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THCa Diamonds “Cantaloupe Crush” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

THCa was the big cannabinoid of 2023, and clearly, its popularity won’t be waning any time soon as demand remains into 2024.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) turns into delta 9 when it’s heated, which is why THCa vapes are so popular.  And, at Wild Orchard Co., we offer some pretty phenomenal THCa vapes to get you through to the end of the year that’s only just started.  So, we want to highlight the top 5 THCa Diamonds Vape Pens.  These are disposable vaping devices that contain THCa diamonds, a purified form of the cannabinoid for maximum potency, paired with live resin for powerful terpene effects and flavor.

Top 5 THCa Vapes That’re Worth Vaping for 2024

Wild Orchard Co. has developed some pretty fantastic THCa vapes that come in form of disposable vape pens, offering a generous 2 grams of e-liquid consisting of pure THCa diamonds for max potency.  Again, THCa turns into delta 9 once it’s heated through the process of vaping, which means that you can look forward to a high that’s basically identical to that of marijuana.  Meanwhile, these disposable vapes are ready to go out of the box, for on-demand cannabis satisfaction.

Our vape pens contain live resin, which is a full-spectrum hemp extract made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp flower buds, guaranteeing higher terpene counts for impressively powerful potency and flavor.  Now, let’s check out some phenomenal THCa Diamonds Vape Pens and their strains.

Disposable Vape Pen #5: THCa Diamonds “Tiger Blood” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

Let’s start off with a strain a lot of people haven’t even had the pleasure of trying yet: Tiger Blood, an indica-heavy hybrid that is gaining a lot of attention as it’s slowly making the rounds.  Tiger Blood is a popular choice on the medicinal market for its profound effects on physical tension in the body, but it’s the soothing qualities that knock out negative thoughts that keep it a mainstay in many an arsenal.  Its fruity flavor is quite exceptional as well, and it can act as the ultimate strain to reach for after you get home from work and want to mellow out.

Disposable Vape Pen #4: THCa Diamonds “Fruit Punch” Live Resin 2 Gram Vape

Another magnificent strain worth trying is Fruit Punch, which delivers a potent serving of fresh fruit flavor that can really blow you away with its boldness and complexity.  Fruit Punch is a sativa-heavy hybrid (70/30) with outstanding potency (25% THC), basically guaranteed to elate even high-tolerance partakers.  The high is actually quite lazy, maybe surprisingly given the sativa influence, but that makes for the perfect strain to curl up with when you want to play some videogames or enjoy your favorite movie.  It’s euphoric beyond words, and it can melt away any cares in the world so you can be at peace for a few hours.

Disposable Vape Pen #3: THCa Diamonds “Watermelon Splash” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

Watermelon fans, take note.  Watermelon Splash is a succulent-tasting strain with big watermelon notes that instantly wash away your stress and worry, and that’s before the high even begins to make its presence known.  This hybrid is soothing on a whole new level, melting away tightness in the muscles, while making you feel grounded and dazed in all of the right ways.  It will put racing thoughts in their place as euphoria soars higher and higher.

Disposable Vape Pen #2: THCa Diamonds “Cantaloupe Crush” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

Cantaloupe Crush is a strain most people have never heard of, since it’s quite rare on the hemp marketplace.  And, not a lot of info on it exists, because it’s pretty new to the industry.  What we do know is that its cantaloupe flavor is on point, and this luscious hybrid feels indulgent once its high settles in.  The warm and fuzzy body high is like being wrapped in a warm blanket, and the mood effects are super chill, giving you a sense of inner peace that’s otherwise hard to come by.

Disposable Vape Pen #1: THCa Diamonds “Peaches and Cream” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram 

Peaches and Cream is a runaway success in this line.  And, how could it not be?  Its flavor profile alone is absolutely worth trying, with succulent peaches and velvety cream competing for the attention of your palate.  The high is just as dreamy, as this pure sativa delivers an average THC level that’s just potent enough to get you nice and stoned, without dragging you down and making you feel useless.  It’s a high that’s almost guaranteed to put you into a giggly state, and make you feel like absolutely nothing can bring you down.  Also, despite being a true sativa, it can help you feel relaxed, yet focused, so that you can get things done without being overly stimulated.

Start Vaping These Awesome THCa Diamonds Vape Pens Today!

THCa is a huge deal, and the reason why is that it offers a nice high while being totally legal under federal law.  Our awesome selection THCa diamond vapes are destined to become your new favorites for 2024 and beyond, with strains you’ll never get enough of, and a combo of potent diamonds and live resin to deliver nothing but the most valuable disposables you can get on today’s market.  With 2 grams of vape oil per pen, you will really get your money’s worth, while savoring the high you’ve been yearning for.