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THCa Flower, THCa Storage
October 19, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

How Should You Store THCa Flower and How Long Does It Last?

THCa flower is what everyone is raving about right now, and for good reason.  Whether sold in the form of loose buds, moonrocks, or pre-rolls, THCa flower gives us a product that’s basically identical to weed, because it’s grown to yield high levels of THCa (the precursor to delta 9 THC, which becomes THC when heated), giving it a virtually identical chemical composition.  Now, THCa flower is easier to find on the market than ever before, so you can enjoy it for yourself, legally.  But, once you do purchase it, you have to remember that this is an organic product that can expire if you’re not storing it properly, or if you take too long to actually use it.  Let’s go into more detail now.

How Long is THCa Flower Typically “Good” For?

THCa Flower, THCa Storage

Let’s get straight to the point: THCa flower is fresh for about 6 months, give or take.  If you’re taking exceptionally good care of it, it may last for up to a year, but that depends on things like how fresh it was at the time of purchase, and how much it traveled before reaching you.

Basically, once weed reaches the 6-month point, assuming it’s stored properly, its compounds start to break down.  That even includes the cannabinoids and terpenes in the product.  So, while the product isn’t necessarily unsafe to use, it can become basically useless, as the breakdown of these active compounds means you won’t be getting those said effects that you want.

One thing people do ask us is whether or not a pre-roll that’s been previously lit has the same shelf life as a pre-roll that’s not lit.  Well, pre-rolls are typically stored in an airtight vessel of some kind, like a jar, or in a plastic wrap.  If the previously lit pre-roll is also kept under those conditions, then chances are that the contents will remain fresh for the same length of time as a fresh pre-roll.

How Do You Know if That THCa Flower is Still “Good”?

Let’s say you’ve been holding onto some flower for a while, and simply can’t remember when you purchased it.  How can you tell if it’s still good?  Of course, look at it to make sure that it didn’t develop mold.  But otherwise, you can rely on these things below.

Taste/Smell Check

Yes, THCa flower that’s no longer fresh or effective will likely have a stale or muted smell and taste.  Give the flower a whiff, and if you can’t smell the terpenes, the product is probably close to expiring, if it hasn’t already.  If you do go ahead and smoke or vape it, the flavor will likely be very muted as well.

Check the Texture

Feel the flower with your hands, because old flower is going to be dry, unless it happens to have been stored in a humid environment (more on that later).  Expired flower is typically crumbly, and almost falls apart when it’s handled.

Ways to Properly Store Your THCa Flower Products

Now, let’s talk about storing your flower, whether it be pre-rolls, moonrocks, or flower buds.  This is very important.  Why?  Well, because if you’re not storing your flower right, then it can expire even sooner.  Basically, its compounds can break down rapidly if the environmental conditions aren’t right.  Let’s elaborate.

A Dark, Dry, and Cool Environment is Essential

You really must make sure that when you’re not using your flower, it’s being placed/stored in an area that’s dark, dry, and cool – think a cabinet, a drawer, or a shelf in your closet.  Light, heat, and humidity all cause the compounds in cannabis to break down prematurely, by destabilizing them.  Keep in mind that this means that your bathroom is not a good place for your flower, because the humidity of your shower can be extreme.

Keep It Airtight

Oxygen will cause the THCa flower to break down very rapidly.  Hence, why flower is always sold in an airtight container.  And, airtight jars and boxes exist for flower that you can purchase separately.  Keep your flower in its original packaging if it’s resealable.  If it’s not, purchase a stash box or jar, or use Tupperware.

Don’t Leave Your Flower Outdoors

It’s a common mistake to keep your flower outdoors – like in your car, your garage, or on your front porch so you can come back to it later.  But, now you know that environmental conditions like heat, light, and humidity can cause your flower to go bad fast.  So, you can understand why then, the unpredictable environment known as the great outdoors, could be an issue if you want your flower to stay fresh.

If It’s Too Dry, Use Lettuce

Now, let’s say you’re doing everything right, but your flower is suddenly getting too dry, and you’re worried that it’s going to lose its viability.  There’s actually a great trick for that, which is to stick a leaf of lettuce into your stash jar.  The flower will absorb as much moisture as it actually needs from the leaf, and so, will regain the ideal moisture level in no time.

If It’s Too Wet, Use a Paper Towel

Let’s say you have the opposite problem, which is your flower is too moist, and you’re worried that it’s going to grow mold – or simply fail to light.  In that case, you can stick a paper towel into the stash jar, as this time, the flower will shed as much water as it has to onto the paper towel, leaving behind buds that are at just the right level of moisture.

Can You Extend the Shelf Life of THCa Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Moonrocks?

A lot of people ask us how to extend their flower buds, pre-rolls, or moonrocks’ shelf life, and the reality is that you can’t make flower last forever, no matter what you do.  In fact, all of the tips that we’ve gone over today will extend its shelf life to about a year, maximum.  Overall, THCa flower is a natural, organic substance, like we mentioned earlier.  And, because of that, it will eventually lose its viability as it ages.

Still, if you find that you run into the issue of watching your flower expire regularly, there’s a simple solution.  Buy only the amount of flower that you’re going to use in the next few months.  This way, you will never have to toss away old THCa flower again.  Since, it’ll never sit around long enough to actually break down.

Fresh THCa Flower = Highly Effective THCa Flower!

THCa flower won’t last forever.  However, with some really simple steps, you can make it last longer.  The key is buying only the amount you really need.  Not just that, bur keeping it in an airtight container.  And, specifically away from heat, humidity, and light, whenever possible.  Of course, buying THCa flower that’s already fresh helps too.  So, we’ve got you covered in that department with THCa Flower available right here at Wild Orchard Co.  Our flower is sold fresh, so that it can last for many months to come.