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THCa, THCa Diamonds, THCa Liquid Diamonds, THCa Live Resin Diamonds, THCa Live Rosin Diamonds
October 19, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

Are There Any Differences Between THCa Liquid Diamonds, THC Live Resin Diamonds, and THCa Live Rosin Diamonds?

Pertaining to THCa, there really is no way to get the most impactful experience with the cannabinoid like choosing THCa diamonds.  THCa diamonds are the purest form of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid to exist on the market.  In fact, they’ve quickly become a favorite among those who want a major psychoactive effect from the THCa converting into delta 9 THC via vaping, smoking, or dabbing.

THCa diamonds are a big deal right now.  How come?  Well, they’re sought after by anyone who yearns for the purest and most potent form of THCa possible.  But, you may see the term “THCa diamonds” attached to phrases like “liquid”, “live resin”, and “live rosin”.  It would be a mistake then to think that all of these terms are identical. We will be covering what these  distinctive product types are, and how they differ from one another.  That way, you can make a more informed decision moving forward whenever you encounter them.

What are THCa Diamonds?

THCa, THCa Diamonds, THCa Liquid Diamonds, THCa Live Resin Diamonds, THCa Live Rosin Diamonds

To understand what THCa diamonds are, we need to take a look at THCa, first and foremost.  THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the raw precursor cannabinoid to delta 9 THC, existing only in raw cannabis flower – that includes hemp and marijuana, by the way.

THCa is a nonintoxicating cannabinoid when it’s left raw.  But once it’s heated beyond a certain temperature, THCa takes on new chemical properties, and becomes delta 9 THC.  This is why eating raw cannabis buds won’t get you high but smoking them will.  Basically, this means that hemp-derived THCa vapes, flower, and concentrates are actually giving you a (legal) delta 9 high.

When we extract and refine cannabinoids from cannabis flower, they naturally take on a crystallized form due to their unique chemical properties.  THCa diamonds, therefore, refer to the most purified form of THCa that is possible, with the name coming from the crystal-like appearance and texture that emerges.  Being the most purified form of THCa that exists, THCa diamonds offer the most potent form.

You can find THCa diamonds sold on their own, meaning that the only compound you’re getting from cannabis is THCa.  Because cannabinoids have no aroma or flavor properties of their own, THCa diamonds don’t taste or smell like anything, and the lack of terpenes means that you’re not choosing from any strains.  That’s why THCa liquid diamonds, live resin diamonds, and live rosin diamonds exist – for those who want terpenes added to their experience, in the form of a variety of strain choices.

The “Big 3” of Diamonds

Now, let’s look at each of these products, as you’ll likely run into all of them while shopping for diamonds.  Again, each of these products combine THCa diamonds with a full-spectrum cannabis extract that’s rich in terpenes.  This way, you can choose from different strains.

THCa Liquid Diamonds

THCa liquid diamonds refer to a product that contains both THCa diamonds and “sauce”.  Sauce is a specific type of cannabis concentrate.  The product is made using a specific process which naturally creates both THCa diamonds and a thick liquid that contains the remaining compounds in hemp – in other words, THCa liquid diamonds aren’t two types of products added together, but rather the natural result of running cannabis through a specific extraction process, which separates the cannabinoid from the other compounds.

So, how is this product made?  It begins with fresh, flash-frozen cannabis buds, and we want to touch upon that for a quick second.  Flash-freezing fresh buds is a relatively new alternative to dry-curing them, which had been the standard method for preserving buds in order to sell them in flower form.  Dry-curing buds for flower form prevents moisture from developing mold, but for non-flower products, it has a drawback.  That would be dry-curing dulls the trichomes which coat the buds.  This too, is where we find the vibrant array of terpenes and cannabinoids.  As a result, fresh, flash-frozen buds are much more potent.

To make liquid diamonds, you create a BHO (butane hash oil) from these buds, with butane being a solvent that effectively extracts the desired compounds.  BHO is very concentrated, creating a more potent product.  This extract is left to age for a couple of weeks in a high-pressure vessel, and during this process, the THCA separates from the remaining compounds, becoming crystalline, while the remaining, terpene-rich extract naturally takes on a viscous liquid form known once again as “sauce”.  Take note, this process involves “purging”.  It’s where the solvent is effectively purged from the resulting concentrate so that the customer never consumes it.

THCa Live Resin Diamonds

THCa live resin diamonds refers to a product that’s very similar to liquid diamonds, and the processes of creating it are very similar as well.

We already went over the process of making liquid diamonds, above, which starts out with running fresh, flash-frozen flower buds through a butane-based extraction process to end up with a very potent and flavorful extract, in which the THCa diamonds naturally separate from the terpene-rich extract after being left to age.  That’s actually the same process involved in making THCa live resin diamonds, with one real difference.  Live resin isn’t as concentrated as sauce, and so it has a less viscous, somewhat thinner consistency.  Basically, this means that live resin diamonds are less potent than liquid diamonds, in terms of the terpene content.  Less potency may sound like a bad thing, but remember, THCa diamonds are still just as potent no matter what the terpene extract is.  Also, keep in mind, less potency generally means more flavor as a payoff.  Why?  Because less a cannabis extract is processed, the better those flavor molecules in the terpenes are preserved.

Because live resin is thinner in consistency than sauce, you will also find that vapes are more likely to contain THCa live resin diamonds, while liquid diamonds are usually sold in the form of dabs.

THCa Live Rosin Diamonds

THCa live rosin diamonds are the rarest of the three.  It also happens to be the most potent product discussed today.  It’s a rarer product because it requires a lot more time and effort to produce.  In essence, live rosin is a cannabis concentrate that’s made by hand, rather than through the use of a solvent like butane.  People consider it to be cleaner, despite how butane in the other 2 concentrates is removed at the end.

Live rosin diamonds are made with fresh, flash-frozen flower, just like liquid diamonds and live resin diamonds.  From there, the trichomes are separated from the flower, usually through the introduction of freezing temperatures.  The trichomes are “harvested” and pressed mechanically, as applying intense pressure to the harvested trichomes creates an incredibly concentrated product that’s very thick and resin-like, as opposed to a more liquid form like the other two.

At this point, a cold-curing process is performed.  From there, once again, the product is left to age.  That way, the diamonds naturally separate from the terpene extract.  The process is very labor-intensive, but fully worth it.  Simply put, it provides the most concentrated result while boasting incredible flavor and solventless extraction overall.

Which THCa “Diamond in the Rough” Do You Prefer?

Overall, each of these products offers up the same general result: a very potent THCa (delta 9) experience paired with the concentrated effects of your favorite strains, through various types of extraction methods.  The goal is finding which one works best for your needs.  But, ot forgetting that live rosin is the most potent, and live resin the least potent.  With that in mind, we encourage you to experiment with all 3 types of THCa diamond products for yourself.  From there, you can then compare them to come up with your favorite.