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HHC Vape Pens

HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol, is an extremely popular cannabinoid beloved for its similarities to delta 9 THC.  Vaping HHC has become increasingly popular over the years, as it offers a quick and convenient way to savor the high of the cannabinoid in a variety of delicious strains.  At Wild Orchard Co., we’ve taken the concept of vaping HHC to a whole new level, with our HHC Vape Pens, arriving in 1-gram and 2-gram options, and providing you with the blissful convenience of having a pocket-friendly, all-in-one vaping system that can travel with you anywhere.  Because we’re now in 2024, we want to take a look at our top 5 HHC vape pens here at Wild Orchard Co., each having what it takes to satisfy you all year long.

Which HHC Disposable Vape Pens Can Be Perfect for Your 2024 Vaping Needs

Wild Orchard HHC Vape Pens have it all.  Technologically, they’re on point, providing you with a reliable experience from the first drop of vape oil to the last.  They’re also made with pure HHC distillate, lab-tested by a third party and derived from local, organic hemp.

The HHC is blended with delta 8 and delta 9 distillates for a more rounded-out type of ‘high’, and if that wasn’t enough, we use live resin in our vapes to give a nice boost.  For those who don’t know, live resin is a type of full-spectrum hemp extract that comes from fresh, flash-frozen, instead of dry-cured hemp flower.  The result is a vape oil that’s more flavorful and more potent, due to the higher concentration of terpenes.  Now, let’s go over our favorite HHC disposable vapes at Wild Orchard.

Disposable Vape #5: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Alien Piss”

Alien Piss, with its attention-grabbing name, is one of the most sought-after strains of the moment, and for good reason.  Its flavor profile offers notes of lime, mint, and florals, almost similar to a mojito, but the aroma has a hint of ammonia, hence its name.  It’s a hybrid to reach for at the end of a demanding day, since it can help you decompress, and it offers a tingly rush of cerebral energy that is almost psychedelic, yet refreshingly grounded.  Overall, it’s an absolute must-have if you’re a strain connoisseur who loves their hybrids more than anything else.

Disposable Vape #4: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Butterfly Effect”

Next up is Butterfly Effect, a strain that’s super new to the market.  Already, people can’t stop talking about its delightful flavor profile of woods, pine, cherry, and lemongrass.  It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that promises a big burst of euphoric energy right off the bat, and it can make you feel focused and motivated to get up and start getting things done – hence its popularity as a daytime strain in particular.  It’s also great for socializing, since it can elevate your confidence and make you feel more outgoing, and that has been known to cause fits of giggles.  Basically, if you have a party to go to, this is the vape pen that you want to reach for on your way out of the house.  Because it’s such a new strain, we’re extra excited to offer it here at Wild Orchard, since it’s very hard to find elsewhere.

Disposable Vape #3: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Chunky Skunk”

Anyone who is all about those pungent aromas, needs to check out Chunky Skunk, which isn’t just strong in its smell to begin with, but is amplified by the use of live resin, which again concentrates those terpenes further.  Notes of cheese and skunkiness dominate, so know that you’re in for a truly funky flavor experience that, in our opinion, is worth trying in and of itself.  As for the effects of this indica-leaning hybrid, you’ll be treated to a relaxing form of euphoria that makes you feel utterly soothed from head to toe, as you become carefree and note a warm and cozy body high effect.  Keep in mind that this is a strain that can send you into couchlock territory.

Disposable Vape #2: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Mad Honey”

Mad Honey is another rarity that has holy grail status, and one that we’re excited to offer here at Wild Orchard in HHC vape pen form.  Its flavor is absolutely to die for, and its effects have become quite the hit with those lucky to score this strain.  Its flavor profile is that of juicy oranges dripping with sticky honey, with subtler notes of pine and mango.  It’s a surprisingly energizing strain that can send your mood over the moon, as you go about your day with a sense of grounded giddiness and profound motivation and focus.

Disposable Vape #1: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Venom Cocktail”

Venom Cocktail is a big favorite among our customers, thanks to its indica effects that truly activate a profound sense of inner bliss and balance.  It’s one of the most euphoric strains you’ll ever experience, and it’s the type of euphoria that feels grounded and relaxing, rather than stimulating.  You’ll have a buzzing sensation in the mind that makes you feel stoned and at total ease.

These Awesome HHC Vape Pens Will Rock Your Vaping World This Year!

Overall, Wild Orchard HHC Vape Pens have all of your 2024 vaping needs covered, with a phenomenal selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid options to get you through the new year whenever you need a little help from your favorite plant.  Best of all, these disposables are made with live resin, to amplify the positive vibes you can get from them, and even provide the delectable HHC high that you crave.