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Strawberry Sprinkles Strain, Strains, Strain Review, live resin, d9
August 20, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Cake Batter Strain Review

A strain called, “Cake Batter” is naturally gonna stand out from the crowd.  We mean, after all, it instantly gets our mouths just watering with joy.  Sorta reminiscent of licking that wooden spoon coated in cake batter goodness.  Luckily, Cake Batter is a strain which lives up to everything we could imagine.  And, only in its flavor, but in its ultra-rich ‘high’, too.  That’s not at all surprising either, considering who its parents are.  So, if you’re interested in sampling this cultivar, not matter if its in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in your house or at a friend’s, read on to learn more about it.

Cake Batter Strain Basics

cake batter strain review delta 9 vape pen d9 live resin

Cake Batter is derived from mixing Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie – two absolutely massive strains on the market in terms of their popularity.  It’s safe to say that if you enjoy this strain family, you’ll likely crave Cake Batter.  A 50/50 hybrid, it features a 24% THC level, similar to GSC, and that tells you that you’re in for a really strong high.  CBD levels are below 1%.

What are the Buds Like?

Cake Batter’s buds are really dense and round, with a rich, light forest green shade that’s pretty distinctive, not to mention beautiful.  They have amber hairs that are average in thickness and length, along with lavender-colored trichome crystals that coat the buds finely, giving off a milky appearance.

How to Grow Cake Batter

Cake Batter loves growing outdoors, and it doesn’t need a ton of space, for the reason that the plant remains nice and compact.  It has a flowering time of 40-50 days, but if you decide to grow indoors, it needs about 60 days.  This is a strain that loves sun, so make sure that whether you’re growing indoors or out, you can provide it with adequate sunlight (or a grow light) throughout the day.  Its yield is pretty generous, as well.

Does Cake Batter Taste as Good as It Sounds?

birthday cake flower

Cake Batter is an absolutely tantalizing strain in terms of its flavor.  It has prominent notes of fresh strawberries, balanced with a hint of lemon, but the foundation of the flavor profile is that of sweet, nutty, and creamy cake batter – so yes, it does taste like its namesake, and you’ll likely be surprised by how much that’s the case.  In terms of its aroma, it is pretty much the same as the flavor, but with more sour lemon notes, and some spicy black pepper – plus a hint of earthiness.

Why is Cake Batter the Next Strain You Need to Try?

Cake Batter’s lineage alone makes it a clear standout on anyone’s list of must-try cultivars, because its parents are so legendary and so in demand that it’s easy to assume this one will hit the spot as well.  Of course, its heavy THC level also makes it a good choice for anyone who has a high tolerance and wants to enjoy a substantial high.

Overall, Cake Batter strain is recommended for people dealing with:

  • Sleeping troubles
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Low appetite

Of course, the big part of its appeal is its 50/50 hybrid profile, as that’s somewhat rare compared to other ratios.

How is Cake Batter’s Actual High?

Cake Batter is going to hit you hard and fast, so prepare for a crash of euphoric buzzing almost right after you take your last exhale.  Go easy if you don’t have the ability to withstand such a strong THC level, as beginners could easy get more high than they bargained for, due to a little going a long way.

The instant rush of euphoria means that any negativity that’s been hiding in the pockets of your mind will dissipate into thin air.  A super uplifting effect brings about a feeling of enhanced creativity, giggly joy, and sociability, making you the life of the party – or the master of a creative project at home, if you’re partaking solo.  An arousing feeling in the cerebral cortex feels uniquely pleasurable, like a buzzing sensation between the eyes.  This can motivate you to look at things from a fresh, positive perspective.

As the high continues, you start to feel more relaxed and mellow, both in the body and mind.  The body high begins with a warm, tingly sensation that runs along the limbs, before quietly settling you down into a state of ease, where you will likely want to stay put since you’re so chilled.  Keep in mind, this isn’t a heavily sedating strain, which is a good thing if you wanna remain functional and focused for the duration of the high.  You will end up feeling very tranquil, and even stoned, but not couchlocked.

Cake Batter: Delicious, Potent, and the New Strain You Gotta Try Today!

It goes without saying that Cake Batter has it all – its parents are best-sellers on the market, its flavor is intriguing on its own, and its high promises a powerful, relaxing, and ultimately balanced experience.  Basically, there’s no real reason to skip this one.  Especially, since its popularity is already through the roof, showing that it’s a real crowd-pleaser that countless people are getting enjoyment out of.

You can savor Cake Batter at Wild Orchard Co with our Knockout “Cake Batter” HHC-R Live Resin Vape 2 Gram!  Introducing Knockout’s limited edition Cake Batter flavored vape pen, designed to deliver the ultimate “NIRVANA” effect.  This 2-gram vape combines Ultra-High-Racemic (HHCr), True Live Resin (d9), Hemp Terpenes, and Minor USA-grown Cannabinoids.  Each immersing you in the rich taste of freshly whipped cake batter.