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September 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Knockout Strawberry Cough HHC-R Live Resin .3ml Vape Review

Maybe you’ve been hearing about one of the newest cannabinoids on the market – HHC-R, which is a purified/active molecule version form of HHC.  HHC-R is almost guaranteed to give you an even stronger and more euphoric ‘high’ than its predecessor, HHC.  Plus, there’s really no better way that we can think of giving it a try for yourself, than by enjoying it in the form of our Knockout Strawberry Cough HHC-R Live Resin .3ml.

What You Need to Know About Knockout HHC-R Live Resin Vape .3ml Gram

Our Knockout HHC-R Live Resin Vape is a .3ml disposable vape, meaning that you don’t have to do anything but vape it right out of the box.  It’s pre-filled with .3ml of vape oil, and the battery arrives pre-charged.  The battery doesn’t need to be recharged at any time, making this device entirely maintenance-free.

Looks, Packaging, and Construction

The sleek white chassis, with our logo is simply stunning.  This disposable is not at all flimsy, because it’s made from high-grade materials, as you’d expect from such a prestigious brand.  At the top of the device is a Pyrex glass cart tank that includes a mesh coil.

The packaging is on point too.  You’ll be able to look through all of the info regarding what’s inside, such as the strain, ingredients, directions, etc.  Overall, it’s a really well-made product even before you get your HHC-R vape on.

Type of Cannabinoid Blend

HHC-R and delta 9 THC are, as it turns out, a match made in cannabinoid heaven.  And, that’s not surprising, because these two are extremely similar, since HHC is just a hydrogenated form of delta 9 THC, found naturally in hemp.  Of course, the delta 9 amount is compliant with federal law, while there’s far more HHC-R in this formula (in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill).  These cannabinoids essentially come together to offer up a delta 9 high, but stronger.  Also, for those users who may not know, live resin is crafted from freshly harvested, uncured cannabis, which’s unlike a lot of other cannabis concentrates.

The Strain

Strawberry Cough is the strain that’s inside this particular disposable, and it’s basically notorious for its powerful sativa-like effects that can send you into a state of giddy, energized euphoria, with a warm, fuzzy body high to match.  It’s capable of enhancing your motivation, creativity, and chattiness, all while having a memorable flavor profile of fresh strawberries and powerful black pepper notes that can lead to coughing, as the name hints.


Zero fillers in this product – just cannabinoid distillates and terpene extracts.

What’s the Strawberry Cough/HHC-R Vaping Experience Like?

Naturally, how you feel after hitting this vape pen has a lot to do with how much you end up vaping in one sitting.  We went with 2 puffs, which was enough for us given the strength of the HHC-R, along with the strength of the strain itself.

The high is undeniably euphoric, offering up a sensation of giddiness almost immediately after exhaling.  We are certain that you’d get a rush of creativity from this if you were in an artistic headspace, but because we were enjoying this vape socially, it just led to some really enjoyable, dare-we-say mind-elevating conversations, complete with uncontrollable bursts of laughter.  The body high is also phenomenal, with a feeling of soothing tingles running through the muscles.

Knockout HHC-R Live Resin .3ml Vape in Strawberry Cough: A Must-Try for Sativa Lovers!

Bottom line: if you’re crazy about about powerful sativa effects, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest by this incredible vape, which brings together a super powerful, new cannabinoid with Strawberry Cough, one of the most memorable sativa-heavy hybrids in the world.