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Knockout “Hippie Crasher” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram

Hard to go wrong with HHC-R, particularly if you’re searching for a more potent form of delta 9 THC.  HHC and delta 9 are sort of fraternal twins in the cannabis plant, and HHC-R is a more potent, naturally occurring form of hexahydrocannabinol made by purifying the active stereoisomer of the cannabinoid.  Now, at Wild Orchard Co., we’re proud to offer one of the only Knockout HHC-R Vape Carts on the market, which combines this beautifully potent effects of HHC-R with a milder dose of delta 9 THC, plus some live resin for good measure, offering more flavor and potency.

With 2024 having finally arrived, we’re going to check out some fantastic HHC-R vape cartridges, in order to walk you through the best of the best options for your vaping needs in the year ahead.

Best Knockout HHC-R Vape Carts You Need to Be Vaping with Here in 2024

We wanted to create the perfect cartridge not only in terms of quality but reliability, all while delivering some of the finest hemp extracts possible: HHC-R and delta 9 distillates, both offering outstanding purity levels.

Our cartridges are also made with live resin, which is a full-spectrum hemp extract made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp flower buds, guaranteeing higher terpene counts for impressively powerful potency and flavor.  Now, let’s check out 5 excellent strains so that you can get your vape on in the new year.

Vape Cartridge #5: Knockout “Jack Herer” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram

Jack Herer is one of the most sought-after strains of all time, period.  For sativa lovers, it’s basically a dream come true, and a prestigious cultivar because of its lineage and its flavor.  With an 80/20 orientation, and a 24% THC level, it’s powerfully uplifting and psychoactive, and can make you feel motivated beyond your wildest dreams.  This is not a strain for lazy afternoons, as its euphoria-tinged energy will inspire you to get creative, do something social, or simply finish some projects around the home.  Its notes of lemon, pine, and herbs make for a great flavor as well.

Vape Cartridge #4: Knockout “Mimosa” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram 

Next up is Mimosa, a classic sativa-leaning hybrid that people love first thing in the morning or early in the afternoon.  Yes, it does taste like a mimosa, thanks to a dry grape taste with lots of citrusy notes for good measure.  And, beyond that, it can give you a feeling of boosted confidence, euphoric joy, and unstoppability, helping you tackle anything that comes your way while remaining clear-minded, focused, and utterly enthusiastic about life.  Don’t sleep on this one if you like to get your vape on in the first half of the day.

Vape Cartridge #3: Knockout “Watermelon Zkittlez” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram

Watermelon Zkittlez is a beloved hybrid strain with a remarkably satisfying taste of watermelon candy, which alone gives it big appeal among connoisseurs.  Belonging to the beloved Zkittlez family, it’s on the radar of many a strain fanatic, since its lineage implies a superb quality of effects.  The high starts off with feelings of unbridled giddiness, as euphoric waves wash away any sadness or irritability in your awareness.  Over time, this makes way for a sense of exquisite relaxation that helps you feel grounded, mellow, and utterly soothed from head to toe.

Vape Cartridge #2: Knockout “Lemon Slushie” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram

Lemon Slushie is a beloved hybrid that delivers a major burst of sweet citrus flavor to put a big smile on your face, and that’s before you even start feeling the high creeping in.  This potent cultivar boasts 28-30% THC, and so it’s a strain that can knock you out if you’re going too heavy-handed.  It’s a high-flying ride from the get-go, with intense waves of euphoria crashing into your cerebral cortex and eliminating all negativity from your awareness, offering a buzzing sensation in the body that’s super cozy, and a sensation of euphoria and heightened introspective awareness.

Vape Cartridge #1: Knockout “Hippie Crasher” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1 Gram

Hippie Crasher is quickly becoming one of the top-performing indica strains of the year thanks to its phenomenal effects that have everything to do with its beloved parents.  An indica-heavy hybrid, it’s a cross between Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, two superstars in the strain world, and its flavor of sweet berry cake alone makes it deeply appealing, and a strain you’ll hear about from a lot of connoisseurs.  As for its effects, Hippie Crasher can bring you into deep couchlock, so that’s something to keep in mind if you have plans for the next few hours, but otherwise, prepare to melt into a state of gleeful yet relaxed bliss.  It’s a strain that can give you that classic stoned feeling that numbs your body and mind so you can forget about the world for a few hours.

These Awesome HHC-R Vape Carts are a Real ‘Knockout’ This Hemp Vaping Year!

Overall, HHC-R is destined to be a huge hit in 2024, and we’re excited to offer some of the purest and most potent Knockout HHC-R Vape Carts you can get today.  Best of all, they come in a series of absolutely standout strains, with live resin only enhancing their effects even further.  Check out these awesome strains today!