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Delta 8 Vape Pens

Delta 8 THC is one of the most amazing things ever come out of the cannabis market.  Delta 8 supplies a relatively mild and calming high that users just can’t get enough of.  In fact, vaping this cannabinoid is the most popular way to experience its effects, as we’ve seen the consumer trends demonstrate this consistently over the last few years.  So, delta 8 vapes aren’t anything new.  They’ve been a staple of the market for a few years now, with no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity.  But, simultaneously, our industry has evolved, and with that evolution comes the enhancement of delta 8 vape pen technology, coupled with an ever-growing and enticing selection of strains.

Because 2024 has finally arrived, we gotta take a look at the top 5 delta 8 vape pens 2 gram that you can find here at Wild Orchard Co.  We know that we’ve got some of the best strains around, so that you can be totally satisfied – no matter which option you end up choosing.

What are the Best Delta 8 2 Gram Vape Pens to Be Vaping with in 2024?

Delta 8 vape pens offer an all-in-one device that requires no setup or adjusting at any time.  Basically, they can be vaped straight outta the box.  We’ve infused the vape pen’s cartridge with a combination of delta 8 THC distillate and live resin terpenes.  By doing this, vapers can achieve maximum flavor and potency, and we’ve handpicked some of the best strains in the world, in order to provide everything for which you could possibly ask for.

Vape Pen #5: Delta 8 Vape Pen “Pineapple Express” 2 Gram

The first option on our list is our Delta 8 Vape Pen in Pineapple Express, promising a gloriously bold and flavorful punch of delta 8 THC plus live resin terpenes.  Pineapple Express, for those who don’t know, is one of the most iconic strains of all time, and its flavor is that of fresh pineapple and aromatic pine.  It’s a sativa-leaning hybrid that can give you a major boost in energy, creativity, awareness, focus, and sociability, acting as the ultimate daytime vape to get you through whatever your day has in store.  It’s quite potent, yet people find its high to be manageable thanks to its clear-minded nature.

Vape Pen #4: Delta 8 Vape Pen “Gorilla Glue” 2 Gram

The next delta 8 vape on our list is Gorilla Glue, a strain that packs a serious punch of potency, and is best reserved for those who have a developed tolerance.  Gorilla Glue is an almost evenly balanced hybrid that has upwards of 28% THC, meaning that you want to go easy with this one if you’re a newbie.  Its flavor profile is that of diesel, sour lemons, and hints of chocolate, which is intriguing all on its own, but in terms of effects, this one can seriously knock you out into a state of dazed bliss, in which you become wonderfully useless for a few hours.

Vape Pen #3: Delta 8 Pen “Birthday Cake” 2 Gram

Next up is our 2 gram vape pen in Birthday Cake, one of the most sought-after strains on today’s market.  It’s known for its unbelievable flavor profile of fluffy vanilla cake and fruit, which makes sense as this indica-leaning hybrid comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie, two mouthwateringly tasty and all-time favorite strains.  It also boasts an above-average potency to give you an extra kick of intoxication, along with feelings of unbridled euphoria paired with deep relaxation that makes you sleepier and sleepier as time goes on.

This vape pen contains 2 grams of additive-free vape oil, and the live resin ensures an even more gratifying flavor experience, while the disposable promises one reliable vaping session after another.

Vape Pen #2: Delta 8 Vape Pen “Gelato” 2 Gram

Another phenomenal indica-leaning hybrid is Gelato, which is the second favorite on our list, and a top performer in the industry overall.  Gelato is a strain that doesn’t yield a crazy about of THC, yet its irresistible high keeps even the most experienced users coming back for more.  With a flavor profile of creamy gelato enhanced with berries and citrus, it tastes absolutely exquisite, and its ‘high’ provides a head rush of utter joy and giddiness, as all negativity fades into the abyss.  At the same time, you’ll find yourself feeling deeply tranquil from head to toe.

Vape Pen #1: Delta 8 Pen “Blue Dream” 2 Gram

The final vape pen we’re sharing is Blue Dream, a sativa-leaning hybrid that happens to be one of the best-selling strains to ever hit the industry.  Its blueberry flavor alone is worth drooling over, but its high is regarded as one of the most balanced, versatile, and crowd-pleasing of all time.  People describe it as creativity-enhancing, mood-boosting, calming, and pain-relieving all at once.  It doesn’t hurt that it can be equally gratifying during the daytime and the nighttime, finding a way to meet you where you’re at.

Treat Yourself in 2024 to the Best Delta 8 Vape Pens 2 Gram Around!

If there’s one thing that many of us have learned the hard way, it’s that not all delta 8 vape pens are made equally.  Between the reliability of the technology, the quality of the hemp extracts, and the strains that are available, it’s all too easy for certain products to fall short.

That being said, we encourage you to explore these phenomenal vape pens for 2024, to get your hands on ultra-pure, lab-tested, and organic delta 8 distillate paired with exceptionally flavorful and powerful live resin.  Our disposables are built to last through to the last drop of vape oil, and even offer some of the finest strains to get acquainted with in the new year, you can try more delta 8 vapes here.


