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thca prerolls thca diamonds
October 19, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

How to Choose the Right THCa Pre-Roll

THCa pre-rolls are a major addition to the hemp market in terms of their success and rapidly growing demand.  Basically, they offer the closest thing to federally legal weed that exists right now, and so it’s no wonder why people can’t stop talking about them.  Of course, as is always the case, not all THCa pre-rolls are made equally, so let’s talk about what’s required to know you’re getting the cream of the crop, while highlighting our own line of THCa Pre-Rolls here at Wild Orchard Co.

What is a THCa Pre-Roll?

thca prerolls thca diamonds


A THCa pre-roll consists of raw THCa flower rolled into papers.  THCa flower is a type of hemp flower that’s specially cultivated to yield high levels of THCa – the precursor to delta 9 THC, which converts into delta 9 as soon as it’s lit and smoked.  THCa flower is legal, as long as it comes from hemp.

Keep in mind that not all THCa flower on the market is made this way.  Sometimes, companies instead take “regular” hemp flower and spray it with THCa distillate, and we’ll get into why that’s generally inferior in just a moment.

THCa pre-rolls, like all flower products, come in a great choice of strains, as well as different sizes.

What to Look for in a THCa Pre-Roll

Right now, a lot of brands are coming up with THCa pre-rolls to fit the growing demand, and that’s a good thing, right?  Well, yes, but it also means that you’ll be more likely to encounter low-quality products – or even fakes – the more you look.  The hemp industry just isn’t regulated as of now, and so companies don’t have to hold themselves to as strict a set of standards as you may like.  Fortunately, there are telltale ways to know whether or not a pre-roll is worth your time and money.

Scope Out the Label

Never buy a THCa pre-roll before you look at the label or product description to know exactly what you’re getting in terms of the strain, the concentration of THCa, and the amount of flower in the product.  These things can all make a big difference in terms of your satisfaction.

The Vendor Makes a Difference

It’s really important that you don’t simply go with the first pre-roll you find while shopping.  We strongly discourage buying them from convenience stores and gas stations, since the quality standards are typically really low.  Ideally, you should buy them from a trusted manufacturer, directly through their website, as this is the most trustworthy avenue.

Read the Lab Reports

Always look at third-party lab reports before buying a THCa pre-roll.  These lab reports should be easily accessible on the brand’s website, and offer a thorough analysis of indicators of quality, safety, purity, legality, and potency.  Companies are actually required to have their products third-party-tested, and the product is analyzed by a state-licensed laboratory, providing objective, trustworthy information.

Look Up Reviews

Another step you shouldn’t skip is looking at the reviews for a product, as that’s where you’ll hear what other customers are saying.  Right off the bat, you’ll know if the product is authentic, and satisfying the needs of customers like you.

Check out the Brand’s Manufacturing Methods

Another thing to always be aware of is the company’s specific methods for creating their pre-rolls, and they should go above and beyond to provide this info on their website to give customers assurance.  A brand’s website should tell you how they source their hemp, how they craft their pre-rolls, and other bits of info that give you a good idea of how high-quality their products really are.

Explore the Strain Selection

Finally, we always suggest taking your time to go through the strains that are being offered, as some are higher-tier than others, and of course, some will just appeal to you subjectively more than others.

Sprayed vs. Cultivated

We said before that THCa flower can be cultivated to yield high levels of THCa, or a company can use hemp flower that’s been sprayed with THCa distillate.  The former is always the better choice, because it gives you a much more natural product, and one that has more synergistic benefits as well, while promising an evenly effective product as the THCa isn’t simply coating the outside of each bud.

The THCa Pre-Rolls at Wild Orchard Co.

That brings us to the THCa pre-rolls here at Wild Orchard Co., which have become some of our top-selling products.  It starts with indoor-grown, locally sourced, and organic THCa flower, which is hand-rolled in all-natural, slow-burning paper.  The hemp comes from Oregon, home to some of the most experienced cannabis farmers around the world.  Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams, and it’s sold fresh so that you can enjoy each beneficial and flavorful compound to the fullest.  Each one contains a diamond core, offering the purified, crystalline form of THCa for even stronger effects.

Which Pre-Roll Will You Choose?

Now comes the fun part: choosing the strain.  Right now, you have 4 choices, with each one promising an absolutely dazzling high.  Let’s go over each one to help you decide what your choice will be.

Do Si Do

One of the most sought-after strains of all time, Do Si Do (aka do-si-dos) is a powerful cultivar with up to 30% THCa in its composition, meaning that this is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, giving it an impressive lineage and a mouthwatering flavor profile of mint cookies with notes of vanilla and nuts.  The high is intensely cerebral, with unbelievable euphoria followed by major relaxation and a couchlock effect to drift you off into a state of peace.  This 70% indica-dominant hybrid is a must-try for evening smokers.

Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher is an indica-heavy hybrid with a mouthwatering flavor of juicy grape candy, to instantly appeal to you before you even get to the good part.  The high is like a warm blanket wrapped around the body, lulling you into a state of absolute ease as your troubles melt away along with any tension in your body.  This super calming strain is a pure joy after a long day at work, or as you prepare for bedtime and want to feel deeply relaxed.


Pandemic, aka Pandemia Haze, is the new kid on the block, being a recently released 50/50 hybrid belonging to the Kush family.  There’s nothing but pure happiness ahead as you savor its fast-acting euphoric rush that’s accompanied by a warm and tingly body high.  The strain offers a feeling of total ease, while it can help you feel more social when you’re around people.


Finally, we have Cookies, aka Girl Scout Cookies, an all-time classic that packs a major punch of potent THCa action.  Very psychoactive, this hybrid tastes just like cookies, and while you’re licking your lips, you’ll be launched into a euphoric state that’s accompanied by the soothing body high you’ve been waiting for.  The high ends on a deeply relaxed note, so that you can feel a sense of relief from head to toe.

Explore THCa in the Form of a Top-Shelf Pre-Roll!

These THCa pre-rolls go above and beyond to satisfy you with freshness, potency, and some of the best, tastiest strains in the world, period.  While not all pre-rolls have what it takes to give you the high you’re seeking out, Wild Orchard Co. has you covered with nothing but the best organic, lab-tested offerings on the market.