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September 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

HHC + Live Resin 510 Cart Mad Honey 1350mg Review

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is still one of the most talked about cannabinoids despite so many new ones popping up quite frequently, too.  What that tells us is that people really just can’t get enough of HHC’s unique delta 9-like effects which are beautifully balanced and phenomenal at lifting a person’s mood.  If you wanna really explore the effects of HHC in one of the most convenient yet bioavailable ways possible, HHC + Live Resin 510 Cart Mad Honey 1350mg is crazy-sweet and impressive.

What You Need to Know About Wild Orchard Co.’s HHC + Live Resin 510 Cart

Our HHC + Live Resin 510 Cart Mad Honey is a 1.5-gram vape cartridge that’s compatible with your go-to 510-threaded vape battery device.  It employs high-grade coil construction to ensure nothing but smooth and satisfying hits from beginning to end. It contains a blend of HHC distillate and live resin, with 1350mg of HHC per cartridge.

Looks, Packaging, and Construction

There are some nice white accents on the cartridge itself, and the minimalist yet whimsical vibe is a huge part of their brand.  The cart is durable, as it’s crafted from high-end materials that are known to be resilient enough to stand up to daily use.  The glass piece is durable Pyrex, and the mouthpiece is heat-resistant to always feel cool when brought to the lips.  The packaging is on point too.

Type of Cannabinoid Blend

This disposable contains just one cannabinoid in distillate form, and that’s HHC.  For those who don’t know, hexahydrocannabinol is the hydrogenated delta 9 analog that delivers nearly identical effects.  With lots of new cannabinoids hitting the market lately, it really says something that HHC is able to remain immensely popular.  Its ‘high’ is euphoric yet relaxing, and its body high is equally soothing.  HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant.  Plus, it phenomenal shelf-stability.  This comes from its hydrogenated structure, likely impacts its reliable effectiveness.

The Strain

Mad Honey is an incredibly rare strain that you can’t just find anywhere.  Its flavor profile alone makes it worthwhile.  It delivers notes of sticky, glossy honey along with notes of pine, earthiness, and citrus.  As for its effects, this hybrid strain is said to be super balanced, introducing feelings of euphoria that lean toward blissful rather than powerfully energizing.  It’s not too sedating, either.  Hence, it’s a fantastic option when you want something that’s in between a sativa and an indica.


You will not find any fillers in this product – just cannabinoid distillates and terpene extracts.

What’s the Mad Honey/HHC Experience Like?

Obviously, pertaining to vaping any cannabis product, how each person feels will depend on a number of things.  For examples, their tolerance, their dosage, and their body chemistry.  We took about 2 puffs of this vape and found that it was the perfect amount.

That being said, Mad Honey lived up to our expectations.  We tried HHC countless times, so we were happy that it hit the spot just like it always does, with a nicely balanced high.  Mad Honey, being a hybrid, works with this perfectly. It gives off a feeling of absolute bliss and ease in the mind & body, without causing couchlock or being stimulating.

Sticky n’ Oh-So Sweet Honey Flavor Paired with HHC: Yes Please!

Mad Honey is one of those rare strains that you don’t encounter often.  And, here at Wild Orchard Co, we are thrilled to have paired it with HHC.  Now, hemp vapers can really get their vape on.  Relax your whole body, while feeling energized and buzzed from the refreshing scents of citrus orange, tropical mango, and forest pine.  With equal parts dedicated to stimulation and calmness, you’ll need to try it to bee-lieve it.