break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Grab All 3 THCa Pre-Rolls for a Great THCa Smoking Start to Your Year!

If you wanna kick the new year off right, these amazing pre-rolls are the way to go.  Boasting potent, fresh THCa flower conveniently rolled into paper for your convenience, they come in those fantastic strains we touched upon, that each bring something unique to the table, covering all your bases no matter what it is that you’re craving.