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Hemp vape carts have proven to be an awesome option cannabis lovers.  Vape carts offer a more user-friendly, discreet, and portable method for enjoying inhalable clouds of psychoactive cannabinoids and sensational terpenes.  Many of us remember the first time we enjoyed hemp in vape form, and as you may have noticed, the market for vape carts has really evolved in just a few short years.  Moving into 2024, there are all kinds of trends we’re on the lookout for.  We’ve watched certain advancements and innovations arrive this year that’re going to become far more common in the new year.  Let’s take a look at those now, so consumers know what to look forward to in the near future.

The Vaping Basics on Hemp Carts

Before cover the trends that’re going to take over vape cartridges next year, let’s provide a quick overview of what these carts are.  Carts, aka cartridges, are 510-threaded glass vessels for vape oil, which consists of cannabinoid and terpene extracts.  Keep in mind though, there shouldn’t be any additional ingredients, so that the formula is 100% cannabis-derived.

Since these cartridges use a 510-threaded connection at their base, they attach to any 510-threaded vape pen.  This is the standard form of connection to make cartridges universally compatible with any vape pen device.  The cartridge itself is disposable, as once the vape oil runs out, it can be replaced.  Its built-in coil utilizes heat from the battery to vaporize the vape oil.

Vape carts also come in a wide selection of cannabinoids and strains, so there’s something for everyone.  In fact, companies have taken this concept to the next level with new advancements, as we’re going to get into now.

What Can We Look Forward to in the World of Vape Carts, Moving into 2024?

Now, let’s talk about the present and future.  With demand for vape cartridges always growing, companies have found ways to get creative, to offer a competitive edge.

New Cannabinoids to Try

First off, you’ve probably noticed that the diverse world of cannabinoids is really ramping up.  In fact, researchers are discovering new, psychoactive cannabinoids in hemp at a dizzying pace.  Simultaneously, scientists are coming up with safe methods for synthesizing cannabinoids to make them more bioavailable and effective.  The result is that vape cartridges come in a more varied array of cannabinoids than ever before, delivering all kinds of unique highs that are worth exploring.

It’s All About Those Cannabinoid Blends

Another thing we’re seeing a lot right now is vape carts containing “cannabinoid blends” that are totally one of a kind.  This is a huge trend that is probably going to carry over through 2024.  It offers one-of-a-kind psychoactive effects through the synergistic relationship that different cannabinoids share with one another, so that users can really customize their experiences on a whole new level.

Live Resin is the New Standard

For those who don’t know, live resin is a type of hemp extract that has become more desirable than the more traditional type of hemp extract used as a standard up until recently.  Live resin is extracted from flower that’s flash-frozen while fresh, as opposed to dry-cured.  Because of this, live resin has a higher terpene count, since the terpene-rich trichomes that coat the flower buds are preserved through the flash-freezing process.

Basically, live resin supplies a more potent full spectrum extract that takes vape carts to the next level.  This would be in terms of flavor, effectiveness, and bioavailability.  Also doesn’t hurt that live resin appears to be more shelf-stable, as well.  Meaning, its potency can last longer.  We expect live resin becoming the new standard moving into the new year.

Rare Strains to Savor

You will notice that companies are trying to compete with one another by providing he best selections of strains, too.  It’s relatively easy to extract the terpene profile of any strain and convert it into vape oil form.  And, as a result, you’ll find loads of exciting strains you may have never heard of before, or strains that are extremely hard to come across in flower form, to entice you even further into trying a vape cartridge.

More Reliability, from a Technological/Hardware Standpoint

We’re happy to see that the industry’s standards for the actual tech and hardware side of vaping is improving, as well.  Companies are generally making it standard practice to utilize higher-quality coils that do wonders for flavor.  Not only that but are less likely to burn out early, too.  Construction materials are sturdier, and companies are employing advanced airflow into their carts so that the entire practice of vaping is more satisfying.

Diamonds are Big Business

A trend we’re all about here is the incorporation of diamonds into vape oil products, with THCA diamonds leading the way.  These are ultra-purified, concentrated forms of cannabinoids, evident by them taking on a crystalline form, which can be processed to be vape-friendly.  Diamonds are more potent than standard distillates, so that users can enjoy even stronger effects than ever before.

Higher Quality Standards, Overall

The bar has been raised gradually over the last year.  This in turn, has made it harder for companies to compete with subpar vaping products.  Nowadays, you need to carry only the purest distillates, the most flavorful, fresh terpene extracts, and the most reliable cartridge technology in order to sell products.  As a result, the world of vape cartridges has, as a whole, improved in terms of quality and reliability.  Thus, making it less likely to end up disappointed with one’s purchase.

Hemp Vape Carts are Entering a New Vaping Era!

Vape cartridges are improving every year.  And so, 2024 looks to be a bright one as far as carts are concerned, with all of these new trends becoming more and more standard among the world of hemp manufacturers.  Plus, who knows what new trends, innovations, and discoveries are going to emerge next year, that we don’t even know about yet.  At Wild Orchard Co., you can count on us offering the latest and greatest in Vape Carts, with a large selection of must-try products to get your hands on.