Vaping technology has reached new heights this year.  In particular, disposable vape pens offering more reliability, potency, flavor, and longevity than ever before.  And, to celebrate that fact, Wild Orchard Co. is thrilled to present our line of delta 8 vape pens – in other words, disposable all-in-one devices that contain a blend of delta 8 THC distillate, paired with the terpene profiles of beloved cannabis strains.  Sensational, fast-acting, and enjoyably psychoactive, these vape pens are awesome for beginners and experienced cannabis users alike.

Why Newbies Will Enjoy Our Delta 8 Vape Pens

First, let’s look at what beginners can get out of our exciting all-in-one delta 8 disposable.  As you will see, this product is actually very beginner-friendly, and a great way to introduce yourself to the experience of vaping cannabinoids and terpenes.

Reason #1: It’s a Super-Convenient Product for Beginners

No doubt, disposable vapes are the ultimate beginner-friendly choice.  They’re ready to vape out of the box, meaning, don’t need to set anything up or adjust any settings to be treated to a gratifying experience.  Disposable vapes only need to be occasionally recharged via a Type-C charge port on the chassis.  Once the vape oil runs out, you can throw the device out entirely.

Reason #2: Delta 8 is a Beginner-Friendly Cannabinoid

Delta 8 THC, for all the newbies out there, is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid, naturally present in hemp.  It’s estimated to be only 70% as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, the dominant chemical compound in weed, which is responsible for its ‘high’.  Its high is said to be clear-minded, which reduces the risk of anxiety or paranoia as side effects.  And, it’s blissful beyond belief, helping users feel more tranquil and at ease.

Reason #3: Our Strains are Perfect for Newbies

We offer a rich array of strains that include something for everyone, including many that are ideal for beginners – like our Birthday Cake Vape Pen, which we recommend to first-timers.  Birthday Cake is a strain that’s 50% indica and 50% sativa.  Heavier indica or sativa strains can be a bit much for beginners, as they can be too sedating, or too energizing, respectively.  A balanced hybrid is a great starting point for newbies, as it offers an opportunity to get a feel for how the high of cannabis feels, and they can decide from there if they prefer 50/50’s or want something that leans a little more toward a soothing indica or an uplifting sativa.

Reason #4: The Flavors Add to Their Beginner Appeal

You really can’t go wrong with our delta 8 vape pens if you’re looking for outstanding flavor along with a dreamy delta 8 high.  We’ve worked hard to come up with exceptional extraction methods and mouthwatering strains that draw beginners in and give them something to really savor.

Reason #5: No Worrying About Cheap or Fake Vapes

Being a newbie to cannabis products can be daunting.  Especially, when you’re trying to choose a high-quality and effective product, knowing that the market has many low-quality and fake vapes lurking in the corners of convenience stores and sketchy online retailers.  Luckily, at Wild Orchard Co., you can rest easy.  Our hemp products arrive with third-party lab reports for total assurance.  Plus, our brand is highly respected by consumers.  After all, we’ve maintained an exceptional reputation for years, providing customers with a trustworthy experience.

Why Experienced Users Will Enjoy Our Delta 8 Vape Pens

For all you longtime cannabis user, you’ll certainly wanna give this exquisite vape pen a try for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: Offers a Very Convenient Alternative to Smoking

If you’re a longtime flower lover, we recommend giving our disposable a try.  It’s pocket-friendly, meaning you don’t need to carry around a pipe/rolling papers, a grinder, and flower buds everywhere you go.  Just take your disposable out of your pocket and enjoy a couple puffs before putting it away again.  With that being said, it’s also more discreet, since vapor dissipates more quickly than smoke, and doesn’t leave behind a lingering aroma.

Reason #2: We Carry a Number of Top-Shelf Strains

Our delta 8 vape pen strains are amazing.  In fact, we’ve curated a collection of some of the most sought-after strains of all-time.  We carry many options that are rare, and particularly hard to find in a delta 8 vape pen form.  That way, the most experienced enthusiasts can have something exciting to look forward to.

Reason #3: It’s Totally Reliable

Let’s be real – a lot of vapes on the market are bogus.  Their battery dies prematurely, their coil burns out early on and ruins the taste of the vape oil, or the design is so flimsy that it breaks easily.  Our disposables are the real deal, and we’ve worked hard to come up with the best materials and design features to give you the longevity and reliability that you deserve.

Reason #4: Delta 8 is Worth Adding to Your Arsenal

Even if you have a high THC tolerance from years of experience, delta 8 is worth having on hand.  Yes, it’s milder than delta 9, but at the same time, it can really come in handy.  Its ability to mellow out the mind and body is profound.  Plus, it can be perfect for when you’re really trying to access your inner chill.  And, because the ‘high’ can be so clear-headed, you can still be totally productive during the day.

