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June 7, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Everything You Wanna Know About 510 Vape Batteries

Vape cartridges aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Offering pure hemp extract in all kinds of strains, and even featuring a wide array of deeply satisfying and often psychoactive cannabinoids, they offer a more discreet and travel-friendly way to inhale delicious, potent cannabis clouds throughout the day.

But, as anyone who uses vape cartridges knows, you will only get so far without a 510 vape battery.  Not to mention, the types of vape batteries tailored for cannabis cartridges aren’t the same as those used for vaping nicotine.  

510 Vape Battery Basics 101

A 510 vape battery is a device that’s used for cannabis vape carts.  It’s a very small device with a built-in battery, and a 510-threaded connection, which is the part of the device that connects to the cartridge.  

Basically, you can’t use a vape cart without a 510 vape battery.  While the cartridge is disposable, since it’s nonrefillable, the battery is rechargeable, and meant to last for a long time.  Batteries can typically last for up to a few years if they’re taken care of properly, and as long as they’re charged regularly.

So, how do they work?  Well, the device is fired through the battery power, and this activates the coil in the cartridge.  This allows the coil to heat up, and once it reaches temperature, it vaporizes the vape oil inside of the coil’s wick.  The result is a cloud of vapor that is easily inhaled through the mouthpiece.  

Different Kinds of 510 Vape Batteries

There are a variety of 510 vape batteries out there these days, and most of them do the trick just fine.  But, it’s good to know the different kinds that are available, since you might be particular about something like the design, the output, or the capacity.

Battery Capacity

The battery that’s built into the pen has a specific capacity – like 280mAh, or 500mAh.  This is how much power the battery has before it needs to be recharged.  A higher-capacity battery can reach higher wattage or voltage levels, and last for a longer time between charging sessions.  A higher-capacity battery is also larger, and that means your device will be bigger.


The design matters for both practical and aesthetic reasons.  There’s obviously nothing wrong with wanting a vape battery that has a “wow” factor in the visual department.  At the same time, you need to consider things like size and shape, in terms of how portable the device will be – for instance, if you care about whether or not it can fit into your pocket comfortably.  Ergonomics may also matter – in other words, how comfortable it is to grip – and the materials used to make the vape pen determine how durable it is, which matters if you drop your device at some point.


The output is determined by wattage or voltage – usually voltage – and that’s super important.  The output level tells you how powerful each hit you fire will be.  Higher voltage or wattage means more juice behind every pull, so to speak, and the result is bigger clouds of vapor, and more potency.  Also, of course, that means more risk of burning the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cartridge, if the output is too high.  

Lots of devices come with adjustable output, which let you change between different voltage or wattage presets using a dial or button.  But, keep in mind that this isn’t the case for all of them.

Special Features

Some “fancier” 510 vape batteries come with special features, like preheat functions, temperature control, etc.  You don’t really need any of these functions to feel satisfied with your vapes, but they do give you more control in that you can customize performance, and they add a good amount of convenience at the end of the day.  And, they will likely make a battery more costly, so keep that in mind.

If you’re unfamiliar with preheat functions, they exist because of the tendency that some cannabinoid distillates have to crystallize.  Preheating allows the crystals to melt back into oil to avoid clogs, and simply enjoy smooth fog.

Why Any Old 510 Battery Won’t Necessarily Do

One thing we do want to point out is that there are always going to be very cheaply made batteries out there, and while saving money is always a good thing, it shouldn’t be at the cost of having a functional and safe vape battery.  Poorly made vape pens may not keep a charge for very long, or simply may die completely after just a few weeks of daily use.  Worse, if they’re made using very poor standards, then they could potentially explode.  That’s why you only want to buy one from a reputable retailer.  Think of it this way, there isnothing worse than investing in a 510 vape battery that just doesn’t cut it, leaving you with a subpar vaping experience.

Blow Some Serious Clouds with the JINX FatBoy 510 Battery!

The JINX FatBoy 510 Battery has debuted at Wild Orchard, and it’s the ultimate choice for any vape cart user.  With a 500mAh built-in battery, it supplies plenty of power, providing hemp vapers with long vaping sessions between charging, and generous output for those who prefer bigger, more potent clouds of vapor.  You can enjoy a variety of voltage presets – four, to be exact – to really customize how you experience your vaping sessions.

Rapid-charging through a type-C charge port, this ultra-portable device uses a single button to power on and off, fire hits, and adjust voltage levels.  There is also a preheat function for cartridges that have a tendency to crystallize.  Meanwhile, it offers major visual appeal with its modern aesthetic, along with ergonomic features that make it super comfy to grip throughout the day.

Essentially, JINX FatBoy 510 Battery offers loads of features that work together to provide only maximum satisfaction – no matter what.  It’s durable, powerful, customizable, and pocket-friendly.  Plus, with its 510-threaded connection, it’s compatible with any vape cart that you have just lying around.  Give it a try today!