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Glaze Doughnut

There really is no denying that the last decade has been all about hybrid strains, which have clearly one out over true sativa and indicas.  And, if we’re observing the trends right, it looks like the more balanced they are, the better these days, as it’s clear that a lot of today’s enthusiasts want something that’s never too sedating nor too stimulating.  Now, because we’ve entered a new year, we want to take stock of the ever-growing collection of hybrids that have been popping up on the cannabis market, to determine which ones are truly the top 8 according to avid consumers.

What are Best Hybrid Strains for the Year Ahead?

Time to explore some awesome hybrid strains that have a good balance between sativa and indica effects, based on what cannabis partakers are buying up all across the country.

Hybrid Strains #8: Pandemic

First up, we have Pandemic, aka Pandemia Haze, which is a very, very rare strain that’s only just been released onto the market.  This 60% sativa-leaning strain comes from crossing Mango Kush with an unnamed sativa.  It unsurprisingly has notes of fresh mango in its flavor profile, and it’s known for its fast-acting cerebral rush that gives you euphoria and energy, before making you feel introspective and dazed out.

Product Recommendation: THCa Pre-Rolls “Pandemic”

Hybrid Strains #7: Glazed Doughnut

Another very rare strain, Glazed Doughnut is a subject of debate when it comes to its parents and its indica/sativa ratio, but we know that it does have an above-average THC level that can go all the way up to 30%.  The flavor is a huge selling point, obviously, since it really does taste like a freshly fried doughnut dripping with sweet and sticky glaze, with some notes of lemon, vanilla, and citrus zest for good measure.  The high is quite strong, providing you with an energized and giddy cerebral rush paired with a feeling of utter ease in the body that can alleviate tension.

Product Recommendation: Knockout “Glazed Doughnut” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart

Hybrid Strains #6: Watermelon Splash

Watermelon Splash is a delicious strain that has a glorious watermelon flavor that alone is hard to resist.  We aren’t entirely sure of its profile, but it is pretty close to a 50/50.  That being said, you can look forward to a high that feels very grounded, and helps you feel both focused and calm, as waves of euphoria keep you smiling throughout the day.

Product Recommendation: THCa Diamond 510 Cart “Watermelon Splash” Live Resin

Hybrid Strains #5: Cantaloupe Crush

A hybrid that leans slightly into sativa territory, Cantaloupe Crush has got you covered with a feeling of euphoric dreaminess that comes from its 25% THC content, all while its flavor satisfies by mimicking the taste of cantaloupe perfectly.  People say that this strain gives them the giggles, and a major mood boost that can last for hours.

Product Recommendation: THCa Diamonds “Cantaloupe Crush” Live Resin Vape 2 Gram

Hybrid Strains #4: Lemon Slushie

A true 50/50 hybrid, Lemon Slushie is a dream come true thanks to both its flavor and its effects profile.  The bold lemon notes always hit the spot, and the THC levels hover around 28-30%, which is impressive to say the least.  People say that the high makes them feel both calm and happy, which offers the best of both worlds, if you ask us.  It’s also a heavy “munchies” strain that can get you super relaxed as you sit back and watch your favorite TV shows.

Product Recommendation: Knockout “Lemon Slushie” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart

Hybrid Strains #3: Alien Piss

Alien Piss is another 50/50 hybrid that yields up to 28% THC, and its unconventional name is quite appropriate when you consider just how out-of-this-world its high is.  It gives you a tingling sensation between the eyes that lasts for the duration, with a buzzing feeling throughout the body that feels relaxing and even pleasurable.  It also has a lemony, earthy flavor and aroma that’s quite unique, with subtle notes of ammonia that explain the name.

Product Recommendation: HHC Disposable Vape Pen “Alien Piss” 1 Gram

Hybrid Strains #2: Baklava

This 60% indica comes from crossing Kosher Kush with Gelato 41, and despite being indica-leaning, it delivers a surprising punch of energy.  The high can be quite introspective, so don’t be surprised if your mind wanders down rabbit holes while you enjoy a hazy high.  You can also experience couchlock, while your mental activity stays ultra-stimulated.

Product Recommendation: “Baklava” Delta-8 Pen

Hybrid Strains #1: Gelato

Finally, we have the best-selling hybrid of the last year, which is Gelato – a 55% indica-leaning strain that has about 20% THC, and it comes from crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in a dreamy flavor profile of creamy gelato and fresh berries, with notes of citrus.  This is a strain that can bring you into real couchlock territory, while euphoric vibes take over the mind.

Product Recommendation: “Gelato” Delta-8 Pen

Hybrids are Where It’s at in 2024!

Hybrid strains have captivated cannabis connoisseurs from all walks of life, offering the ultimate balance between the energizing vibes of sativa strains and the chillout nature of a good indica.  And, you can grab all 8 of these strains at Wild Orchard Co., along with plenty of others, to get through the new year in absolute style.