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December 14, 2023 By Wild Orchard Co.

10 Reasons to Try Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies

When was the last time you allowed yourself to indulge in a rich and fudgy chocolate brownie?  Well, how about the last time you treated yourself to a rich n’ fudgy chocolate brownie infused with THC?  “Magic brownies” aren’t anything new – in fact, for many of us, they were the first edible we ever had – but here at Wild Orchard Co., we’ve really taken the concept to new heights with our brand new Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies, with all of that intense chocolate flavor you crave.  Plus, the perfect amount of THC to give you the high you’ve been dreaming of.

What Exactly are Wild Orchard Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies?

Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies are the result of our own personal love for a nostalgic take on a “magic brownie”.  This is something that most of us have dabbled in over the years.  We made a real effort to supply the fudgiest, richest, and yummiest brownie recipe possible, after lots of testing and tweaking, and we infused it with 150mg of our delta-9 THC distillate and 150mg of full-spectrum CBD extract.  Crafted with organic, U.S.-grown hemp, as well as being third-party-tested, we can certainly say that this is one of the best psychoactive brownies on the hemp marketplace.

Why Should You Give Our Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies a Try?

Because our delta-9 brownies are so new to our catalog, we want to take the time to shed light on what makes them a standout product.  Besides the fact that we took care of all the baking for you.  So, let’s go over some awesome reasons why these brownies are absolutely worth indulging in.  Especially, if you’re seeking out a new way to get high, legally.

Reason #1: They’re Legal

Yes – even with a whopping 150mg delta-9 THC distillate per brownie, these brownies are compliant with federal law.  Specifically, the 2018 Farm Bill allows for all hemp-derived products that contain a maximum of 0.3% THC per dry weight.  Our brownies maintain that concentration despite having a hefty amount of delta-9 in them.  How?  Well, because these brownies are large in size, so 0.3% THC comes out to a high number of milligrams.

Reason #2: Can Be a Nice Change from Gummies

A lot of us are more familiar with THC gummies, which remain a tried-and-true favorite on the market.  However, gummies can get old after a while, just like anything else, and it’s totally okay to want something new to excite your palate with.  Our brownies are perfect for someone who’s ready for a change.  Not just that but could use a little more luxurious chocolate in their lives.

Reason #3: 150mg THC + 150mg CBD

Each brownie contains a whopping 150mg delta-9 THC + 150mg CBD.  That’s definitely way more than you’d ever need all at one time (most people get plenty high off of 25mg of THC).  Of course, you’re not supposed to eat all of it at once.  Meanwhile, the 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD is something that a lot of hemp enthusiasts are seeking out nowadays.  You see, the combo of these cannabinoids, in the synergistic sense, is absolutely outstanding, with CBD making the THC high more calming, and far less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia.

Reason #4: The Flavor is On Point

Naturally, THC brownies had better taste good, and they do.  We worked really hard to develop the perfect recipe to ensure that brownie lovers everywhere can find immense satisfaction with each bite they take.  Our brownies are fudgy, moist, rich, and intensely chocolaty, with that homemade taste that instantly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Reason #5: Edibles Offer a New Type of High

If you’ve never had edibles before in general, then it might be time to experience the totally unique way in which ingesting THC gets us high.  Many of us are used to smoking or vaping our THC, but edibles behave differently, with a longer onset time (2 hours max, give or take), and a far longer high (6-8 hours).  THC edibles also tend to feel “floatier” in terms of the body high, and so, can cause more drowsiness.

Reason #6: Great for More Personalized Dosing

Again, our brownie contains 150mg THC and 150mg CBD, and isn’t meant to be taken all at once.  But, this means that you can portion it out according to how high you want to get.  If you’ve a mega tolerance, a third of a brownie can be perfect, whereas someone who wants a mellower high can cut the brownie into, say, 15 individual portions.

Reason #7: They’re Made with Lab-Tested, Organic Hemp

Of course, we take a lot of pride in maintaining the strictest quality stands possible, and so you can know that our brownies are made with only pure hemp extracts derived from organic plant material grown here in the United States.  As a usual, all of our extracts have undergone thorough third-party testing.

Reason #8: They Contain Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Our brownies are infused with full-spectrum hemp extract.  For those who don’t know, full-spectrum contains hundreds of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients.  This allows for a more well-rounded experience via the entourage effect.

Reason #9: No Sketchy Additives

We publish the list of ingredients for all of our products both on the website and on the product labels.  You will be able to see, that we don’t use any questionable fillers or additives in our brownies.  We wanna keep them as natural as possible, while still ensuring that they’re shelf-stable.  That way, you don’t have to worry about eating rotten baked goods.

Reason #10: A Brand You Already Trust

Of course, you already know that we make trustworthy products, so buying THC edibles from us is a safe bet.  For years, we’ve been transparent with our customers, and have consistently met their needs with an outstanding output of premium hemp formulas.

Wild Orchard Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownies are Just Full of D9 Edible Enjoyment!

At Wild Orchard Co., we can honestly say that we’ve crafted the perfect THC brownie, with the taste and texture you crave.  And, 150mg delta-9 + 150mg CBD for the perfect 1:1 ratio.  So, what are you waiting for?  Sink your teeth into our brand new Baked Delta-9 Magic Brownie.  Once you do, you will enjoy the dreamy n’ rich high that awaits.