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Lemon Pound Cake, Strains, Strain Review
August 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Lemon Pound Cake Strain Review

Whenever “lemon” is in the name of a strain, most of us go ahead and assume it’s going to be heavy on the sativa side of things.  And, with Lemon Pound Cake strain, that assumption is correct.  This sativa-dominant hybrid is bursting with fresh citrusy flavor.  And, this alone makes it absolutely worth indulging in.  Aside from that, its effects are extremely desirable, so we’re going to dive deep into it today with our review.

Some Sweet n’ Tangy Strain Basics

Lemon Pound Cake is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from crossing Lemon Skunk with Cheese, and it yields about 19%-26% THC, although it definitely leans toward the higher end of the spectrum these days.  Both of its parents are extremely potent as well.  So, overall, you will need to keep in mind that this is a strain that can really pack a major punch.

What are Lemon Pound Cake’s Nugs Like?

Lemon Pound Cake is a strain that looks delectable at first glance, with a flat, fan-like shape to them that catches the eye due to being so distinctive.  The buds are a bright emerald green, which is pretty beautiful, and they’re coated in long amber hairs and little amber trichome crystals.

Cultivating Lemon Pound Cake

This is a strain that isn’t super available in seed form, or even clone.  But, if you’re lucky, you can grow it at home, and it flowers within about 54-62 days.  It reaches 30-60 inches in height depending on the conditions under which it’s grown.  Seems to do well in a warm, sunny climate, either indoors or outdoors.

What’s the Flavor All About?

Lemon Pound Cake is sublimely tasty – tastier than many other strains that we’ve tried – and that’s because it really follows through with its name.  It’s got a lemon cake taste that’s super distinctive, and cheesy undertones that give it an almost cheesecake-like quality.  There’s also some black pepper in the flavor for good measure, and the aroma is the same, with a skunkier vibe.

Why Go with Lemon Pound Cake?

Lemon Pound Cake comes with all kinds of perks beyond the fact that its high is really enjoyable.  It’s a great strain for depression, because of its powerful mood-lifting effects, and it’s a good one to grab when you want to enhance your creativity.  People also find it to be super useful for anxiety, as well as PTSD in particular, and that’s something that it’s commonly recommended for.

Because of its really high THC level, you can see why so many people go to it when their tolerance is high, and they want something that’s really going to get them nice and stoned.  Aside from that, it’s a great daytime strain, since you can stay alert and focused all while being giddy in euphoria land.

How’s the High?

Lemon Pound Cake is a strain that hits hard and fast, which isn’t surprising given its really high amount of THC.  Basically, once you exhale, this strain begins to work its magic, starting with a clear lifting effect that lets your mind soar higher and higher, as you enter a state of utter euphoria and freeform thought.  You’ll also likely find yourself feeling really creative, which can come in handy if you’re an artistic person who is looking for some much-needed inspo.  You may notice a burst of energy that gives you the enthusiasm to get things done around the house.

A physical high starts shortly after, with warm waves of relaxation making their way along the body, with a tingling effect in the muscles that can be really pleasurable, starting at the base of the skull and working its way down to the feet.  It’s not a sedating strain, but it will put you into a state of physical tranquility.

Lemon Pound Cake Strain: Amazing Flavor, Awesome Sativa-Dominant Effects!

It goes without saying that Lemon Pound Cake is a must-try for anyone who loves a tingling body high and big euphoria, and if you’re in a creative rut, this one is hard to beat.  Beyond that, its flavor is mind-bogglingly delicious, so that’s alone a good reason to get your hands on it.  Luckily, you can find Lemon Pound Cake Strain quite easily these days here at Wild Orchard Co. in the form of different Delta 8 Dessert Products.