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Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp industry has begun to expand in ways we’ve never thought possible. Now, consumers have access to more cannabinoids and cannabis products than ever, helping people of all backgrounds enjoy these compounds’ results. Recently, a new cannabinoid has entered the market, making customers excited about cannabis. That cannabinoid is Delta-10 THC. 

But what is Delta-10 THC?

What is Delta-10 THC? 

As the name suggests, Delta-10 is another THC derivative, similar to Delta-8 or Delta-9. These compounds get their names based on where the double-bond structure occurs on their atomic structure; for Delta-10, this happens on the 10th carbon chain.

 The cannabis plant naturally produces Delta-10 THC. However, in a typical flower, you won’t find high amounts of this cannabinoid at all. That’s a big reason it took longer to discover: this cannabinoid is naturally present in trace amounts. 

But, thanks to advances in technology and better cannabis science knowledge, professionals have now been able to extract Delta-10 THC from the hemp plant and isolate it to make products, such as Delta-10 vapes, tinctures, and even edibles. 

Compared to the Delta-9 THC cannabinoid, Delta-10 THC appears to be a bit less potent. Though many consumers find it comparable, it may even be less potent than Delta-8 THC. The effects of this cannabinoid will differ from person to person; however, many people find that Delta-10 has extraordinary cerebral results that remind them of Sativa strains. 

In that aspect, Delta-10 THC products may be more energizing and uplifting than Delta-8 THC products. However, this depends on the individual.

Even though it’s still somewhat new to the cannabis industry, its popularity is quickly growing. Today, depending on your preferences, you can get your hands on various Delta-10 products. Here at Wild Orchard Hemp, we offer products like vapes and more that will help you get your dose of Delta-10 quickly and efficiently. 

Delta-10 Facts 

One of the most astonishing facts about Delta-10 is how it was found. The discovery of Delta-10 THC occurred by accident. According to several sources, the Delta-10 THC cannabinoid was born after one of the many California fires in 2020.

As the fires ravaged the forests of San Bernardino County, CA-based cannabis grower Fusion Farms felt the impact. While some of their cannabis plants grew outside, helicopters were working to dump fire-retardant chemicals on the flame and surrounding foliage to control the burns. As you can imagine, some of this chemical product got on top of Fusion Farm’s cannabis.

Eventually, Fusion Farms began extracting their cannabis and purifying it of dangerous chemicals. But, during this process, they noticed a crystallization occurring that they’d never seen before. After studying the crystals closely, the team determined it was similar to CBC and CBL, but they couldn’t quite figure out what it was. So, after some lab experimentation with these crystals, Delta-10 THC was discovered.

While Delta-10 THC was created synthetically in this sense, the cannabinoid is naturally present in the cannabis plant. Thus, today, manufacturers have found ways to extract cannabinoids without the use of synthetics naturally. (We’ll touch on that next.) 

Another interesting fact about Delta-10 THC is how it compares to Delta-8 THC. We touched on it slightly above, but many consumers think of Delta-10 THC as having more energetic effects, while Delta-8 THC has more Indica-like effects. The potency of Delta-10 will be lower than Delta-8, but they both offer a different high compared to Delta-9 THC.

Finally, it’s important to note that — at least for now — you won’t find any high strains in Delta-10. Even products that claim to have 99% pure Delta-10 are lying. Experts only have access to minuscule amounts of this cannabinoid; thus, most Delta-10 THC online products also have a blend of Delta-8 THC to create a fuller, more potent result. While this may change in the future, it’s essential to keep this in mind when shopping for Delta-10 online.

As we learn about Delta-10 THC, more facts about the compound will come to light. For now, science will continue to discover more about this new cannabinoid.

What is the Process of Making Delta-10? 

The way that Delta-10 THC was discovered initially is far from how manufacturers make it today. Making Delta-10 today is a complicated process that requires hemp-derived CBD.

 First, professionals will take hemp plants and extract CBD from them. Then, using a unique isomerization process, the extractors will pull small amounts of Delta-10 THC from the CBD extract. The extract then undergoes extensive refining processes to get it to where it needs to be, including the removal of hard metals and other harmful chemicals. 

Essentially, Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC are made the same way; however, Delta-10’s refining process is more complicated, making the cannabinoid rare and more expensive than Delta-8 THC. 

Why is Wild Orchard Hemp the Best Store to Buy Delta-10 Products? 

Right now, finding high-quality Delta-10 THC for sale isn’t always easy. When you buy Delta-10, you may be overwhelmed by various products, some of which are much better than others — but how can you tell? Through transparency, product selection, and reputation.

Here at Wild Orchard Hemp, we’re well-known for our impressive selection of top-shelf cannabis products. No matter what we’re offering, we always have our products’ third-party lab-test results available to the public. This way, you can see that our products provide the best Delta-10 THC.

Any quality cannabis brand will have its products’ COAs available for customers. This assures customers that they are getting exactly what they bought. Wild Orchard Hemp is proud of our products; our COAs reflect that directly.

 You can also look at the brand’s numerous online reviews to see what people say about our products. This gives potential customers a great look into what to expect from product quality, customer service, and potency. After reading these, you’ll see for yourself that many people agree Wild Orchard Co. is the best store to buy Delta-10 online worry-free. 

Best Delta-10 Products of Wild Orchard Hemp 

Wild Orchard Hemp has an impressive selection of top-shelf Delta-10 products online. Here’s a quick look at some of our best Delta 10 for sale. 

Delta-10 THCO Carts 

Delta-10 cartridges are some of the best ways to consume Delta-10 THC as the effects are nearly immediate. Additionally, you can smoke them practically anywhere it’s legal and safe to do so. Wild Orchard Co. offers various Delta-10 THC-O cartridges for you to choose from, depending on your ideal strain.