Reason #5: A Nice Switch from Vape Carts

Not to knock vape carts – they’re also a fantastic way to get your delta 8 game on – but disposables are so user-friendly and low-maintenance that they’re absolutely worth trying, if you haven’t yet.  The fact that they exist as all-in-one devices, with no adjustments needed, is super helpful if you’re trying to simplify your cannabis routine.

Time to Experience Our All-in-One Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens!

Our Delta 8 Vape Pen collection offers up the best of both worlds: blissful delta 8 THC, and a wide selection of strains that anyone will fall in love with.  Whether you’re entirely new to cannabinoids and terpenes, or you’re a long time user who wants an easier way to get high, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that Wild Orchard Disposable Vape Pens are some of our best-selling products?  Well, now you do.  In fact, that’s especially true of our Delta-8 Vape Pens.  These devices boast a generous 2 grams of pure, cannabis-derived vape oil, in a super convenient and reliable pen-style form.  Available in lots of mouthwatering and sought-after strains, our vape pens have something for everyone.  But, for those looking for the ultimate hybrid, there’s one strain in particular that we can’t help but recommend.  Ready for the surprise?  It’s: Birthday Cake.

Make a Hemp Vaping Wish with a Delta-8 Vape Pen in Birthday Cake

Our Birthday Cake Delta-8 Vape Pen is an AIO disposable system that contains 2 grams of e-liquid.  Plus, it uses a rechargeable battery.  This compact device consists strictly of cannabis extracts, as we use zero fillers or additives in our formulas.  The unit itself is made from top-quality materials, to deliver the reliability, longevity, and durability that our customers look for in a vaping system.

A Convenient Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Cannabinoids and Terpenes

There is really nothing quite like a disposable vaping system to make your life easier.  Slim, compact, and lightweight, this vape pen is easy to travel with.  It’s also low-maintenance, since all that’s required is the occasional recharging of the battery, made all the easier with a Type-C charge port on the chassis, that charges the device rapidly.  The vape pen can be vaped as soon as you take it out of the box.  And, that’s’ because the attached cartridge is filled with e-juice.  Also, the battery arrives fully charged.

Dreamy Delta-8 THC in Every Puff

Delta-8 THC is easily one of the most in-demand cannabis derivatives of all-time.  It’s all thanks to its mellow effects that can satisfy beginners and experienced THC users alike.  This cannabinoid is 30% less intoxicating than delta 9 THC.  To be more specific, its high is described as clear-minded and intensely relaxing, for both the mind & body.  Delta-8 THC is a great cannabinoid to reach for, especially after a long and demanding day, when you just wanna sit back and unwind without getting too intoxicated.

A Strain Worth Celebrating

If you’re new to Birthday Cake, you don’t know whatcha missing out on.  This glorious 50/50 hybrid boasts two icons as its parents: Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.  Also known as “Birthday Cake Kush”, it supplies a ridiculously tasty flavor profile of rich vanilla cream and sweet nutty undertones, giving off the true flavor of birthday cake.  That alone makes every puff absolutely hard to resist.

Similar to both of its parents, Birthday Cake starts off with a euphoric head rush that instantly propels you into the clouds, making you feel unstoppable and downright giddy.  As you feel all negativity melting away into nothingness, your body will start feeling heavy and relaxed until you enter a state of couchlock.  This strain becomes more sedating until you find yourself ready to doze off comfortably.

Live Resin to Supercharge Your Sessions

Our Delta-8 Vape Pens are made with live resin.  For those who don’t know, live resin is a type of hemp extract that comes from fresh, flash-frozen flower, instead of the more traditional dry-cured flower method.  Flash-freezing the flower keeps the plant’s trichome crystals preserved, and the result is a full-spectrum hemp extract that boasts a far higher concentration of terpenes, so that you can savor richer, bolder flavor, and much stronger strain-related effects.

Organic and Locally Sourced Hemp

We use only organically grown hemp as our source material.  Why?  Simple.  We know that none of our customers want to be inhaling pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other potential toxins each time they want some delta 8 THC.  Besides that, we procure our raw plant material from local farmers.   By doing so, it ensures that they arrive to us completely fresh and potent, all while being held to the very strict agricultural standards of the USDA.

Third-Party Tested for Full Assurance

When it comes to quality, we don’t mess around.  All Wild Orchard Co. products, including our vape pens, have undergone extensive third-party testing through a laboratory that is licensed to analyze samples of cannabis.  We publish the lab reports here on our website.  This way, you can read unbiased information about the purity, safety, potency, legal compliance, and chemical breakdown of our vape oil formula.

Time to Celebrate with Birthday Cake + Delta-8 THC!

Wild Orchard’s Birthday Cake Delta-8 Vape Pen has it all: a super user-friendly, pocket-friendly design, the use of potent live resin, a strain that dreams are made of, and the gratifyingly soothing effects of delta-8 THC.  If you’re ready for your new favorite vape, give this one a try today.