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blue dream flower review
September 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Blue Dream Delta-8 Flower Review

Everyone knows that delta 8 THC is one of the most sought-after cannabinoids of all time for a reason – its ‘high’ is milder than delta 9’s, and its effects can be summed up in one word: blissful.  The mellowing, clear-minded buzz that delta 8 brings allows you to still get things done during the day.  Plus, it mixes perfectly with so many strains in flower form, like Blue Dream, a legendary sativa-leaning hybrid.  If this combo sounds appealing to you, read on, as we’re going to be reviewing our Blue Dream Delta-8 Flower.

What You Need to Know About Blue Dream Delta-8 Flower

Our delta-8 flower comes in 4g and 8g sizes, and it’s flower that’s been bred in the beloved Blue Dream strain.  The flower is infused with delta 8 THC distillate that’s high in its purity level, by slowly allowing the distillate to soak into the flower buds over time – much better than spraying the outside of the buds with the distillate, as many companies do.  The flower is hand-trimmed, and grown organically, ready to be vaped or smoked, or used to make your own delicious edibles.

Looks, Packaging, and Construction

At Wild Orchard Co, we know how to create aesthetically pleasing products   The sleek and sophisticated vibes of the visuals of this product instantly tell you that the brand has an air of professionalism which goes a long way.

The packaging is on point too.  You will get all of the info needed in order know about what’s inside, such as the strain, ingredients, directions, etc.  Overall, it’s a really well-packaged flower that will impress you even before you even get to what’s inside.

Type of Cannabinoid Blend

This flower is, again, infused with delta 8 THC distillate, and in case you didn’t know, delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that’s present in the hemp plant in trace amounts.  Delta 8 is 30% less intoxicating than delta 9 THC by nature, and its ‘high’ is known for being super “indica-like,” meaning that it can be super relaxing and calming.  The body high and cerebral effects are very blissful, yet the milder nature of the cannabinoid means that you won’t feel a super “stoned” sensation – unless you have a barely-there THC tolerance, that is.  The delta-8 is present in distillate form for maximum purity, and it’s, like we said, infused into hemp flower that’s been bred in the Blue Dream cultivar.

The Strain

Blue Dream is a phenomenally sought-after hybrid strain that’s 60% sativa and 40% indica, coming from a cross between Blueberry and Haze.  Its blueberry flavor alone is a reason to try it, but its high is unlike anything else.  It’s super versatile as it can be relaxing in the evening and mildly stimulating during the daytime, promoting feelings of euphoria, deep inner calm, relaxation in the body, and boosted creativity.


Flower should never contain any additives, other than additional hemp extracts that can allow the product to deliver additional effects outside of what pure hemp flower buds can provide.  As expected, this flower contains only 100% pure hemp.

What’s the Blue Dream/Delta 8 Flower Experience Like?

We decided to go old-school, and just roll a joint with this flower.  Of course, everyone’s experience can be different depending on things like tolerance and dosage, so keep that in mind.

Delta 8 THC’s high is super satisfying in flower form, providing a beautifully calming effect that’s complemented by the fresh terpenes in the flower.  Blue Dream tastes/smokes great, and the flower is super fresh which is a plus.  We definitely got those classic Blue Dream vibes, with a nice mood boost and a feeling of calm in the body and mind.

Dream Away When Using Blue Dream Delta-8 Flower

Blue Dream is one of those standout strains on the market in terms of its popularity, since just about everyone finds something to absolutely love about it – and the same can be said about delta 8 THC.  So, it’s only natural that we’d highly recommend this exquisite flower, since it brings these two legends together in one.