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January 9, 2024 By Wild Orchard Co.

Best Knockout HHC-R Vape Pens (2 Gram) You Gotta Be Vaping in 2024

The brand-new Knockout line at Wild Orchard Co. has really grabbed the attention of our customers thanks to the sublimely potent effects of HHC-R, which is the purified form of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) that can bring about even more potency than you thought possible.  We’ve taken things to a new level by combining our HHC-R distillate with a little bit of delta 9 THC, plus delicious live resin, to offer a phenomenal disposable device complete with top-tier strains to explore for a personalized high.  Now, with 2024 already here, we gotta take a look at the best-selling strains for our Knockout HHC-R Vape Pens (2 Gram), in order to help you select the device that can offer up the satisfaction as you move through the year ahead.

Best Knockout HHC-R Vape Pens (2 Gram) to Be Vaping with Here in 2024

HHC-R is stronger than HHC, so your high can be more substantial.  For this exciting new cannabinoid, we’ve developed all-in-one disposable vape pens that make your life more convenient, all while delivering some of the finest hemp extracts possible: HHC-R and delta 9 distillates, with phenomenal purity levels.

These vape pens also contain live resin, which is a full-spectrum hemp extract made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp flower buds, guaranteeing higher terpene counts for impressively powerful potency and flavor.  Now, let’s check out 4 must-try strains so that you can get your vape on in the new year.

Vape Pen #4: Knockout “Blueberry Glazed” HHC-R Live Resin 2 Gram Vape

Also known as “Glazed Berries,” Blueberry Glazed is a strain that’s pretty hard to come by, and it’s already becoming one of the most sought-after strains you can find.  The flavor is undeniably gratifying all by itself, with notes of fresh blueberries glazed in sugar, and hints of vanilla and lemon to add even more decadence.  This indica-heavy hybrid is true to its orientation, in that it can knock out any stress you’re feeling, and help you settle into the moment with a feeling of being totally grounded.  The body high is just as glorious, melting away any tension in the limbs.

Vape Pen #3: Knockout “Chocolate Frosted” HHC-R Live Resin 2 Gram Vape

Another strain you don’t want to miss out on is Chocolate Glazed, which does, in fact, deliver a rich chocolate taste that’s so authentic, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s coming from terpenes alone.  Another indica-dominant hybrid, Chocolate Glazed starts out with a sugary-sweet euphoric effect that will have you smiling from ear to ear, as you feel more and more relaxed with each passing moment.  Your body may feel deeply calm, but you’ll still be able to stay focused and present in the moment.

Vape Pen #2: Knockout “Cake Batter” HHC-R Live Resin 2 Gram Vape

Another mouthwatering strain from this collection is Cake Batter, a heavy-hitting hybrid that boasts powerful psychoactive effects and a nice balance between mind and body properties.  You’ll feel deeply euphoric and hazy as you get more and more stoned over the course of a couple of hours, finding yourself unable to focus on anything but a feeling of deep contentment, and powerful ease throughout the muscles of the body.

Vape Pen #1: Knockout “Strawberry Sprinkles” HHC-R Live Resin 2 Gram Vape

The last strain we need to cover is a personal favorite: Strawberry Sprinkles.  And, it does have that sugary strawberry taste that leaves you licking your lips after you blow out each cloud.  It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives you a boost of giggly, euphoric giddiness, and one that lasts for hours upon hours, making you feel virtually unstoppable.  Meanwhile, a warm and fuzzy feeling takes over the body, helping you relax your muscles while the vibes hit the spot.

A “Knockout” HHC-R Vaping Time Awaits in 2024!

Basically, these amazing vape pens hit hard in 2024, with a nice variety of strains that each serve a unique purpose in your routine.  Besides that, they’ve got some of the purest cannabinoid distillates you can find, and delicious live resin to ensure that each cloud really satisfies on a whole new level.  Check out all of the strains above, and simply prepare for a blissful 2024.