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A bearded man smoking a THCa vape pen strains on an orange background.
December 6, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

5 Wonderful Delta 8 Vape Pen Strains You Need to Try This Holiday Season

Vaping some delta 8 THC can benefit us at any time of year, but during the holidays in particular, a delta 8 vape pen can really be a godsend.  In fact, Wild Orchard Delta 8 Disposable are some of the best on the hemp marketplace.  Our D8 Vape Pens contain additive-free formulas, consisting of delta 8 distillate and live resin, to give you the glorious effects you’re looking for all season long.  Now, if you need some help finding the best strains, no problem – we’re here to help.

What are Cannabis Strains Anyway?

Simply put, cannabis strains refer to distinct varieties of the cannabis plant, each with unique characteristics and properties.  These strains are typically classified into three main categories:

  1. Indica: Originating from the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan, Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedating effects. They usually have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.  Indica plants are typically short, bushy, and have wider leaves.
  2. Sativa: Sativa strains come from equatorial regions like Thailand, Mexico, and South Africa. Sativa strains are recognized for their energizing and uplifting effects, often enhancing creativity and focus. Sativa plants are taller, thinner, and have narrower leaves compared to Indica. They usually contain higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD.
  3. Hybrid: Hybrid strains are created by crossbreeding Indica and Sativa strains. They aim to blend the characteristics of both, offering a balance between the two.  Hybrids can be either Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or balanced.

Each strain can produce unique effects due to varying levels of cannabinoids (i.e., THC and CBD) and terpenes, which also contribute to their distinct aromas and flavors.  The development of strains is often driven by specific therapeutic or recreational purposes, leading to a vast and diverse range of options for consumers, especially here at Wild Orchard Co.

5 Must-Try Strains for the Holidays

Wild Orchard Co. carries a large array of strains for our Delta 8 Disposables, but these five are particularly essential for the holidays ahead, as you navigate the hustle and bustle of the season.

#1: Pineapple Express

An oldie but a goodie, Pineapple Express remains at the top of everyone’s holiday list, and for good reason.  Its fresh taste of juicy pineapples and notes of fresh cut pine are worth sampling all on their own, but the real magic comes from the strain’s unique 60% sativa-leaning profile that lends itself to one of the most engaging highs you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying.  It can make you feel more sociable and upbeat (which can really come in handy over those family dinners that are coming up), and give you a nice pep in your step that can counteract a lot of the burnout we feel as we jump from one holiday event to the next.  Never too sedating, nor overstimulating, it offers a gentle boost and a nice burst of creativity.

#2: Mimosa

Mimosa already sounds like a festive strain you’d want to help yourself to around New Year’s – after all, it’s named after the most iconic champagne cocktail of all time.  And, believe it or not, the flavor lives up to the hype, tasting of freshly squeezed citrus paired with a surprising champagne-like taste.  But, that’s not all that this strain has up its sleeve.  Mimosa is a 70% sativa-dominant strain that’s known as the ultimate “wake and bake” hybrid out there, thanks to its ability to get you up and moving, with a big increase in focus, motivation, and overall mood.  It can help you tackle those early morning holiday obligations with a smile on your face that lasts for hours on end.  It’s also a  good appetite booster, so consider taking a few puffs before that big family dinner.

#3: Gorilla Glue

For anyone who has a high THC tolerance, Gorilla Glue is one of the most potent strains there is, yielding a staggering 28% or so THC.  Derived from Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel, its flavor profile, unsurprisingly, offers notes of rich chocolate, sour lemons, and diesel.  Its long-lasting high can get you through the most demanding days of the holidays, but keep in mind that it’s not for the “faint of heart”.  Basically, this is one of the haziest strains of all time, and it’s best reserved for when you really want to shut your brain off and not be able to think about anything even if you wanted to.

You will feel foggy and in a daze while your body is unmovable, acting as a sort of emergency brake for when those holiday responsibilities just get a little too overwhelming.  We think it’s a great strain to grab after a long and demanding day working in retail, or a day with those relatives you hope you won’t have to see again until next year.

#4: Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake is something of a newcomer, and its parents Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie tell you a lot that you need to know about it.  Basically, its genetics are somewhat prestigious in today’s world of cultivars, and it really does live up to the hype.  First off, its flavor is one of the tastiest in the world, tasting like, well, birthday cake.  Its creamy vanilla notes dominate, with nutty undertones that really round things out.  As for the ‘high’, this 50/50 hybrid is strong, offering a major blast of euphoric energy that gets the mind buzzing, before lulling you into a state of utterly blissful sedation.  It’s perfect for when you’re ready to hit the hay on a cold winter night.

#5: Blue Dream

Lastly, we have the ultimate crowd-pleaser, Blue Dream.  Blue Dream is a classic sativa-leaning hybrid known for its satisfying and comforting taste of blueberry pie, fresh out of the oven.  But, aside from that, this strain is perfect for day or night, as its balanced nature appeals to everyone, whenever they want a pick-me-up.  It can improve your mood, enhance your creativity, help you focus better, and eliminate unwanted thoughts, all at once, being something of a companion with which to enjoy the best days of the holiday season ahead.

‘Tis the Season to Be Vaping  a Wild Orchard Delta 8 Pen!

No doubt, these remarkable strains are all awesome choices for the holidays.  In fact, we’re confident that between these choices and the other ones at Wild Orchard Co., you will be able to treat yourself to maximum delta 8 satisfaction all winter long.  Explore our collection of Delta 8 Vape Pens today, and find the strain that appeals to your holiday-related needs.