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Fruity Loop Milk Strain, Strains, Strain Review
August 10, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Fruity Loop Milk Strain Review

Fruity Loop Milk strain really is every bit as tasty as it is dreamy in its terpene profile and generous-enough amount of THC.  This strain is on a lot of peoples’ must-try lists, and for good reason.  The name alone is enticing, but that’s nothing compared to its super uplifting, cerebral high that can turn any frown upside down.  Let’s look more closely at this strain so you know what it has in store for you.

Fruity n’ Milky Basics

d9 fruity loop ilk strain wild orchard hemp

Fruity Loop Milk is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid, and it behaves like one, making it a great choice for hanging with friends or just chilling at home and staying functional.  It yields about 18-20% THC, and it comes from two super famous parents: White Widow and Blue Dream, both of which are known for their super powerful effects that come from the terpene profiles as much as the THC itself.

What are the Buds Like?

Fruity Loop Milk Buds are really small and compact, with a pretty dense bud structure and a very round shape.  They’re olive-green in color, and they have a gorgeous golden-yellow hue to them, along with big, bright red-orange hairs, and small amber trichome crystals that coat every nug.

Cultivating Fruity Loop Milk

This is a strain that grows low to the ground, being shorter and bushier than long and spindly, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is always a good thing for most cultivators.  It’s a strain that’s forgiving when it comes to its environment, making it pretty easy to grow, and it has a flowering time of 7-10 weeks.

Does It Really Taste Like That Well-Known Cereal Sensation?

We’ve sampled this strain, and we can confidently say that it really, really does taste like the classic cereal.  It’s got those bright and sugary notes of citrus and berries, along with a milky, creamy undertone that ties it all together.  A slightly nuttiness adds to the realistic cereal taste, while the aroma has an earthier, more herbal quality.

What’s the Main Appeal of Fruity Loop Milk Strain?

Fruity Loop Milk is a really popular strain on the medical market, since it comes with all kinds of potential therapeutic uses that make it just as worthy of trying as its enjoyable high.  People say that it helps them a lot with chronic pain, due to the presence of analgesic and anti-inflammatory terpenes that are higher up on the list.  It’s also a good strain for anyone who’s dealing with anxiety or stress, and people use it to beat nausea as well.

Because of its sativa-leaning orientation, Fruity Loop Milk makes for a great daytime strain, and a lot of people use it for social anxiety, and also when they could use a boost in creativity.

How’s the High?

The high is known for being really fast-acting – basically, one you let out that cloud, expect a tingling sense to take over the cerebral cortex, offering a buzz of mood-lifting energy that makes you feel warm and giddy.  If you’re chilling with your friends, you will find yourself feeling super social and conversational, and likely to burst into fits of laughter.  It’s a great strain for going to parties for that reason, as it can totally diminish social anxiety and allow you to open yourself up to new people and ideas.

For the remainder of the high, you’ll be in a lifted state, where nothing can bring you down.  The body high is warm and tingly, and never sedating, so you won’t have to worry about crashing into a state of drowsiness.  You’ll be feeling good and riding the wave from beginning to end, so even if you’re not with people, you’ll enjoy the feeling of enhanced productivity, focus, and creativity.

Fruity Loop Milk: A Must-Try for More Reasons Than One

Fruity Loop Milk is a dreamy strain in every sense of the word, from its cereal and milk-like flavor to its powerfully mood-boosting high that makes you feel on top of the world – and never sluggish at any time.  We can’t recommend it enough, and the good news is that it’s pretty easy to get your hands on these days, so you can marvel in a euphoric, giddy cloud of bliss for hours on end.  Wild Orchard Co.’s Delta 8 Dessert Line Products contain the Fruity Loop Milk strain.