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A red therapeutic mushroom on a black background.
August 9, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Do Mushroom Gummies Have Any Therapeutic Effects?

Mushroom gummies are the next big thing on the natural wellness market, and it’s easy to see why.  With so many varieties that have been proven to provide major benefits, ranging from PTSD management to improved immunity, they can address a lot of our daily needs, while being easy to take, all-natural, and totally legal.  That being said, we just gotta explore the known benefits of popular therapeutic mushrooms, gummies, focusing mainly on amanita mushrooms, but others as well.

What are the Therapeutic Effects When Taking Amanita Mushroom Gummies?

Amanita muscaria mushrooms are legal in the United States, despite being intoxicating.  These mushrooms get their primary benefits from muscimol, the intoxicating compound that has impressive effects on the nervous system.

Relief from Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD Symptoms

Muscimol, the key compound in amanita mushrooms, works directly with GABA receptors, having been found to act as a GABA agonist.  GABA is a neurotransmitter that plays a major role in regulating the nervous system, and is associated with feelings of calm and ease, being the antagonist to our fight-or-flight response.  People say that taking high doses of amanita mushrooms can offer the ability to move through traumatic memories, helping the brain process them.  Even at low doses, it’s possible that muscimol can help a person manage their daily stress or anxiety symptoms.  This is why micro-dosing with mushroom gummies is immensely popular.

Relief from Depression

At the same time, more depression patients are beginning to gravitate toward amanita mushroom gummies to address their symptoms.  The mushroom’s key compound, muscimol, seems to have the ability to rewire the brain and change the way in which neurons interact with each other, enabling changes in one’s state of mind.  The ‘high’ is often described as euphoric, while its sedative properties can help a person manage negative or generally unwanted thoughts.

Anti-Seizure Effects

Muscimol has been studied in recent years for the way in which it could potentially manage symptoms of epilepsy.  GABA plays a critical role in seizure activity, and GABA agonists can reduce seizure activity in the brain.  This, of course, could have major clinical implications in the future, as epilepsy can be a very serious and potentially fatal condition.

Promotion of Neuroplasticity

Muscimol has been found to benefit neuroplasticity, which means that it can enhance the brain’s ability to be “flexible” and “bounce back” from difficult experiences and situations.  Neuroplasticity is a key area of research at the moment when it comes to addressing trauma, as it’s believed that the more neuroplastic the brain is, the more effectively it can process traumatic memories and repair itself.  Aside from that, neuroplasticity may play a critical role in the prevention of cognitive decline, by allowing the brain to maintain its ability to build new neural pathways and stay “sharp” as a person ages.

Creativity Boost

Lots of people get inspiration from the ‘high’ of amanita mushrooms.  In turn, allowing them to get a boost in creativity.  If you’re someone who gravitates toward artistic endeavors like art, music, or writing, you may find that amanita mushrooms help you get more accomplished creatively while you experience the dreamy high that they can induce.

Greater Spiritual Awareness

In higher doses, amanita mushrooms may be able to enhance our feeling of spiritual awareness.  People describe the psychedelic effects that come with higher doses as a feeling of spiritual connectedness, and the ability to see things from a new, greater perspective.  This can be profound if you’ve been struggling to find meaning in your day-to-day life.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Muscimol seems to offer anti-inflammatory effects as well, as GABA plays a role in regulating our inflammatory response.  So, taking the mushroom regularly could act as a natural way to ease chronic inflammation in the body.

Other Mushroom Varieties: How are They Beneficial?

We’ve covered amanita mushrooms and how they can be beneficial, but what about other mushroom varieties that are sold on the market?  Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones you’ll encounter, which aren’t psychoactive, but do bring their own fascinating benefits.

Lion’s Mane

A super popular nonintoxiating mushroom, Lion’s Mane has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries.  It can offer immunity-boosting properties, while improving cognitive function, digestive health, neurological health, and energy levels.  Many people find that the mushroom helps them concentrate better during the day, as well.


Cordyceps mushrooms are often used for energy – in fact, they may improve exercise performance.  They also have associations with anti-aging, thanks to the high level of antioxidants found within their chemical composition.

Turkey Tail

Antioxidant-rich Turkey Tail mushrooms are used for anti-aging purposes.  They’re known for being high in anti-inflammatory properties, while potentially improving gut health and regulating blood sugar – something useful for anyone with diabetes.

Red Reishi

Red reishi mushrooms are commonly used for immunity, by improving the function of white blood cells.  The mushroom is also commonly used to combat depression and fatigue.


Chaga mushrooms are highly anti-inflammatory and offer immune-boosting properties.  The mushroom has also been found to reduce both blood sugar and cholesterol.

Explore the Therapeutic Benefits of Mushroom Gummies at Wild Orchard Co.

As you can see, mushroom gummies offer a host of potential benefits that can improve how you feel.  There is even a wide range of mushrooms to choose from.  These include psychoactive and nonintoxicating varieties.  At Wild Orchard Co. you can explore a host of mushroom gummies that utilize different species.  See for yourself how each variety can impact your well-being.

Our mushroom gummies are crafted with carefully selected adaptogens and our exclusive blend of mind-altering mushrooms.  Delight in the luscious flavors, all in a vegan and fast-acting bite-sized treat.  Prepare yourself for an otherworldly adventure that brings the perfect balance of chill, focus, and clarity.

Within each gummy is 250mg of our distinctive mushroom blend, along with 5mg delta 9 THC.  You essentially get a super chill and blissful buzz while being totally compliant with the law. We’ve packed these gummies with mushrooms lauded for their benefits, offering you relief while lifting your mood.