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THC Pods
November 28, 2023 By rauleer

How to Store THC Pods, Carts and Vape Devices

You already know you have to store your flower carefully, in order to preserve its potency, as well as the strength and flavor of the terps it contains.

Guess what; THC pods and carts are the same way. Storing them conscientiously will not only preserve the potency of their effects but also their flavors.

Here’s what you need to know.

THC Pods and Carts: Storage Tips to Preserve Potency

While pre-filled THC pods and carts are highly convenient and easy to use, that doesn’t mean you can get sloppy with how you store them.

Leaving them out in the sun or exposed to high temperatures is a one-way ticket to e-liquid breakdown.

However, if you store them properly they will last longer and will still deliver potent flavors and clouds months down the line.

The crux here is the fragility of THC itself. Like all organic compounds, THC is more or less susceptible to breakdown in the presence of adverse environmental conditions.

Two of the most dangerous of these are light and heat. Sunlight, specifically ultraviolet radiation, is remarkably destructive of THC (and other cannabinoids, like CBD). UV light can also break down the terpenes in vape pods and carts that give them their flavor.

For what it’s worth, it’s not just the THC and terps that are at risk. Ultraviolet light also contributes to the breakdown of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), two compounds found in most vape juices, and the ones that are responsible for throat hit and vapor production, as well as for carrying flavor.

High heat also breaks down THC, and it doesn’t need to get all that hot to do damage. While it’s true that THC will completely burn off at 390℉, damage will occur at temperatures as low as 110℉ if the e-liquid is exposed to it for a period as short as 30 minutes.

For what it’s worth, exposure to high heat can also make the pressure inside the pod or cart increase, causing it to rupture and leak.

It can easily get that hot in a car or other confined space in the summer, especially in direct sunlight. Never store your vape device or THC pods in your car, as extreme temperatures can badly damage them (and the device’s battery, too).

Now that you know what can damage your THC pods and pre-filled carts, here are some tips for proper storage.

In general, the name of the game for vape pod storage is cool, dark, and dry.

Most THC pods are filled with e-liquid that can withstand freezing temperatures, but it’s not necessary to put them in the fridge and freezing is inadvisable as it can make the liquid viscous and difficult to vaporize.

The best place to store your vape carts and pods is somewhere cool, say, between 50℉ and 80℉. Anything cooler or hotter can result in damage. Also, if possible, choose a location that doesn’t experience temperature swings. Consistency is best.

As stated, sunlight is directly damaging not only to THC but all of the organic constituents of vape pods, so storing them in the dark is essential. Keep them in a drawer or stashed away somewhere, not on a shelf or anywhere else that light can interfere.

THC Pods

One other suggestion when storing THC pods or carts – store them upright, even though that has nothing to do with light or temperature.

The reason for this is to prevent the pods or carts from getting backed up, which can prevent them from producing the desirable vaping experience. Keeping them covered or in their original packaging until use is also a good suggestion, as it will keep dust off of the pod, which can also interfere with the vaping experience.

Our suggestion? Keep them in the original packaging, stored upright, in a drawer in a cool, dark room until you’re ready to pop them into a vape device.

Your Vape Pen: How to Store It Properly, Plus Some Maintenance Tips

Since we’ve given you a primer on how to store your THC pods and carts, we might as well round this introduction out with a few words of wisdom on how to store your vape devices, too, since you can’t enjoy one without the other.

Like pods and carts, vape devices can be damaged by storing them under the wrong conditions.

For starters, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and light, just like you would with your e-liquids. This is of particular concern for the device’s battery, as both high and low temperatures can adversely affect battery performance and lifespan.

You should also store your vape device upright (if it has a pod/cart inserted) so as to help prevent leaks and ensure optimal performance. Keep it covered to keep dust off the mouthpiece, which can interfere with firing/drawing.

For vape storage, attention to battery condition is also important. You should keep your batteries charged and never let the device lie dead for long. The longer a battery stays discharged, the less charge it will be able to hold in the future.

Also, if your vape device has a removable battery, make sure you keep the contacts clean. When removing/replacing the battery, if you see any buildup or corrosion on the terminals, use a q-tip or microfiber rag and some rubbing alcohol to clean the contacts. Make sure to fully dry the contacts before re-inserting the battery.

Another pointer, though this isn’t related to storage, is to make sure you never over tighten the battery or cart, if it is threaded. If you do, you can damage the threads and make removal/replacement very difficult.

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THC Pods

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