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Dessert Collection

Delta 8 flower is a big crowd-pleaser to this day, at Wild Orchard Co. and everywhere else in the cannabis universe.  Infusing freshly cured hemp flower buds with delta 8 distillate, you get a product that gives you that full-spectrum flower experience for your smoking, vaping, or baking pleasure, all while savoring the uniquely mellowing high of delta 8 THC, a naturally occurring component of the hemp plant that happens to be totally legal.  And so, we decided to create a very special line of Delta 8 Flower known as our Dessert collection.  It takes top-shelf delta 8 flower and infuses it with flavor to deliver a mouthwatering treat that tastes as good as it feels.  And, now that 2024 is here, we want to go over the very best dessert delta 8 flower to ensure that you start the year off right.

Which Dessert Delta 8 Flower Should You Try in 2024? 

Let’s scope out the collection of Dessert Delta 8 Flower that we offer here at Wild Orchard, to help you find the flavor that’s going to give you the most satisfaction in 2024.  All of our flower comes from organic, local farms, and our products have undergone extensive third-party lab-testing to guarantee that they adhere to safety, purity, and quality standards, while being totally compliant with federal law.

Dessert Collection #4: Delta 8 Flower “Blueberry Cream Pie”

First up, we have Blueberry Cream Pie, delivering an irresistible combo of lab-tested delta 8 distillate, fresh flower buds, and top-quality flavor, to give you the flavor profile of freshly baked blueberry pie complete with a buttery pie crust, topped off with pillows of velvety whipped cream.  The delta 8 distillate allows you to be treated to a dreamy high that makes you feel nice and peaceful, yet clear-minded, so that it can suit you during the day or night.

Dessert Collection #3: Delta 8 Flower “Fruity Loop Milk”

Another exceptional offering from our collection is Fruity Loop Milk, which again consists of delta 8 distillate that’s been infused into hemp flower buds, mixed with only the best flavoring for a one-of-a-kind experience.  For this flower, it’s the taste of sugary, fruity cereal mixed with cold and creamy milk, which can give you an overwhelming feeling of euphoria before the flower’s effects even start to kick in.  The buds, of course, are top-shelf, to give you the quality level you deserve.

Dessert Collection #2: Delta 8 Flower “Lemon Pound Cake”

Next up is our delta 8 flower in Lemon Pound Cake, which offers that stunning flavor profile of moist and buttery cake, bright and zesty lemon, and plenty of sugary glaze.  It complements the lemony terpenes in the buds perfectly, allowing you to savor a decadent flavor profile while getting in the perfect amount of delta 8 THC distillate in its ultra-purified form.

Dessert Collection #1: Delta 8 Flower “Strawberries N’ Cream” 

Last but not least, we have Strawberries N’ Cream, which offers a flavor profile of fresh, plump strawberries and sweet whipped cream.  The flower buds are trimmed with love and care, and they contain the perfect amount of lab-tested, pure delta 8 distillate to give you the meaningful high that you’re looking for, after arousing your taste buds with a flavor that goes far beyond our expectations when using hemp flower.

Our Dessert Delta 8 Flower is Going to Keep You Satisfied All Throughout 2024!

Only at Wild Orchard Co. can you find delta 8 flower that tastes this good, all while boasting unbelievable levels of quality and purity, and potent servings of the best delta 8 distillate around.  With 2024 only just beginning, you can explore these tempting delta 8 flower strains, while enjoy a beautiful rotation of flower buds to partake in as you move all the way through to 2025.