You can get your hands on our Sativa Blucifer strain, Indica Biscotti strain, or even the Zangria strain. Each of these cartridges presents unique effects allowing novel experiences and supportive results. The cartridge you choose should depend on the type of effects you want, so steer towards the Sativa for more uplifting results. However, more calming results may be found in the Indica cart. 

To enjoy these Delta-10 cartridges, you’ll need a 510-thread battery. 

Delta-10 THCO Pen

If you don’t already have a 510-thread battery but want to try our Delta-10 THC products, don’t worry: that’s what our THCO pens are here for. These rechargeable and disposable vape pens are great options for those who either don’t have a battery or just want to get rid of their vapes once they’re done.

Like the cartridges, you can get the Delta-10 THCO Pen Blucifer Sativa strain, Delta-10 THCO Pen Biscotti Indica strain, or Delta-10 THCO Pen Zangria strain. To enjoy, you must start inhaling, and the pen will heat the Delta-10 extract. Soon, you’ll get potent, full puffs of your favorite Delta-10 THC pen. 

Delta-10 THC – Frequently Asked Questions 

Still, have more questions about Delta-10 THC? See our frequently asked questions to find the answers you need.

How do you consume Delta-10 THC? 

How you consume Delta-10 THC depends on the type of product you have. If you have a cartridge or pen, then you may consume it through inhalation. But, if you have an edible, it will be oral consumption. Thus, it simply depends! 

Is Delta-10 THC legal? 

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal in the United States as long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Thus, hemp-derived products that follow the THC guidelines are legal in the United States, making Delta-10 THC legal.

 Delta-10 THC products that do not come from hemp or contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by weight are prohibited, and you cannot buy them online. Wild Orchard Hemp ensures that our Delta-10 THC products follow the 2018 Farm Bill guidelines. 

Can Delta-10 get you high? 

Yes, Delta-10 THC can get you high. Delta-10 THC contains psychoactive properties similar to Delta-9 THC; however, it will have a different effect on the body. This means that while different from Selta-9, Delta-10 is unique in its own right and will provide a more subtle psychoactive effect. 

Delta-10 THC products can get you high, even if it is only mildly. Thus, you should not drive or operate machinery after consumption; you also shouldn’t have Delta-10 THC if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the differences between Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10? 

Even though they all derive from THC, Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 couldn’t be more different.

 The main difference between these cannabinoids lies in their structural composition. While all cannabinoids have a similar structure, each has a double bond on a different carbon chain. For Delta-8, this occurs on the eighth chain; for Delta-9, this happens on the ninth. And Delta-10s are on the tenth chain.

 This placement directly affects how well the cannabinoids bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the body — this is then reflected in potency. Because Delta-9 binds the best, it is the most psychoactive out of the three. However, Delta-8 and Delta-10 appear to have superior results than psychoactive ones. 

Another considerable difference between Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 is their legality. Right now, Delta-10 THC is the only cannabinoid on this list that you can consume in all 50 states. Delta-9 THC is only legal in trace amounts (0.3% or less); more substantial amounts are federally legal. You’ll only find Delta-9 THC in states that have legalized cannabis. Finally, Delta-8 THC is technically federally legal; however, many states have regulated or banned the cannabinoid, making it illegal to consume or possess. 

In what form can Delta-10 be consumed? 

You can consume Delta-10 in various forms depending on your personal preferences. Inhalation tends to be most appealing for consumers, as it allows for quick results and potent effects. Like Wild Orchard Hemp, you can consume Delta-10 THC through vaping.

 You may also come across Delta-10 THC edibles or tinctures. You can consume edibles orally — of course — while tinctures you can enjoy orally or sublingually (under the tongue). Both methods are effective; however, sublingual consumption will get you the effects second quickest to inhalation. 

Is Delta-10 legal for minors? 

No, you must be 18 years old to buy Delta-10 or order Delta-10 online. Technically, there is no federal guideline for age restrictions, but most stores will not sell to anyone under 18. 

How does Delta-10 affect a drug test? 

Unfortunately, there is insufficient information to say that Delta-10 will affect a drug test definitively. Drug tests check for the presence of THC in the body. However, the drug test itself cannot differentiate between THC derivatives. So, if you’re planning on taking a drug test soon or your place of work tests regularly, do your research before consuming Delta-10 products. 

What is the origin of Delta-10? 

Delta-10 THC comes from cannabis, mainly marijuana plants. However, for Delta-10 THC products to be legal, they must come from the hemp plant. If they do not come from hemp, they are not covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Delta-10: Is it synthetic? 

The first discovery of Delta-10 THC was made synthetically. However, this is no longer the case.

When experts first found Delta-10 THC, it was accidental and a reaction from fire-retardant chemicals. The result was synthetic Delta-10 THC, but this showed researchers that Delta-10 was likely present in cannabis itself — and they were right.

We quickly learned that Delta-10 THC is naturally present in cannabis. Though this cannabinoid is present in the plant, found in lower concentrations compared to other cannabinoids. But, when extracts take hemp-derived CBD and pull out the Delta-10, they can better isolate it and celebrate the cannabinoid, creating products that allow consumers to experience its results. 

Is Delta-10 worth consuming?

Given its fantastic value, if you want to try something new in cannabinoids, you should turn to Delta-10 THC. This cannabinoid is unique and offers beautiful results for all consumers. For those who find that Delta-9 THC is too potent, Delta-10 THC is a great solution. Delta-10 will provide similar results, but the psychoactivity levels will be much less intense than those of Delta-9. 

As Delta-10 continues to gain popularity, we will be able to learn more about this unique cannabinoid and what it has to offer. For now, please stay up to date on cannabis news to see what else we find out about the fantastic Delta-10 THC compound.