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September 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Knockout Mimosa HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart Review

Looking for a really pleasant hemp-based knockout? Awesome, then allow us to intro due to you a whole new way to get high – HHC-R.  That’s right, HHC-R is a naturally occurring stereoisomer of HHC.  HHC-R promises even more potency for a powerful punch of euphoric psychoactive bliss.  This cannabinoid is infused into vapes, and even comes in some of the most enticing strains yet.  So, we’re very excited to share with you our Knockout “Mimosa” HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart 1.5 Gram – a true daytime favorite.

What You Need to Know About Knockout HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart

Wild Orchard’s Knockout HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart is a 1.5-gram vape cartridge that’s compatible with your go-to 510-threaded vape battery device, and it employs high-grade coil construction to ensure nothing but smooth and satisfying hits from beginning to end. It contains a blend of HHC-R distillate, delta 9 distillate, and live resin to maximize your satisfaction.

Looks, Packaging, and Construction

There are some nice white accents on the cartridge itself, which is a nice touch, and the packaging is clean and minimalist, yet whimsical.  The cart is nice and sturdy, as it’s made from high-end materials that are known to be resilient enough to stand up to daily use.  The glass piece is durable Pyrex, and the mouthpiece is heat-resistant to always feel cool when brought to the lips. The packaging is on point too.

Type of Cannabinoid Blend

HHC-R and delta 9 THC are, as it turns out, a match made in cannabinoid heaven.  And, that’s not surprising, because these two are extremely similar, since HHC is just a hydrogenated form of delta 9 THC, found naturally in hemp.  Of course, the delta 9 amount is compliant with federal law, while there’s far more HHC-R in this formula (in compliance with section 10113 of the 2018 Farm Bill).  These cannabinoids work together to give you a uniquely powerful high that can feel absolutely dazzling to the body and mind.  Also, for those users who may not know, live resin is crafted from freshly harvested, uncured cannabis, which is far more potent and flavorful.

The Strain

Mimosa is a strain that has been around for a long time, and one that continues to reign supreme among those looking for a nice morning boost.  Known for being a fantastic “wake and bake” strain, it can help you feel more energized, motivated, and focused during the daytime, since it’s not sedating, and is surprisingly clear-minded.  It’s also got a really powerful euphoric effect, and its flavor boasts notes of juicy citrus fruits and champagne.


No vaper wants to be vaping a ton of chemicals when they’re going in for some clouds.  There are zero fillers in this product – just cannabinoid distillates and terpene extracts.

What’s the Mimosa/HHC-R Vaping Experience Like?

First off, we want to remind everyone that how you feel after vaping any hemp product can depend on a number of things, like your tolerance and how much you take.  We have a pretty good THC tolerance, so we went with 3 puffs and felt like we found our sweet spot.

So, let’s dive into the actual experience.  Mimosa is really like a breath of fresh air, instantly lifting the mood and bringing about feelings of motivation and focus.  It’s perfect for feeling productive, without fatigue or stress getting in the way.  At the same time, HHC-R adds an elevated psychoactive effect to the equation that enhances the euphoria of the strain itself.

If You Want to Have a Drink in the Morning, Just Reach for a Knockout Mimosa HHC-R Live Resin 510 Cart!

Mimosa is a celebrated strain for a reason – it’s hard to beat those uplifting, energizing effects during the daytime, not to mention its delicious flavor.  Blending Mimosa with HHC-R is a really great way to take your vaping game to a whole new level, so if you’re ready to try something different, this Vape Cart is a fantastic option.