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Delta 8 Flower “Birthday Cake”

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid with enduring popularity, thanks to its high that can mellow out your mood and make your body feel totally at ease.  Milder than delta 9 THC, it’s highly in demand even as other cannabinoids have skyrocketed on the market, and at Wild Orchard Co., we’re pleased to say that we’ve got all of your delta 8 needs covered through 2024.  You see, our Delta 8 Flower is particularly popular.  How come?  Well, it offers organically grown, locally sourced hemp flower buds infused with pure, lab-tested delta 8 distillate.  Available in all kinds of highly sought-after strains, our flower has the potency delta 8 enthusiasts are looking for.  Plus, an absolutely dazzling terpene flavor.

Which Delta 8 Flower Should You Try in 2024?

Let’s look at our favorite Wild Orchard Delta 8 Flower, specifically ranking the strains that our customers absolutely love.  Your flower comes in both 4g and 8g options, so you can decide how much you want to buy at any one time.

D8 Flower #6: Delta 8 Flower “Baklava”

An incredibly popular hybrid strain with a to-die-for flavor, Baklava is a serious indulgence in delta 8 flower form.  The flavor profile is that of buttery pastry, sweet honey, and toasted nuts, and its above-average THC level makes it a winner all on its own.  Despite being a balanced hybrid, its effects can be quite energizing, making it highly appealing to sativa lovers seeking out a sensation of euphoria and motivation.  Despite how cerebrally stimulating the high can be, it can also cause couchlock due to its heavy body effects.

D8 Flower #5: Delta 8 Flower “Birthday Cake”

Birthday Cake is undoubtedly one of the strains people are most excited about moving into 2024.  Its iconic parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, are responsible for its exceptional flavor of moist yellow cake, sweet frosting, and rich fruit filling.  It’s a high-potency strain sought out for its impressive euphoric boost that it delivers right as the high starts to kick in, before leading you into deep relaxation that makes you sleepier and sleepier as time goes on.

D8 Flower #4: Delta 8 Flower “Blue Dream”

Next up, we have a “dreamy” strain that has been in high demand for a long, long time: Blue Dream, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, which is equally popular at daytime and nighttime since it can be both relaxing and uplifting at the same time.  It can also offer a boost of creativity, help you feel more focused, and cut out all that extra mental noise that’s getting in the way of your peace and productivity.  Meanwhile, it has a blueberry taste that alone makes it extremely popular among connoisseurs.

D8 Flower #3: Delta 8 Flower “Gelato”

Gelato is a major crowd pleaser, and there’s a reason why it’s still on many “best of” lists years after its debut.  It’s got major appeal thanks to its balanced and mood-regulating effects, and it’s an indica-leaning hybrid that yields an only slightly above-average THC level, making it friendly to beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.  The psychoactive effects are absolutely glorious, starting things off with a cerebral rush of pure giddiness, as all negativity dissipates into thin air.  The high is also a peaceful one, lulling you into a sense of unparalleled bliss.  Its flavor, meanwhile, is that of creamy gelato, fresh berries, and zesty citrus.

D8 Flower #2: Delta 8 Flower “Pineapple Express”

Pineapple Express is an iconic strain that’s dominated the market for multiple decades now.  Leaning toward the sativa end of the spectrum, its uplifting qualities are pretty legendary.  People swear that even a little bit of this strain makes them feel far more focused, creative, outgoing, euphoric, and motivated, and that it’s clear-minded enough that it can make them feel euphoric without interrupting their daily routine – in other words, it’s the perfect strain for the afternoon, as it can give you a boost without taking away from your ability to get things done.

D8 Flower #1: Delta 8 Flower “Gorilla Glue”

Not for the faint of heart, Gorilla Glue is the infamous child of two famous and notorious parents: Sour Diesel and Chocolate Diesel.  This high-strength strain has a potency level that can knock you out and virtually immobilize you.  It’s a balanced hybrid with an outstanding 28%-30% THC, so if you’re a beginner, avoid being heavy-handed with it, since it can hit you fast.  It has a unique taste of sour lemon, diesel, and chocolate, which is compelling all on its own, but it’s all about the high that slams into you within minutes and lasts for several hours, as you are completely out of it, unable to move or think as the incredibly powerful high washes over you and gives you no option but to lay down and enjoy the journey.

Score Some Awesome Delta 8 Flower in 2024!

No doubt, delta 8 flower offers everything you could ask for as a hemp enthusiast: potent servings of pure delta 8 THC distillate, freshly cured flower buds rich in delicious terpenes, and strains that make you swoon as soon as they kick in.  Wild Orchard Co. understands what customers want.  That’s why we’re thrilled to oblige with some of the best strains around, all while promising to deliver the finest and freshest delta 8 flower imaginable.  Explore our selection and find a new rotation of cultivars you can get the most out of.